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Shao Yunan slept deeply and it could be said to be the best sleep he had had since his soul transmigrated.

When he got up the house was dark.

Just as he still sleepily pushed the door open, someone immediately called out to him.

“Little father.”

“Nizi, what time is it”


Two people came out of the kitchen.

It was Wang Shijing and Wang Qing.

Only then did Shao Yunan come back to his senses and asked again, “What time is it I seemed to have slept for a long time.”

Wang Shijing spoke up, “It’s past ten o’clock.

You must be hungry.”

“I’m fine.” Noticing that all three of them were busy and even Wang Nizi was washing a large pot of vegetables, Shao Yunan rolled up his sleeves and asked, “Is there someone coming for dinner tonight”

Wang Shijing said apologetically, “I invited the people who came to help yesterday to come over for dinner, because I will have to trouble them in the future.

Most of the meat you bought will be used up and the meat I bought was sent over to Zhao Lizheng and the patriarch.”

Shao Yunan didn’t mind Wang Shijing taking his own initiative, let alone using ‘his’ purchases.

Although the two did not have a relationship as husband and wife, they were going to live together… at least for a while.

Shao Yunan said indifferently, “Those things were bought to be used.

When are they coming”

“I’ll ask Qing to call them when the meal is ready.” Seeing that Shao Yunan didn’t mind, Wang Shijing became relieved.

He did not want to take advantage of Shao Yunan, but he was not in the village for five years counting both of the times he was away, so he had to settle into the village now.

He will always deal with these people in the future. 

In the village, if anything happens to anyone’s family, they will take the initiative to help the people they interact with.

The people who helped him yesterday were also the people he was willing to visit more in the future.

He might have separated from his family, but not from people in Xiushui Village.

Having a good relationship with the villagers will also be good for his four person family and the easiest way to know each other was to exchange courtesy.

Shao Yunan said, “I’ll wash my face first and then prepare dinner.

I don’t trust your cooking skills.

You go and wash the dishes.

The water is cold so don’t let Xiao Nizi touch the cold water.

Qing can help me burn the fire, while Xiao Nizi can play by herself.”

Wang Nizi immediately said, “The water is not cold.

I can wash vegetables.

I can do a lot of work.” As far as she could remember, she has never ‘played.’

Shao Yunan walked over and pulled Wang Nizi up and brought her to the kitchen.

“Before was before, now you have to make a habit of not touching cold water.” Pulling the cloth towel to wipe Wang Nizi’s hands, Shao Yunan educated her.

“Look how cold your hands are.

If girls touch too much cold water they can easily get sick.

When the guests come to the house later, father will buy some snacks.

So you can take them out and share them when they come over.

In a few days, father will go to the county town and buy them for you.”

Wang Nizi blushed and felt that her little father was so gentle that it made her think of her mother.

When she thought of her mother, she thought of the most difficult days for her and her brother after her mother left.

Wang Nizi’s eyes could not help turning red, seeing this Shao Yunan squatted down and said, “What’s the matter, Xiao Nizi”

To tell you the truth, Wang Shijing’s two children were really sensible and clever, unlike the bear children he knew.

Wang Nizi bowed her head and held her father’s hands instead as she said shyly, “Daddy, you are so nice.”

Shao Yunan smiled and pinched Wang Nizi’s face.

“Well, Daddy likes you.

Okay, you go get the snacks, and little daddy will cook.

I will stew a lot of meat for you.

Wang Nizi raised her head and showed a big innocent smile.

Wang Qing and Wang Shijing were watching from outside.

Wang Shijing rubbed his son’s head.

“Go and help start the fire.

Dad will wash the vegetables.”

Wang Qing sniffled and went into the kitchen in silence.

Shao Yunan patted Wang Nizi before she ran out of the kitchen to get some snacks.

Although she was sad to part with them, she listened to her little father who said that he would still buy them for her in the future.

Wang Shijing had already prepared a mixture of white flour and cornmeal for steamed buns.

Shao Yunan took out the seasoning that Wang Shijing had put away and took six eggs to crack into the bowl.

There were more than a dozen people coming for dinner in the evening so he had to prepare enough dishes.

“Brother Shijing, bring out the wine you brought back today.” When Wang Shijing, who was washing vegetables outside heard this, he shouted.

“Nizi, bring out the wine!”

“Ai.” Little Nizi’s voice was cheerful and crisp.

Wang Qing, who was sitting in front of the fire, couldn’t help but say, “Little father, if people see this they might say something.”

“Say what” Shao Yunan looked down.

Wang Qing’s little face looked serious and embarrassed in the light of the fire.

“Say that our family has too many good things and will gossip.” This was good stuff The original body owner in Shao Yunan’s head was stimulated a little as he rolled his eyes toward the sky.

He bent down and rubbed Wang Qing’s head.

“Little father and your father will block the mouths of others, so you can eat with confidence.”

Wang Qing pursed his lips and could not help but whisper a reminder.

“Grandma will not be happy if she finds out.” Shao Yunan coldly snorted in his heart.

“It doesn’t matter if she is happy or not.

We can’t not live a good life just to make her happy.

Whether she is happy or not has nothing to do with our side of the family.

Your father and your grandparents have already written a separation contract, so from now on they have nothing to do with us and we have nothing to do with them.

Don’t be afraid of them.”

Wang Qing raised his head and looked at his father for a while as he bowed his head and uttered a heavy “mmm.” Grandmother, second uncle, and aunt were bitter, and the indifference of aunt and uncle was Wang Qing’s nightmare.

Now that his father came back and his little father seemed to be very powerful, Wang Qing prayed in his heart that he and his sister will never have to go back to the old days.

If he still couldn’t see how miserable the two children were living in the past, Shao Yunan would be blind.

Wang finished washing the vegetables and came in.

Shao Yunan fastened his apron and said, “See what else you have to prepare.

The kitchen is mine.”

“I’ll go borrow the table.”

“Go ahead.” Shao Yunan picked up the kitchen knife and cut the vegetables first, leaving the meat for last.


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