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Chapter 291

“W-w-what is it! Kieeeh!” Although Mirian was a little lacking, she wasn’t a complete idiot.

She had erased her presence as soon as she realized that she had been left behind.

Those capable of seeing her were few and far between, but she had come to develop the natural defense mechanism of a ‘loser,’ or rather, the ‘weak,’ after being suppressed by the swamp monster for a long time.

However, someone had seen her even though she had erased her presence.

They even called out to her.


Mirian attempted to flee as soon as she heard the voice, as it was the best choice of action when under a threat.

However, for some reason, she couldn’t even move an inch.

The man hidden under the gray hood was emanating an unusual energy.

She was certain that he wasn’t an ordinary man by any means.

No, in the first place, it was impossible for just anyone to be leisurely wandering around a mountain filled to the brim with monsters.

The unusual power emitting from the man was binding Mirian and preventing her from moving.

The loser’s brilliance only shone during moments of crisis like these.

She immediately came to the most suitable, tactical decision that was appropriate for the current situation.

“Oh, my! Esteemed sir! I do not know who you may be, but this little one is just an incompetent, tasteless, insignificant spirit.

If this little one has encroached upon your esteemed self’s territory unknowingly, I will leave immediately.”

“Hmm That’s strange.

You talk as if you are a slave rather than a spirit,” the man remarked.

It was all because she had been thoroughly enslaved from the beginning.

“Oh, my, my! My esteemed sir, if you so desire, this little one is willing to become your slave at any—” The spirit suddenly stopped herself in the midst of her groveling.

She had been about to tell a ridiculous lie to escape the crisis, but a particular face had come to her mind.

“At any, what” the man asked.

A hint of amusement could be heard in his voice.

Mirian stammered, “Well, uh… well… I was about to say—”

“Did you mean to say that you would become my slave” the man asked.

“Kieeh… T-that’s…” Mirian stuttered while shaking.

She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “This little one has already formed a contract with someone.”

“Hooh An undine with a contractor.

Then your master must be an elf” the man said.

“No, sir,” Mirian answered.


The man’s voice became filled with surprise for the first time.

Although their relationship sometimes involved violence, Mirian recovered her confidence as soon as she thought of Eugene.

She started to speak excitedly, “This little one’s contractor isn’t an elf, but…” She hesitated.

Mirian was a little lacking, but she was kind.

Because she was lacking and kind, Mirian felt that it was inappropriate for her to speak of her contractor Eugene to the unidentified man in front of her.

She didn’t know, but she had a hunch that it would cause trouble for Eugene.


- If you go around doing foolish things, I will deduct your share of gold and treasures according to the gravity of the matter.

Eugene’s threat weighed heavily on her mind.

‘Kiek! I can’t lose my gold, silver, and treasures!’

As such, Mirian decided to keep her mouth shut out of her loyalty to Eugene and greed for wealth.

“Why did you stop talking” the man asked.



It’s already amazing that a spirit has formed a contract with someone other than the long-ears, but you even have a sense of loyalty to them.

This is truly amazing,” the man commented with a grin under the hood.

“Huweeeee…” Mirian shuddered while mewling at the smile.

‘T-this is too scary!’

She had never been this scared since she met Eugene.

She was scared when she encountered a ghost or even a violent high-ranking monster, but it hadn’t been to this extent.

It was to the degree that she felt she would have preferred to be in the sea monster’s asshole.

She didn’t feel as though her life was being threatened at that time, but now, the image of ‘death’ was seriously being projected onto her.

“There’s a story that eating evolved spirits will allow one to become immortal.

Do you know that story” the man asked.

“Kieeeeh!” Mirian squealed.

The man continued, “Of course, very few beings are capable of eating spirits.

However, it just so happens that I am one of the very few.”

“…!” Mirian froze in place with a ghastly expression, and she stopped flapping entirely.

She was already pale, but her face literally turned blue with fear.

“If you tell me the target of your loyalty and allegiance, I might let you off.”


The man’s mouth was slightly exposed under the hood, and it stretched into a wide smile as his figure overflowed with formidable energy.

Slowly, the man raised his hand and slowly removed his hood to reveal his face.

The spirit felt her very soul quiver when she saw the eyes of the man shining in vivid yellow jade as if they were made of colored glass.

“T-t-this little one is… is…” The spirit’s eyes quivered like a sailboat faced with a storm.

The lacking, but kind spirit was facing the biggest crisis in her life.



Princess Lilisain jumped onto the rocks of the valley like a fierce beast.


The valley was filled with misty vapor, and the strong torrents swirled downward from all over the place due to the previous night’s rain.

The ground was slippery due to the water and the moss, but Princess Lilisain, the elven knights, and the beowulf warriors continued climbing with ease.

It was understandable for the beowulf warriors to be so strong and agile, considering that their bodies were similar to wolves in many ways.

However, the sight of the armed elven knights maneuvering through the valley without falling behind was quite surprising.

Of course, there was a good explanation behind this.

The elven knights were experienced hunters well-versed in various environments.

They had already changed their boots before starting their ascent.

Moreover, they all had specially designed hooks on their hands to allow them to climb quickly without slipping.

“Quick break.”

The elven knights and the beowulf warriors stopped at Princess Lilisain’s words.

The elves were slightly exhausted, unlike their counterparts who possessed even more stamina than beasts.

Elves were faster and more agile than humans, but their stamina and endurance were similar to humans.

Moreover, whilst human knights could replenish themselves with refined mana stones, elves could not do so.

As such, they had to get plenty of rest to recover.

Naturally, since elves could feel and accept mana, they recovered at a much faster rate than humans.

In just ten minutes, they could recover their stamina and strength to normal.

However, the situation was slightly different today.

“The water source is contaminated, and the flow of mana isn’t regular, Princess.”

“It can’t be helped.

We cannot rest for more than ten minutes if we want to stay on time,” Princess Lilisain answered.

“Hmm. Yes.”

The torrent descending through the valley wasn’t yellow and brown in color, which was expected from muddy water, but rather an unpleasant green.

It reflected the severity of the water source’s pollution.

Just like the other places affected by the monster uprising, it seemed that the pollution had significantly progressed here.

It was rather fortunate that the heavy rain had slightly diluted the water.

Otherwise, it would have been entirely possible that the elves would find it difficult to even approach the water.

“Sniff! There are no monsters around.

Just as I expected, the bastards must have run off elsewhere, thinking that it was dangerous.”

The beowulfs reported after scouting ahead.

Unlike the elves, they still had plenty of strength.

“Thank you for all your hard work.

I can see why you are His Majesty Eugene’s trusted warriors.

Truly amazing,” Princess Lilisain said.

“Kuhehehe! Sir Princess really does know what she’s talking about.”

“But I think I moved a bit too much.

I’m hungry.

Let’s eat something before we continue.”

The beowulfs agreed unanimously and took out jerky from the packs tied to their waists.

“Ah, damn it.

Why is it so tough”

“Just chew it, you dog-brain.”

“Ah, I’m craving meat.”

“After you ate so much at dawn”

“Aren’t you hungry”

“I am…”

The beowulfs muttered their complaints while gnawing through jerkies the size of a human palm.

As they chewed, some of them found themselves naturally turning their eyes to a certain place.


The griffon siblings were standing on both sides of Princess Lilisain.

They flinched when they noticed the gazes, then folded their wings before sticking closer to Princess Lilisain while trembling.

The scene of two monsters as big as bulls relying on a thin, slender princess was rather comical and ridiculous.

However, the two siblings genuinely felt as if their lives were threatened.

Even if they were fully grown, they would still have to flee in the face of two or three beowulfs.

However, the drooling beowulfs glancing at the two siblings were those who had been freely interacting with the one they were most afraid of—Eugene.

“I’m pretty sure they’ve gotten meatier as of late.”

“Do you think they’ll taste like chicken if we fry them”

“Even if their heads are like a bird’s, they have a lion’s body, right”

“They’re as big as a bull, so shouldn’t they taste like beef”

“Then we can just cook their heads, bodies, and tails separately, right”

“Whew~! You’re pretty smart for a dog-brain.”

The trembling of the griffon siblings only intensified as the beowulfs continued their whispers.

They couldn’t understand what the warriors were talking about, but they had a rough idea after growing up with humans.

Even though griffons were predators in the wild, they were nothing more than emergency food here.

In the end, the griffons had no choice but to turn their miserable eyes to their only savior, the one whom they thoroughly regarded as their mother.



The griffons whimpered with even tears in their eyes.

Princess Lilisain stroked them with a kind expression, then spoke to the beowulf warriors, “This isn’t an emergency yet.

If we run out of supplies, I will butcher them personally, so don’t drool after them yet.”

“Kwuooo! You really don’t mess around.”

“But don’t covet their tails and the bigger one’s testicles.

It belongs to His Majesty,” Princess Lilisain said.

“Huh Why Is that part especially delicious” the beowulfs asked.

Princess Lilisain responded proudly, “It’s excellent for one’s virility.

It’s even more effective when cooked according to Eland’s secret recipe.”


The beowulfs looked surprised, while the elves had complicated expressions.

It seemed that their princess was already prepared to take care of her beloved’s health.

It was then…


Princess Lilisain stopped herself from explaining the excellent efficacy of the griffon testicle, as she suddenly turned her head.

“What What is it”


The warriors and the knights asked after instantly preparing for combat.

Their watchful eyes headed in the direction of the princess’ gaze.


Princess Lilisain stared silently while standing still like a stone statue.

After a while, she unsheathed her sword and spoke quietly, “Something’s strange.

I feel an energy that doesn’t belong here.”

“What is it A monster”


It’s not a monster. Hmm!”

Princess Lilisain became wide-eyed.

She quickly turned her head back to the knights and the warriors before continuing, “I also sense the energy of His Majesty’s cutie.”

“Cutie Ah! The evil spirit”

“That’s right,” Princess Lilisain said.

“Then we should go rescue the spirit right away!”


All of you should continue your mission.

I will go and save the cutie by myself,” Princess Lilisain said.

“No, but…”

“His Majesty’s strict orders.

Are you planning to break them” Princess Lilisain said in a quiet, but powerful voice.

The beowulfs stopped in their tracks.

Although they were on friendly terms with Eugene, they still respected Eugene and were afraid of him.

After all, they had thoroughly seen and experienced Eugene’s fury back on Brantia.

“Tsk. We can’t go against the order of the dark lord.”

“Be careful...”

“Princess, at least we can…”

“Sirs, don’t even think of tarnishing the honor of Eland,” Princess Lilisain said.

“…Yes,” The elves responded with a bow while biting their lips.

They had vowed to take Eugene’s orders as their top priority.

“I will reconvene with all of you as soon as possible.



Princess Lilisain’s figure quickly drifted away into the thick fog.


The purebloods of Eland’s royal family could detect spirits.

However, it became increasingly difficult to detect spirits the more distant they were and the same was true for Princess Lilisain.

However, at a certain point, Princess Lilisain had gained the ability to sense Mirian even at far distances.

It all started when she fed Eugene her own blood.

She could now see, hear, and feel Eugene’s contracted spirit at any time and anywhere.

“More compelling evidence that we are a match made in heaven,” Princess Lilisain muttered.

She had no choice but to think so.

In the first place, she voluntarily provided her blood to Eugene—a vampire—after making up her mind.

And now, she could sense Eugene’s contracted spirit and her personal cutie near the middle of the volcano.

Moreover, there was a strange, dangerous presence with the spirit.

And she was unfamiliar with the strange energy.

“I will save the cutie. Hoo, hoo…” Princess Lilisain kicked off of the ground.

Her sense of duty burned bright like a flame.

About ten minutes later, her slightly tired eyes once again burned with fierce energy.

She could see a glowing creature and a blurred figure in the fog.

‘No need for words!’


Princess Lilisain was convinced that the figure was a threat to Mirian.

She sent a strike containing Aura toward the unidentified figure.




The sound of clashing metal, a fussy scream, and a confused shout burst out almost simultaneously.

Princess Lilisain had been prepared to follow up with another strike; however…


It was unheard of for a skilled knight to stop their attack in the middle of battle.

However, Princess Lilisain had no choice but to stop herself.

“Kieh Sir knight princess What are you doing here”

The spirit was acting cute on the shoulders of the unidentified threat, even though she rarely acted close to anyone aside from Eugene, Princess Lilisain, or even Galfredik, and Romari.


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