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After having a new train of thought, there was one more patient friend who would stick in the pipe with Madara every day.

As long as he increased his limit step by step, and waited for the chakra meridians in Haru’s body to be able to completely withstand Sharingan’s raging chakra, then through this stupid method, he would be able to complete ‘self-healing’.

After all, ‘tools’ like the Gedo Statue that could be absorbed at any time and could also be used to replenish chakra was too rare.

Another day, Haru drove Sharingan with a tube inserted in his back, trying to adapt to the raging chakra in his body.

In addition to being serious, he was also a little bored.

At this time, he suddenly heard Madara ask, “Do you want it This pair of eyes of mine”

Haru was stunned for a moment.

In an instant, his thoughts changed.

Finally, he shook his head.


Madara seemed to be a little surprised.

“This pair of Rinnegan is an eye technique that is above Mangekyou Sharingan.

With it, you will no longer be a match for the entire Ninja World.”

“I am a little tempted by what you said, but this is yours.

I don’t want it.” Haru said as if he was joking.

To be honest, who wouldn’t want such an awesome thing like Rinnegan

But this involved a very important problem, and that was Madara’s attitude!

According to the original plot, Nagato who got this ‘gift’ was simply a tool that Madara used to resurrect himself.

Although Haru was interested in Rinnegan, it was not to the extent of using his own life to pay the rental fee.

Don’t forget, even though Madara treated him well, the Confinement Curse Talisman that he had planted back then had never intended to undo it.

In other words, if he had agreed just now, there was a high chance that he would end up like Nagato.

In addition, Haru also suspected that Madara was testing him.

Testing his attitude, ambition, etc..

As for the last point, it was that Haru also had a bit of pride that belonged to him!

No matter what, he was still a dignified transmigrator!

Even if there was no more plot advantage now, there was still the cheat ability that he had!

That’s right, it was the identity of the connections… Ah, it was the Myriad Realms Monolith who was waiting to be officially activated.

He really did not believe that without this pair of Rinnegan, he would not be able to achieve anything.

So in the end, to sum it up, Rinnegan was very tempting, but it was just adding flowers to the brocade, not necessary, at least at this stage.

See the essence behind the temptation and refuse the poisonous sugar coated artillery shell!

Haru felt that he was really too smart!

Madara seemed to have not expected Haru to give him this answer, so he was silent for a moment, then turned his head back and said, “In that case, it’s up to you.”

That was what he said, but a few days later, Haru found that Madara’s Rinnegan… had disappeared.

Sure enough!

The inquiry that day was both a test and a choice.

Because Haru resisted the temptation and passed Madara’s test, he successfully advanced to a higher level chess piece.

“There is no need to ask.

I have already deposited Rinnegan elsewhere.

When the time comes, I will naturally let you know Akatsuki.”

Haru really wanted to say, but I didn’t ask!

He just wanted to know where Madara got his left eye from.

A collection for experiments in the past

Well, what he really wanted to know was whether the designer that Madara was looking for this time was the same as the original one, choosing Nagato.

If so, did that mean that Uzumaki Clan’s fate had not been changed

Thinking back, when Haru was still at Konoha, he had made plans.

Among them, he had seriously considered how to help Uzumaki Clan change his fate.

In fact, it was very simple.

If Tobirama was still alive, it would be a matter of one sentence.

In any case, Haru could play a role with his status.

Unfortunately, the plan could not keep up with the change.

Because of the butterfly effect he brought, the plot changed greatly.

He was kidnapped by Madara, and Tobirama’s whereabouts were unknown.

In addition, he and Black Zetsu did not get along, so Black Zetsu naturally would not tell him what happened outside.

He was really powerless.

But now, the task of gathering information was handed over to White Zetsu.

If he wanted to know something in the future, it was unlikely that the village didn’t even have a 2G network.

Therefore, with the last bit of control of Madara’s Gedo Statue, Haru devoted himself to the grinding of his blood.

As for his daily cultivation, it could only be handed over to the shadow clones.

Just like that, another four years passed

In these four years, the war did not subside, but became more and more intense!

The five great countries and the surrounding small countries, if you beat me today, tomorrow I will beat you, it will be completely chaotic.

It was unknown how many countries had perished in this war.

The reason why the war this time was so intense was naturally because all parties lacked the strength to make a final decision.

Moreover, the few countries that had chosen to join hands did not have any trust in each other at all.

It was fortunate that they did not stab each other in the back.

In addition to the hatred problem left behind by the first great battle of Ninja World, the influence of the character of the current Kages was completely different.

Joining hands or something was just talking.

It was more like a few groups of bandits coming down the mountain at the same time.

How many things they robbed depended on their own ability.

If the distribution was uneven, they would have to fight in the nest first.

Just like the Earth Nation and the Water Nation, before Konoha was destroyed, the two of them had fought more than once for the sake of distributing the spoils of war.

If not for the fact that he still had a bit of rationality left, Konoha might have been able to win this time.

Apart from these big battles, many classic battles had occurred in the second great battle of Ninja World, giving birth to many new experts!

For example, the ‘Konoha Sannin’!

There was also the genius ninja – Konoha’s White Fang, who always had a white hair tied to his left arm and reign the Ninja World with terror!

Of course, these were the ‘lucky ones’ who survived this cruel war and became famous for Ninja World.

There were even more powerhouses buried in other places, not even worthy of their names.

Among them, Tsunade’s younger brother, the 12-year-old Nawaki, accidentally fell into the explosion trap left by the enemy two years ago.

In the end, only a part of the body was found.

In these years, the relatives of Tsunade left one after another.

In addition, she had personally experienced such a cruel and tragic war and seen too many tragic scenes.

This caused Tsunade’s will to sink, and even her life to fall into confusion.

The only thing that supported her was her contact with Uncle Kagami.

Almost 20 years had passed, and everyone had given up on searching, giving up hope.

But only Uchiha Kagami had never given up, still trying to find someone.


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