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Chapter 102 - What a JerkPa!

A young man with a strong abdominal muscles and a shocking explosive power casually pulled the pipe that was inserted in his back.

The blood-red three tomoe Sharingan was calm and deep.

But in the next second, they all disappeared, leaving only laziness and boredom.

Haru, who was already 24 years old, looked no different from when he was 20 years old.

Yin Seal’s effect was really too good.

Not only could it be used to fight, but it could also be used to maintain eternal youth.

He dared to say that the energy he had put on Yin Seal all these years was no less than Flying Thunder God Technique !

In the original work, Tsunade could develop a super-level combat type like medical ninjutsu based on the inspiration brought by Yin Seal and his grandfather Hashirama’s self-healing ability.

It was unreasonable that he, a transmigrator with a broader vision, could only eat the old books left by his ancestors.

As for what he had done, let’s not talk about it now.

In four years, with the help of Gedo Statue, Haru could now freely use Sharingan.

The chakra meridians in his body had almost completely adapted to the violent chakra flow, and it was unimaginably tough.

However, the hidden danger brought about by the incompatibility of the bloodline was only a part of it, and it could be considered as a lack of beauty.

But, it was fine.

At least in Madara’s opinion, even if he activated Mangekyou Sharingan, the residual effects would be completely within his control, and there wouldn’t be any scenes of ‘the melon will not be ripe’ and then explode.

Moreover, there was nothing else that Madara could teach him anymore.

He and Tobirama had personally nurtured a monster among monsters!


“Ready to leave”

“Yes, although it is safe here, it is too boring to stay here for too long.”

“Return to Konoha”

“Yes,” Haru said after a moment of silence.

After hearing this, Madara did not stop him this time.

Instead, he sighed and said, “If you want to go, then go.

Consider it an explanation.”

“Don’t worry, old man.

I won’t forget the kindness you have taught me for 18 years.

You just want to achieve true peace one day.

Coincidentally, I also promised Tobirama that I would do it for him to see.”

“So all of you are living well.

Whether you believe it or not, I will fulfill it for all of you to see!”

“Alright, it’s not a separation of life and death.

I won’t say too much.

I left the coordinates of the Flying Thunder God Technique here.

I will come back to see you when I have nothing to do.

If there is anything you want to eat or drink, you can tell me…”

“Old man, let’s go.”

This time, Haru was really prepared to leave this place.

He turned around and walked out.

Since Madara had spent so much effort to nurture him, it was naturally impossible for him to give up so easily.

Using the Confinement Curse Talisman in his heart to threaten him was the stupidest and most helpless method.

Naturally, Madara would not make such a mistake.

Therefore, Madara, who was worried that the backup plan he had left behind in the past was not enough.

After pondering for a while, he called White Zetsu over.

He needed to push it further in the dark and make sure that both sides broke off completely!

At that time, Haru, who no longer had any worries or places to go, aside from coming back to him, was there any other choice

Now, it was up to whether the few ‘horns’ he had chosen could hold up this big show.

Madara closed his eyes in anticipation and hid in the darkness.

On the other side, after Haru walked out of the base, he took a few deep breaths and felt indescribably relaxed.

But then he hesitated

Although he had always wanted to go back to Konoha to take a look, when it came to this day, he actually hesitated a little.

Is Aunt Mito okay

Tsunade should have grown up…

And how are those little friends of the past

Do you still remember him, the boss

The more he thought about it, the more Haru could not take a step forward.

If no one could recognize him, how embarrassing would that be!

Moreover, almost 20 years had passed, and the matter of him being a little brat back then, it was estimated that no one would take it to heart at this time.

The friendship of the past had probably changed long ago.

“Aren’t you going back to Konoha Why are you still dawdling outside and not leaving”

Just as Haru was hesitating, Black Zetsu could not help but come out to scold him.

Black Zetsu sincerely hoped that Haru would stay as far away from Madara as possible and that it would be best if they never met again in this lifetime.

So this time, when Haru wanted to return to Konoha, Black Zetsu was extremely happy.

“Why do you care about me Believe it or not, I won’t leave.

I’ll use you to practice the dodgeball tonight!”

Haru was a person who wouldn’t be willing to suffer a loss, so he immediately retorted.

If this was any other time, the two of them would at least have to wait until the sun went down.

If there was a sentence that didn’t rhyme, they would have to repeat it!

However, the situation today was special.

Black Zetsu didn’t want to waste any more time with the other party.

If he really didn’t leave after being provoked, wouldn’t that be picking up a rock and smashing his own foot

He even regretted that he had opened his mouth just now.


Black Zetsu, who was unhappy and didn’t dare to curse, had no choice but to burrow into the ground without a word.

“Hey, wait a minute!”

Black Zetsu only revealed his head outside and said with his eyes, “What else do you want to do!”

“Before I return to Konoha, I want to take a look around the surroundings… Oh right, didn’t you say that there was a Rain Country very close to here I also want to see who Madara has deposited those eyes to.”

Black Zetsu instinctively wanted to refuse, but how could he do anything about the fact that this bastard was personally chosen by Madara.

According to the plan they made, after Madara died, they still had to rely on this fellow to stir up a big beam and arrange everything properly.

Then, they would use Rinnegan to resurrect Madara at the appropriate time.

Therefore, Madara rarely hid anything from Haru.

Moreover, this matter had to be known sooner or later.

Thus, Black Zetsu cast a reluctant glance at Haru and said, “That side is currently in a period of war.

It is chaotic and dangerous.

If you are not afraid of death, then come with me.”

In response, Haru chuckled.

Although the reference object had always been Tobirama, a super expert like Madara, he was completely unable to figure out what level his strength belonged to.

However, with Flying Thunder God around, Haru was confident that even if he couldn’t defeat him, he would definitely be able to escape!

Are you kidding me Danger

I have been lying low for 24 years, and I have only come out today.

What danger can I be afraid of

“Well, take this, Kunai.

When you find someone or go to a safe place, ask White Zetsu to send a clone back to tell me.”

“What are you looking at me like that I am not worried about any danger, but simply… too lazy to travel.

Yes, too lazy to move!”

“So you go first, and I’ll be there in a flash! This way, everyone will be happy, how good!”

Black Zetsu exposed his head and sneered.

I **ing believe you!

You are really a jerk!


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