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Demons Diary Chapter 17 - Awakening (Part 3)

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Chapter 17, Awakening (Part 3)

Liu Ming willingly walked to the edge of the stage and calmly sat down.

He saw a hint of tiredness in the demeanor of Lei Spirit Master and the rest of his group, since they had initiated the Opening Spirit Ceremony several times already.

Also, the crystals surrounding the entire formation no longer shined as brightly and piercing as they did originally.

Even though Liu Ming did not know how many times the Spirit Masters could use their mantra under normal circumstances or the effect the crystals would cause when depleted, he definitely did not wish to be in the last batch to test it out personally.

Also, after observing the ceremony several times, Liu Ming had already seen everything he needed to see. Even if he waited until the end, he wouldnt really gain any benefits. Thus, it would be better to just be in an earlier batch and start opening his Spiritual Sea.

Quite a few of the family disciples were able to think through this point. However, the horrific death rate caused some of them to unconsciously flinch and decide to wait it out.

Still, a hundred people quickly walked in.

To Liu Mings surprise, Gao Chong and Mu Mingzhu were also within the formation, causing him to unconsciously give the two a glance.

Mu Ming Zhus face did not look too good and carried a hint of fear—obviously shocked by the earlier scene.

Although the huge teenager by her side was a bit pale, his expression was notably more stable compared to the girl.


When Lei Spirit Master saw that enough people had entered, he immediately uttered a command. Suddenly, an excited buzz spread throughout the ceremony area as tens of streams of Spirit Drops started to head toward the formation, creating a thick spirit rain once more.

“Boom.” After the sound, a huge white light fell from the sky, falling steadily toward Liu Mings body.

Liu Ming felt as if his shoulders were carrying ten thousand pound weights. His chest started to heat up and his body collapsed onto the ground, since he was unable to withstand the pressure.

At this time, Liu Ming did not care about the other people anymore. He could see himself being wrapped up by the white light. Then, a chill went down his back and it felt like something was quickly squirming into his dantian.

After seeing other peoples awakening, Liu Ming did not panic. He knew that this was the Spirit Masters energy entering his body. Hitting the floor with both his hands, he tried to lift himself back up.

But using only his two arms, his body remained firmly on the ground.

Liu Ming felt a bit aghast.

Although he saw earlier how hard it was for others to get up, he did not think it would be this hard.

He was not the type to be born with godly strength, nor did he specifically train his strength. Thus, trying to get up via normal means was not easy.

When Liu Ming thought of this, his breathing started to quicken. However, after taking a couple of deep breaths, he once again slammed the ground as he shouted, letting his body slowly leave the floor.

During this time, he actually used a secret technique that permitted his arm strength to momentarily multiply, allowing his body to sit back up.

During this, Liu Ming could hear his own bones crunching while his skin started to turn red under the pressure.

After a while, Liu Ming was finally able to sit up straight. He spared a few moments to glance at the others which resulted in a disappointed smile.

He was definitely not the first to get up. Many of the other Clan Practitioners had already sat up, including girls like Mu Mingzhu.

The other Clan Practitioners were obviously similar to Barbarian Ghost Sect Practitioners in that they had training in this area or have control over techniques like Liu Mings that increase physical energy.

But when he saw Lei Zhen, Liu Mings gaze couldnt help but pause.

Lei Zhen had a clear and relaxed expression. His clothes didnt even have the slightest wrinkle, and it seemed as if he was never hit by the white lights pressure at all.

As Liu Ming silently guessed why, the formation in the air started to spout out an obscure sound from the spells. The origin of the sound felt as it came from an extremely far location but at the same time, the sound felt like thunder roaring right next to Liu Mings ears.

Suddenly, Liu Mings body felt like it was boiling. The Yuan Li that was unmoving before started to circulate faster and more fiercely to every corner of his body.

Although this was anticipated, Liu Ming still felt a heat that tore apart his body while his Qi Paths were relentlessly bombarded by heavens and earths energy. It was as if countless little knives were continuously cutting him with each cut being more violent and wild.

Liu Mings eyes lit up but his face did not reveal an expression of pain.

On Savage Island, in order to learn all the different secret techniques, Liu Mings body went through torture. He didnt even remember how many times he felt torture that made death seem more appealing. Also, whenever he finished casting a secret technique, he would always end up in immense pain.

After practicing the secret techniques over a thousand times on Savage Island, Liu Mings pain tolerance was far beyond what one could imagine. It can be said that it had reached the point of numbness for him.

At this time, Liu Ming could easily rid the effect the pain had on his focus. He could devote his attention to using his Yuan Li Manipulation Technique combined with the guidance from the mantra to forcibly gather the violent Yuan Li a shred at a time. Then, he would force them into his dantian.

The other Clan Practitioners were not able to resist pain like Liu Ming. Under the pain, some of the ones with weaker wills completely lost control over the Yuan Li, letting it rush to their heads.

After a few small cycles of violent penetration, the heads of these people started to crack open. And as time passed, other Clan Practitioners continued to add to the death toll.

In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed. Within the formation, less than half of the people were still sitting firmly on the ground.

At this time, Lei Zhen let out a long howl. Along his body, stripes of crystal light started to appear, coming out with nine stripes in all. In addition, each stripe of light showed hints of lightning coursing through them.

He awakened extremely early and had Nine Spiritual Pulses.

“It really is the Lightning Type Spiritual Pulse within the Elemental Spiritual Pulses, and its even a Nine Spiritual Pulse.” From the high platform, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader saw clearly what occurred on Lei Zhens body and immediately became immensely happy.

“Looks like our sect picked up a treasure this time. If it was only a Lightning Type Spiritual Pulse or a Nine Spiritual Pulse, those separate are not very rare. However, with both of them combined, his value to the sect is not any lower than Jia Lans Aphrodite body. I had thought that Lei Junior wasnt too active in picking disciples but he had actually already put his hopes in his own nephew. That single kid wins over the other disciples by a thousand times.” Lin Junior murmured, while looking at Lei Zhen with a passionate gaze.

“Lei Junior also has Lightning Elemental Spiritual Pulse. Thus, having him to teach this child is very appropriate.” The Barbarian Sect Leader responded.

Lin Junior heard this and murmured a sound of pity. With their blood relation, theres no way other factions could take Lei Zhen.

“Its a good thing Lei Clans Lei Junior is already in our Barbarian Ghost Sect. Otherwise, this kid might not have been sent to our sect. With his talent, he would have huge value in other sects as well.” Lin Junior seemed as if she was on the side of the sect and continued with a smile.

“Definitely. Especially with the Wind-Fire Sect. They originally became famous through Lightning Type Techniques. If they were able to get this kid, they would probably treat him as a great treasure.” The Sect Leader replied with a laugh.

“With this kid awakening successfully, only the Loose Practitioner “Gao Chong” is worth looking forward to. Oh yes. The kid with the huge mental energy that Sect Leader Junior pointed out is also within this batch. I wonder if he will awaken successfully.” As Lei Zhen sat down once more, Lin Junior glanced at the rest of the people in the formation.

“Success or failure, we will naturally know the results in less than an hour.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leaders tone once again became calm.

But as his voice dropped, a huge noise boomed from the formation. Following the sound, a strange energy wave started to roll out, causing the entire plaza to shake.

“Whats going on, what happened” Lin Junior jumped in fright.

Even the Sect Leader was dumbfounded, and stared at the formation without a word.

At this time, a Practitioner started to tremble and rose slowly into the air. At the same time, the white light started to twirl around his body, creating a white misty aura.

“This is… Could it be that that thing has appeared” The Sect Leader saw the scene, and could no longer stay calm. He instantly went inside the formation without care.

At this time, the white light on the Practitioner in the air actually started to create a second white aura.

“Earth Rank Spiritual Pulses. This is the effect of Earth Rank Spiritual Pulses being born. How can this be possible…” Lin Junior finally awoke from her stupor and transformed into rays of light as she quickly rushed toward the Practitioner.

Above the formation, the Lei Spirit Master, Chu Junior ,and the other spirit masters also understood the situation. Almost all of them became incredibly excited as they rushed to that Practitioner, watching him and counting the streaks of light appearing before their open eyes.

At the moment, the one in midair chanting the mantra was actually the Gui Scholar. When he saw the scene, it was obvious how shocked he was. Unfortunately, the mantra was still not complete so he could only stay in the same position. However, his gaze landed on the Practitioner with heavy passion.

This Practitioner had a huge physique and an honest face. It was Gao Chong from the Loose Practitioners.

At the same time, seated in the corner of the formation and under nobodys notice, a number of white lines had also started to fill Liu Mings dantian. Under the control of a huge mental energy, the white lines started to crisscross at an unbelievable rate. Through gradual integration, it slowly formed into a single white silver string ball.


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