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Chapter 380 Stupid… Nan Luo looked at the expression on Feng Mo Yue's face. He was silent for a moment before asking, "Don't you feel indignant over your fate"


Repeating the word, Feng Mo Yue knew very well that she had indeed felt very indignant many times in the past. When her mother was still present, she was the pampered young miss because there was no other girl in Feng Family.

The family was too strong in Yang.

But it was only afterwards she came to realization that being born as a girl was not really an advantage. In this era where only men were allowed to work and all she could do was to rely on men to survive, being born as a girl only put her at a disadvantage.

If one wanted to survive, they had to be crafty.

It was impossible to live a pampered life as the concubine daughter.

Her mother once said that she was happy to have Feng Mo Yue. But it was only later on Feng Mo Yue came to realization how harsh this world was to concubine daughter.

Did she want to be born this way

Naturally no.

But she didn't have a choice. It was not like she could pick where she was born or what kind of parents she could get.

But she could not forget the warmth that her mother provided to her. Thus, she wanted to fulfil her mother's wish even if it was the last thing that she could do. Being ambitious in her position would only put her in utter disadvantage because her lower position had long limited her future path.

Only her brother had the chance.

Even though his lifespan was now limited, Feng Mo Yue didn't want her brother to be like her. Just because of such limitation, his future path was blocked and he was not allowed to even do things he wanted to do.

"Even if I do, what can I do" Feng Mo Yue's tone was chilly. "Young Master Feng, are you thinking that I'll regret my decision if my younger brother ever found out what I did and feel angry instead of thankful"

Nan Luo was silent.

"I don't mind."

Hearing the answer, Nan Luo was stunned. He thought that Feng Mo Yue would feel angry if her brother hated her instead of feeling thankful to what she had done. However, Feng Mo Yue was very carefree that it was strange. Even though he was only hearing her saying that, Nan Luo felt strange feeling inside his heart.

Feng Mo Yue looked towards the window. "I'm the one who do things for him without asking for what he wants. How I do things is naturally different from him. Even if he hates me in the end, I only have a few years left to live. Having to bear his hatred for just a few years is nothing."

It was nothing compared to having to live countless years of misery even after knowing that she was being used.

Deep in her heart, Feng Mo Yue knew that there were never many options for her. If she didn't do this, she knew that the one who would benefit from her marriage would be her two step brothers who always made things difficult for her.

Thus, she used a different method.

"Besides, I do it for myself too." Feng Mo Yue simply smiled bitterly but said nothing more. It was also for her selfish desire that she didn't tell her younger brother. After all, she also didn't want to be used.

Feng Ao Kuai looked at Feng Mo Yue and asked slowly, "Are you sure that you never ask him"

"What are you talking about"

"Mo Xing's dream is to become an official." Feng Ao Kuai stripped Feng Mo Yue's reasoning bare. He sneered. "Do you really think that your action has not considered what your younger brother wants"

Feng Mo Yue looked at Feng Ao Kuai. Her light brown eyes seemed to flash with understanding for a short moment. "I didn't know that you're so attentive, Cousin Ao Kuai."

"If I want to survive, I had to be attentive." Feng Ao Kuai was calm.

Listening to these two, Nan Luo was silently looking at Nan Hua. He had been thinking about the reason as to why Nan Hua would go so far in hiding the matter from him that she sacrificed so much for him. It caused his heart to ache right now.

Sometimes, there were just things that they couldn't tell other people.

Even if it was someone close to you.

Nan Luo knew very well that it was also Nan Hua's decision to not tell him back in the past. Even though he could see that she was doing it so that he could focus on his dream, he didn't want her to go through all that just for him.

"You don't have to hide it." Nan Hua was calm. "He knows."

Feng Mo Yue was stunned. She looked at Nan Hua with disbelief. After talking for so long, her calm and composed façade was completely destroyed at this very moment. "Impossible. How could he know"

"It's not exactly a secret." Feng Ao Kuai leaned back and turned to look at the window. He had asked Nan Hua whether there were other people back then, but he naturally excluded the little one who was crouching near the window to listen to Feng Mo Yue's conversation.

Feng Mo Yue's expression changed as she turned to look at the window. Tears streamed from the corner of her eyes as she closed her face. "Stupid…."

Nan Hua was silently watching them.

She used to have someone whom she would not mind sacrificing everything too. A person whom she treated as the closest person to her. But it was precisely that person who shattered everything Nan Hua thought she has.

The one and only person whom Nan Hua ever trusted with her entire heart ended up plunging a knife to her chest, nearly killing her.-

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