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Chapter 27: Village Chief Wei Min

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“To think that the new Liangshan Stronghold has reached the Bronze Skin level. Coupled with the boost you got from the Liangshan Stronghold, you have reached the Martial Entry-Level Eight, havent you!” Wei Min said without a hurry. There was thick killing intent in his voice.

Martial Entry-Level Seven!

Martial Entry-Level Eight!

He had noticed Qin Shujian when Qin Shujian had stepped outside Starter Village #10021 for the first time.

However, as the Village Chief of the Starter Village, he could use his powers to the maximum extent when he was in the Starter Village, but his strength lessened when he left the village.

Thus, Wei Min chose to remain silent before he was fully confident of defeating Qin Shujian.

However, there was something he didnt expect.

The other party had reached such a stage in just a few short days.

Wei Min knew that Qin Shujian could level up by killing Outlanders.

However, there were not many Martial Entry-Level One players in Starter Village #10021. Almost all of the players were Martial Entry-Level Zero.

A Martial Entry-Level Five expert would not experience any effects by killing players at this level, even if they slaughtered 1,000 or 10,000.

Wei Min could only think of a word to describe this.


The talent of a devil.

There was another possibility. The other party might have hidden his strength in the beginning.

However, no matter what the truth was, it was no longer important to Wei Min.

Since the Qin Shujian had the guts to step into Starter Village #10021, then Wei Min had the confidence to make sure that he couldnt return to the Starter Village.

Qin Shujian didnt reply to Wei Min.

The next second, Qin Shujian had disappeared from his original position.

The startling roar of a tiger rang out like a piercing blade of light cleaved downward. There was a string of explosions in the air.


Wei Min was calm. A long blade had appeared in his hand. He engaged in battle with Qin Shujian.

However, their blades had just come into contact.

Wei Mins calm expression instantly disappeared from his face. He now had a grave look.

He felt a huge, terrifying force from the Tiger Head Blade. It was a force that didnt pale in comparison to his as a true Martial Entry-Level Eight fighter.

On the other side, Qin Shujian also finally had a serious expression.

After crossing swords once, he knew that the Village Chiefs strength wasnt as simple as a Martial Entry-Level Seven fighter.

Martial Entry-Level Eight!

“So what if you are Martial Entry-Level Eight Die!” Qin Shujian roared in his heart. A powerful aura spread around his body. He activated the Five Elements Eight Trigram Move with his feet and the Black Tiger Blade Technique with his arms. In that instant, a fierce killing blow crashed toward Wei Min.

Boom! Boom!

The speed of their exchange was extremely fast. Each one of their blows harbored extraordinary strength.

At this moment, the Starter Village had been ravaged.

Under a situation where all of the Martial Entry-Level Five experts had died, and there were no Martial Entry-Level Four fighters, Starter Village #10021 didnt stand a chance against the Mountain Bandits.

However, after they killed off all the guards, Wang Tiezhu and the rest of the Mountain Bandits came face-to-face with tens of thousands of players.

The players didnt interfere with the battle between Qin Shujian and Wei Min.

However, they had a chance of winning against the Mountain Bandits of the Liangshan Stronghold.

What was death!

It was fine if they could respawn.

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The Liangshan Stronghold Mountain Bandits in front of them had obviously come to annihilate the village.

If the Mountain Bandits succeeded, then Starter Village #10021 would cease to exist. The players who belonged to this Starter Village would be reduced to a laughing stock in front of all the other players.

They could not tolerate this.


The entire Starter Village had turned into a battlefield.

The Mountain Bandits were generally strong. Many of the Martial Entry-Level One Mountain Bandits leveled up to Martial Entry-Level Two during the massacre.

Even some of the Martial Entry-Level Two Mountain Bandits leveled up to Martial Entry-Level Three.

The Mountain Bandits were much more powerful than the players who hovered around Martial Entry-Level Zero.

However, the players had an advantage that the Mountain Bandits couldnt emulate.

That was their disproportionate numbers, and their incredibly quick respawn rate.

With these two factors layered onto each other, the players created an endless stream. It felt as though there was no end to the players, no matter how many of them the Mountain Bandits killed.

At the Starter Villages central location, white light shone constantly at the respawn point before transforming into the players.

It did not take long for the circle of light to be fully occupied.

“Leave quickly! Leave quickly! Those darned Mountain Bandits are about to attack the area.”


“Its fine to die. Well revive in just a few minutes. Dont block the way, those in front. Leave quickly.”

“Darn it. This lousy game is too realistic. Its always so painful to die...”


Many players grumbled and nagged within the circle of light.

However, most of the players still swarmed outward continuously.

The Liangshan Stronghold Mountain Bandits were about to kill their way into the area. No one had the heart to think only for themselves.

As for the instantaneous pain that they felt when they died, they gradually got used to the pain as they died time after time.

Stopping the Mountain Bandits was of utmost priority.

The players had chosen to disregard Wei Min and Qin Shujian.

They had no choice.

Their abilities were far superior to the current players. Some of them tried to interfere with the battle and help, but they couldnt even get close to the battle before the attacks residual force killed them.


On the other side, Wang Renbin and the rest of the group were also observing the battle.

They knew that the source of the crisis of Mountain Bandits was the Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain, Qin Shujian.

The rest of the Mountain Bandits would no longer be a problem if he died.

“What should we do now We cant even interfere with their battle,” Cao Hong took two deep breaths, then turned his head and asked the other players.

“Did you not hear what the Village Chief said” Lu Shoujia shook his head as he said, “The Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain is a major Boss at Martial Entry-Level Eight, while we are not even Martial Entry-Level One. Well only be courting death if we charge over.”

“Martial Entry-Level Eight. The difference is too great.”

“I wonder what kind of loot would drop if we killed this Boss!”

The rest of the players also had a variety of expressions.

A major Boss was in front of them, yet they didnt have the ability to fight it. There was no greater pain in life than this.

Suddenly, a pale blue glow appeared in front of them. It looked like a faint screen of light.

Soon after, the screen of light abruptly scattered.

Behind the shattered screen of light was a group of players holding various weapons and dressed in different outfits.

A rough estimate revealed that there were over a hundred of them.

“Theyre here!” Wang Renbin smiled as he walked toward the group of players.

Theyre here!

The expressions of the other players shook when they heard those words.

They naturally knew what Wang Renbin meant. If their guesses were correct, the batch of players that had suddenly appeared in front of them should be the reinforcements they had gathered by paying a large sum of money.

“Young master!” The person leading the group stepped forward out of the mass of players and greeted Wang Renbin respectfully.

Wang Renbin nodded his head slightly and said, “How strong are the people you brought over this time The Boss is an expert at Martial Entry-Level Eight.”

“Martial Entry-Level Eight!”

The persons expression changed. He then said with confidence, “Dont worry, young master. We brought along a hundred people this time. Each one of them is a high-level player with abilities at least at Martial Entry-Level Three.”

“Furthermore, to accomplish your mission, we even tried our best to nurture five Martial Entry-Level Four experts.”

“Coupled with our complete sets of equipment, even a Martial Entry-Level Eight Boss would be no match for us.”



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