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Chapter 1401 The Ferocious and Powerful Lady

The continent, where the Bug Clans main nest was, shattered.

If all this energy was vented, half of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province would be destroyed.

Sixth Mind didnt allow such a thing to happen.

He was scattering and neutralizing the energy after the outbreak.


All of a sudden, a trading group, consisting of more than a dozen spaceships, from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, was swept away by a blue storm that seemed to have the size of the Star Area.

Every single one of the spaceships was a king vessel.

However, they were all unable to withstand the might of the storm.

In just two breaths time, the dozen or so king vessels, as well as the people and goods inside, were all turned into fragments.

The precious spatial tunnel was a safe area cleared out by the Human Clan.

For each section, there would be a planet stationed by humans.

There were 18 planets near the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The situation on those planets was similar to that of the king vessel fleet.

However, this time, they turned into larger crushed rocks.

Those were continents left behind by the explosion of planets, and they looked like rubble.

There were so many of them that they covered the entire Star Area.

Other than the 18 constructed Base Planets, there were a few tens of thousands of stars.

Under the impact of such meteorites, starting from the edge, they exploded and collapsed one after another.

There were more and more asteroids.

Soon, the entire Star Area was engulfed.

On the other side of the incident.

No one had stepped foot into the starry sky, and Starry Sky Beasts roamed freely in it.

However, all sorts of black energy spheres suddenly appeared.

They swallowed everything in that place.

But they did not dissipate and were still swirling around.

Just like the Blue Sand Wind Domain, everywhere in that place was possessed by hostile environments.

In the Star Dragon Area of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.


E36, E37, and… 36 nodes of the spatial tunnel are wrecked at the same time.

There seems to be a severe accident.”

“Lets go and check.”

The fleet set off.

After they arrived at the site of the accident, alarms filled the spaceships.

“Alert! The energy fluctuations ahead are intense.

King Vessel No.

A32s defensive layer is insufficient.

The area affected by the energy fluctuations is constantly increasing.

An immediate retreat is recommended.”


What greeted them was an ink-black storm.

There was no sunlight inside, and they could not see the end of it.

The harsh environment of the universe was displayed in this place.

“Detect its range.”

The system reported, “Beyond detection range.”

The spaceships flew to the side and reached a very far distance.

Rubble flew across the sky at an extremely fast speed.

The flying meteorites were frightening.

“Its over!”

“The Heavenly Dragon Star Province has been isolated.”

“With such a terrible environment, who can go in” The leader sighed softly, “Im afraid that for thousands of years, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province will not be able to get in touch with us.

We need to report this matter to our superiors.

The Star Dragon Area cant have no subordinate Star Provinces, so we can only give up the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for the time being.”

“This matter has to be jointly reported by the major sects.”

“Lets go.

Theres nothing to see here.”


The departure of the fleet meant that the connection between the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven was temporarily cut off.

Even though they were shocked by this, they were accustomed to it.

It wasnt the first time that all sorts of unexpected events had occurred in the mysterious starry sky.

However, it was extremely rare that they happened on such a large scale.

In the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, the changes went on.

In the Lo Family.

“Lili, Ive just got the news that a lot of people disappeared.” Loshanwu took a deep breath and said, “They seemed to be devoured by space.

Since Headmaster Shan isnt here and Dragnet Academy is now rather chaotic, you should just stay home.

Hmm Lili Lili!”

Lorry, who had just been beside him, silently disappeared.

Strange changes were taking place in many places.

“Changxiao, it wont be a bad thing even if either of us disappears.

We may go to the unknown world to experience.”

As soon as Qin Changxiaos master finished speaking, he vanished directly.

The worst-case scenario was the Blue Sand Wind Domain, which had already gone extinct after the great explosion.

The ancient demonic beasts continent which had been devoured vanished as well.

After the fluctuations reached their peak, the probability of someone disappearing slowly decreased.

This process lasted for an entire month.

The people of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province referred to this month as the Astral Changing Era.

When everything returned to normal, a huge shadow appeared outside the Earth.

He looked at the starry sky, sighed, and slowly disappeared.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, more than half of the high-position officials of the enormous Heavenly Group were gone.

But Liu Qingfengs trump card began to show its power.

He monitored everything using his intelligent system.

He also had a portion of the high-position officials assist him.

They were the most stable powers after the upheaval of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

It was a blessing in disguise.

The Heavenly Group released its power again and its influence expanded rapidly.

The changes in everything were over.

In the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, what they were facing was a reshuffle to start a new era.

As for Zhang Han, he was still sleeping.

The damage to his soul had impacted him greatly.

When the spatial turbulence started-


Zi Yan felt that she had fallen into a world of light.

“Is that the spatial tunnel”

She had many things to say, but she couldnt.

Zi Yans eyes turned red.

She felt greatly upset.


The next second, she suddenly appeared on an island in the lake, standing by the cliff.

Great waves roared.

She felt a little cold, but she didnt have her man who was very considerate enough to help put on her clothes around.

“Where am I”

Zi Yan was at a loss.

She stood there in a daze for a long, long time.

The hesitation in her eyes gradually turned into determination.

“Even though we are hundreds of millions of miles away from each other, he will still come to find me.

“What I need to do…”

Zi Yan looked more and more indifferent, like an otherworldly fairy.

She looked down at the Space Ring on her finger.

With a flash in her eyes, a black robe appeared and covered her body.

A bamboo hat slowly floated up to the top of her head and a light black gauze wrapped around the bamboo hat.

Both the robe and the hat were supreme defensive treasures.

She used them to cover her gorgeous face.

Zi Yan lightly murmured, “I cant wait in one place.

“I need to get to know this world and find a way to go back.

“I need to fly.

“I need to…”

Zi Yans determination was stronger than ever.

Her desire for strength made the sign of Tiny Tot sleeping on her wrist lit up.

At the same time, rays of light burst out of her dantian and constantly hit her body.


This made her whole body shine and her strength rise steadily.

“Can I fly now”

When the conditions were right, success would follow naturally.

She could feel it.

She lifted her right foot and stepped forward.

She successfully stepped on the void with one foot.

Step by step, she strolled through the void and slowly walked forward above the lake.


An Exotic Beast in the water suddenly jumped up, opened its mouth, and came at Zi Yan.

But she didnt move at all.

Light flashed across her eyes.


That big fish rolled its eyes and stopped breathing.

With a plop, it fell into the water.

It became the food of other Exotic Beasts.

Along the way, Zi Yan finally arrived on a continent.

She didnt know what existed on this vast continent.

There were two suns, one big and one small.

Although she didnt have a sense of direction, she found the right position and flew forward above the jungle at a low altitude.


Terrifying fluctuations spread out from time to time.

“Should this kind of Exotic Beast be in the Shadow Refining Realm”

Zi Yan had this feeling, but she was not sure.

She was a lot more cautious and took out several treasures to protect herself.

Under Zhang Hans influence, she learned a lot.

However, in her subconscious, she felt that she did not panic in the face of such an environment.

Instead, she found it a little familiar.

Finally, an Exotic Beast fixed its eyes on Zi Yan.

It was a Two-headed Green Wolf, which looked very scary.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”

It growled in a low voice.

It was as if it were calling for its companions and telling them that there was a woman in their territory.

Moments later, one Two-headed Green Wolf after another gathered around.

“They cant talk and are just ordinary Exotic Beasts.”

Zi Yan comforted herself.

She flew forward at a moderate speed.

But she knew that if she didnt chase them away, it would be troublesome in the end.


Zi Yan suddenly stopped and turned to look at the leading Green Wolf.

Light began to shine from her right hand.

The instant her right hand fell, expanses of light appeared out of thin air.


With just one palm strike, she killed the leading Green Wolf.

She made five palm strikes.

For a time, the earth shook, rocks flew everywhere, and the wind whistled.

The huge pit stunned the rest of the Two-headed Green Wolves.


“Ow Ow Ow”

They looked at each other.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

They turned around and ran.

Their speed was at least three times faster than when they arrived.

“Theyre so weak.”

Zi Yan was slightly stunned.

“How strong are they”

She didnt understand.

These Two-headed Green Wolves, which were as powerful as Void-refining Realm Early-Stage beings, had all been pulverized by her alone.

It seemed that only she didnt know how powerful and fierce she was.

She made breakthroughs at her will.

Zi Yan had no choice but to improve her strength.

Her determination directly made her breakthrough in many realms.

“I need to find a city first and ask where this is.”

Zi Yan decided to fly in one direction.

In this way, she would definitely run into someone.

Just like that, Zi Yan began flying outward into the depths of the mountain range.

On the way, she encountered many birds and beasts.

They were all killed by her palm strikes, and she quickly adapted to this routine.

If one palm strike was not enough, she would make two, and if more was not enough, she would keep it going.

Anyway, she could kill the other party sooner or later.

The strongest one she encountered was a giant black dragon.

Its roar shook the place within three thousand miles, but it didnt help.

The dragon was killed by Zi Yans 130 palm strikes.

From then on, the sounds in the jungle seemed to be much quieter.

Zi Yan did not encounter any other obstacles.

She didnt know that the king of the Exotic Beasts jungle was dead.

All of its followers were terrified.

There were even some birds and beasts who kept telling their brothers about the news.

“Bad news, there is a female tyrant in our territory.

She even beat Master Dragon to death…”

“Is Master Dragons inner pellet still there”


“Hurry and snatch it!”


Until Zi Yan left the depths of the jungle, the turmoil there had just begun.

She had forgotten that Exotic Beasts inner pellets and flesh were actually quite precious.

She was not in the mood to consider these things now.

Her mind was full of thoughts about how to go back and how to make it easier for Zhang Han to find her.

Finally, in the outer region of the jungle, she sensed a group of people from a distance.

About a dozen people were fighting against a group of Exotic Beasts that Zi Yan didnt know.

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