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Chapter 103 - Fried Fish Pond“Nagato, be careful!”

A little boy with orange porcupine-head pounced to the side.

Then, there was a boom!

Kunai, which had dropped out of nowhere and had an Explosion Talisman attached to it, landed not far away from them.

The rubble from the explosion all hit the little boy with the orange porcupine-head.

“Nagato, Yahiko!”

A little girl with blue hair ran over in panic.

“We’re fine.”

Yahiko laughed heartily.

He ignored the injuries left behind by the rocks and forcefully pulled the red-haired child up.

“Yahiko, you’re injured.”

The red-haired child’s right eye was completely covered by his hair.

His left eye was faintly revealed, and there were circles of strange patterns on it

These three people were Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan, who were still struggling to survive when they were young!

“It’s just a small injury.

It doesn’t matter.

There must be some ninjas fighting nearby.

Let’s leave quickly.”

Yahiko first gave Nagato and Konan a reassuring look, and then said with a serious and serious face.

Since the second battle of Ninja World started, the Rain Country had been plunged into war.

The few big countries viewed the Rain Country as an important strategic area and fought to turn it into a battlefield.

Hanzo, the protector of the Rain Country, had actually treated himself as a

Not only did they fight against the Wind Nation and the Fire Nation at the same time, they even took the initiative to lead people into the neutral country, the Iron Country, in order to expand their territory!

If Hanzo did not have such a big heart and only had thoughts about the Iron Country, perhaps he would have succeeded.

The moment the warriors of the Iron Country heard the name of Hanzo, they immediately turned around and ran.

They did not have the courage to fight him.

Only Mifune stood alone in front of Hanzo with a samurai sword in hand.

In the end, although he was defeated, he was still proud, and he had managed to save his life.

However, the Hidden Sand and Konoha brought great pressure to the Rain Country.

The most terrifying poison of Hanzo was cracked by the Hidden Sand Chiyo, and even found its weakness.

Although Konoha’s side had a certain advantage in terms of strength, they had no good way to deal with Hanzo’s poison attacks.

As a result, they had lost a lot of manpower and were unable to turn their advantage into victory!

Thus, the situation was in a stalemate.

Suna, Konoha, and Ame fought non-stop in Rain Country and maintained a strange balance.

Rain Country also did not have the energy to deal with Iron Country anymore, which could be considered to have allowed Iron Country to survive.

This fight lasted for four whole years!

Yahiko and the others were all orphans who lost their families in this war.

Because of fate and coincidence, they finally came together and depended on each other.

It was just that it was too difficult for a child who was only five or six years old to survive in such a war.

Not only did they have to pay attention to Kunai who could fall from the sky at any time, the sword in their hands, the explosion talisman, and other ‘natural disasters’, but they also had to try their best to get as far away from the center of the ninja battle as possible, otherwise they could be killed at any time.

After all, most of the ‘ninjas’ would not care about the lives of a few civilian children.

But even so, they still could not live.

Because there was no food and no water!

The former naturally did not need to explain too much.

In the war zone, food was priceless!

However, logically speaking, the Rain Country did not lack water sources.

However, when Hanzo poisoned several important water sources and tried to make Suna and Konoha retreat, a large number of innocent people fell down and could no longer wake up.

Therefore, if they wanted to live, not only did they have to take a huge risk to search for food, but they also had to use their lives and luck to find clean water sources!

Just now, Yahiko and the other two had to go near the war zone because they were too hungry to try their luck and see if they could find some food and drinks.

Unfortunately, before they could find food and water, they were almost sent to heaven by a bomb from the sky.

Haru and Black Zetsu stood at the corner of a ruin.

“Madara’s Rinnegan is with this child”

“Didn’t you already see it” Black Zetsu said in a bad mood.

“Even with Uzumaki Clan’s chakra and vitality, if he wants to control Rinnegan who doesn’t belong to him, he will have to pay a great price.” Haru sneered.

However, Black Zetsu used an unpleasant laugh and said in an indifferent tone, “We will help him grow quickly.

He only needs to live to the day that should come.”

Made, I really want to seal this vicious guy with a backhand slap now.

Haru looked at him with disgust, and then his eyes slightly condensed.

“Yahiko, Nagato! Look!”

Yahiko and the other two, who were hungry and had not gained anything along the way, were depressed and moved around vigilantly.

Suddenly, he heard Konan shout!

She saw that there was half a piece of bread left behind by someone on the table of a room that was barely intact.

Konan saw that there was no one else around, so she immediately ran over without thinking, afraid that if she was late and was discovered by others, there would be no share for them.

“How can there be bread left behind by others here”

Yahiko thought a little more, and instinctively felt uneasy.

Nagato was even more direct.

His intuition told him that there was danger ahead!

“Konan, come back quickly!”

“Don’t go!”

Yahiko and Nagato shouted almost at the same time.

Konan turned her head with a puzzled expression.

One of her feet had already stepped into the room and touched the transparent threads at the door

If someone was in the room, they would be able to see that the door and the bottom of the table were covered with explosive talismans.

This was not a trap set up for the enemy.

It was too simple, and no ninja would be fooled!

This was… the bait left behind by someone to watch the fireworks of flesh and blood!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

Several exploding talismans exploded in succession, and the flames instantly engulfed Konan’s figure, causing the entire house to explode into the sky.

As for the cold, hard bread, it naturally shattered into pieces along with her.



Yahiko and Nagato looked at the fire in front of them and instantly lost all their strength.

They fell to the ground, their eyes lifeless

“Hahahaha! Another fish was blown up!”

“What did I say The fish that are still alive are not so stupid.

Half a piece of broken bread is not even enough for a dog to eat.

How can you expect to blow up three fish at once How is it Is it a slap in the face”

“Isn’t there not much supply recently Next time, go and search for a few more fish that are still alive and kicking.

There will definitely be fish that will take the bait.”

“Cut the crap and settle the bill first.

This time, I won!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll give it to you.”

“Damn, if not for the fact that these two brats are too timid, how could they cause me to lose money I’ll take them away and play with them.

Do you have any objections”

“You’re really disgusting.

Sooner or later, I’ll slaughter you too!”

“Hahaha, if you can do it, feel free to try!”


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