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Chapter 21: Peak Blood and Breath

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Besides the plus sign behind the Bodyforge Manual, there was also a plus sign behind the Black Tiger Blade Technique.

The Black Tiger Blade Technique was at the level of Pinnacle already and had extreme power.

Qin Shujian believed that the technique would achieve another transformation when it leveled up again.

But, Qin Shujians field of vision landed on the Bodyforge Manual.

As his primary technique, the Bodyforge Manual was currently the best way to improve his strength.

He had leveled up the Black Tiger Blade Technique in the past because he had no way of leveling up the Bodyforge Manual.

After a moments deliberation, Qin Shujian took out the three techniques that Zheng Fang had given him.

Then, without any hesitation, he flipped open all three of the techniques.

“You have learned the Mortal Tier Low-Grade Eternal Youth Technique!”

“You have learned the Mortal Tier Low-Grade Seven-Flower Leaf Penetrating Palm!”

“You have learned the Mortal Tier Low-Grade Five Elements Eight Trigram Move!”

Three notifications appeared as the three manuals vanished.

Qin Shujian suddenly had three more techniques in his attribute panel.

The Eternal Youth Technique was no different from the Bodyforge Manual in that the highest they reached was Level Five.

Furthermore, as he cultivated the Eternal Youth Technique, Qin Shujian sensed his body undergoing a delicate transformation. It felt like every aspect of his constitution had become a little more active.

Even though he had not leveled up in terms of his stage, he was confident that his abilities were more potent than before.

“Layered!” QIn Shujian immediately realized what was going on.

It was evident that the effects of both the Eternal Youth Technique and the Bodyforge Manual had layered onto each other.

However, his Eternal Youth Technique was only at Level One, which meant that it did not have much effect. Thus, Qin Shujian didnt transform too drastically after the technique was layered onto the Bodyforge Manual.

The other two techniques that he cultivated didnt create much change.

It was just that he now had the stances for the Seven-Flower Leaf Penetrating Palm and the footwork of the Five Elements Eight Trigram Move in his mind. He also learned the mantra to activate these two techniques.

Now that he had more than 200 points of Life Value at hand, there was a plus sign behind every technique he cultivated.

However, Qin Shujian only hesitated for a moment before he made his decision.

“I want to see what kind of transformation the Bodyforge Manual can undergo even though it has already been perfected,” Qin Shujian thought.

While he thought that, his consciousness landed on the plus sign behind the Bodyforge Manual.

He had just thought about the plus sign when his Life Value instantly decreased by 200 points.

Qin Shujian felt a buzz in his brain. Then, the first five levels of the Bodyforge Manual underwent a miraculous transformation.

Following that, the blood in his body immediately started to boil.


His blood boiled!

His blood, which had been calm before, was now like a raging current coursing within his body.

The surface of his skin also became entirely red.

An indescribable pain caused Qin Shujian to turn pale. His body trembled uncontrollably as his sweat thoroughly soaked his clothes.

However, there was a difference.

The sweat that he was releasing was also tinged faintly red. At first glance, his sweat looked like blood.

A full minute passed.

That sensation started to fade gradually.

“Huff, puff! Huff, puff!” Qin Shujian panted heavily. He slumped into his seat and looked like a drowning victim that had just been saved.

A moment later, Qin Shujian shouted, “Men!”

A Mountain Bandit walked in not long after.

Qin Shujian ordered, “Get a pail of hot water and send it to my room!”

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After Qin Shujian washed himself up seriously, he felt as though he had just gotten a new lease on life.

It was especially so for the blood in his body that had once been like a stagnant well. It now felt like a bursting river coursing within his body.

He could even faintly hear the blood flowing within his veins.

Name: Qin Shujian

Identity: Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain

Affiliation: Liangshan Stronghold

Stage: Martial Entry-Level Seven (You are within the Liangshan Strongholds territory, Stage 1)

Cultivated Techniques: Unknown Technique Level Six (Will-Directed Power) (Peak Blood and Qi) (Mortal Tier Mid Grade), Black Tiger Blade Technique (Pinnacle) (Mortal Tier Mid Grade), Eternal Youth Technique ( ) (Five Levels in Total) (Mortal Tier Low Grade), Seven-Flower Leaf Penetrating Palm ( ) (Beginner) (Mortal Tier Low Grade), Five Elements Eight Trigram Move ( ) (Beginner) (Mortal Tier Low Grade)

Life Value: ...

(Equipment summarized)

“Martial Entry-Level Seven, Peak Blood, and Qi!” Qin Shujians heart could not help but be shaken when he saw his attributes.

His perfected Bodyforge Manual had turned directly into Unknown Technique Level Six and brought along the effect of Peak Blood and Qi.

At the same time, he also noticed a few additional system notifications.

“You have broken past the limitations of the Bodyforge Manual and successfully transformed it into an unknown technique!”

“You can now give the technique a name!”

“Your cultivation level has advanced to Martial Entry-Level Six. Your blood and Qi have been cleansed, and you obtained the unique effectPeak Blood and Qi. You will now have the strength that far surpasses an average person!”

Qin Shujian finally achieved an understanding when he read the notifications.

The so-called Peak Blood and Qi was an effect that he only obtained by leveling up to Martial Entry-Level Six.

Soon, his attention landed on another question, “I was a Martial Entry-Level Six previously when I had the boost in the territory, yet I didnt obtain the effect of Peak Blood and Qi. Also, being a Martial Entry-Level Six in the past only gave me a boost in power. It didnt feel like the complete transformation that happened today.”

“That means that the level increase I got from the territory boost was merely a simple enhancement of my strength. Its a linear increase in strength that I would have obtained if I just leveled up.”


“The qualitative transformation I got from leveling up is something that the boost cannot give me,” Qin Shujian thought, receiving a deeper understanding of the additional level he got from being in the territory.

This kind of level-up was merely an increase in level. It couldnt provide a qualitative transformation.

Suppose he had to give a clear differentiation. In that case, the Martial Entry-Level Six that he was in the past and his current Martial Entry-Level Seven could really only be seen as a false Martial Entry-Level Six or false Martial Entry-Level Seven.

The situation was much more straightforward if that was the case.

Ever since his real stage leveled up to Martial Entry-Level Six, Qin Shujian realized that his blood and Qi had undergone a great transformation. It had indirectly enhanced every aspect of his constitution.

Even without the blessing, he was much stronger than when he was a false Martial Entry-Level Six, meaning a false Martial Entry-Level Six fighter could overpower a fighter at Martial Entry-Level Five.

However, there was a good chance a false Martial Entry-Level Six fighter would be dominated if he was to face off with an expert who was a Martial Entry-Level Six.

With this, Qin Shujian had gained a further understanding of the game.

“Back then, the three NPCs in the starter village are likely all Martial Entry-Level Five. With my current strength, I shouldnt have much of a problem dominating the three of them alone.”

“However, no one can guarantee there arent any other more powerful fighters in the starter village.”

“Whats most important right now is to enhance my abilities further. It would be much safer that way,” thinking about this, Qin Shujian looked at the 67 points of Life Value he had left as well as the plus signs behind several of the other techniques.

He steeled his heart and pressed on the signs with his will.


His Life Value would not increase if he saved it. He might as well use all his points now and convert them into strength.

Then, as his Life Value decreased like a waterfall...



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