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It was unknown where they had been hiding before, but after the explosion, several ninjas with Suna forehead covered laughed out loud.

The topic of discussion was extremely terrifying!

The way he looked at Yahiko and Nagato was extremely unkind and cruel!

Those who liked war were all lunatics!

Similarly, if they stayed on the battlefield for a long time, they would also become lunatics!

Especially those who were not determined and afraid of death.

For example, the few people who just came out chose to flee at the last moment because they could not bear the pressure of the war.

They did not fight with the enemy every day.

Instead, they used the remaining materials as bait and set off fireworks.

It was just to find the pleasure and superiority to vent on ordinary people!

Every time they saw that desperate and dull face, they would feel so good that they would fly!

Right, there seemed to be quite a few people like this.

And they also gave themselves a very fitting name for what they were doing, called — the Fish Pond!

As for which fish and what fish were blown up, after watching the scene just now, there was naturally no need to explain too much.

In summary, these were some scum, perverts, and maggots!

However, no matter how cruel and vicious these people were, they were still ninjas who controlled their power, and Yahiko and Nagato were just children.

“Wait for me for a while, I’ll be back soon.” A shady looking guy greedily glanced at Yahiko and Nagato, then licked his lips and walked over.

The others were disgusted and said, “Hurry up, clean it up later.

Made, every time you do this, you make it so that you have no appetite at night, bad luck!”

“Nagato… I will stop him later.

You run first.”

Forcing himself to wake up from his sorrow and anger, Yahiko almost instantly made a judgment of the situation in front of him.

The difference in strength was too great.

Only if one person stayed to buy time and ran away alone could there be a little hope of escaping one person.

“I won’t go! They killed Konan!”

Nagato was already beginning to be overwhelmed by extreme anger.

His eyes widened, and that power that did not belong to him was beginning to stir!

If nothing unexpected happened next, Nagato would use Rinnegan’s power to kill these scum in front of him under extreme anger.

But this time, it was different.

“Even such a disgusting scum can become a ninja.

Has the hidden sand fallen to such a state”

“Who is it”

A figure silently appeared next to them.

They did not even make a sound.

They could not even sense what kind of strength this person had!

These few Sand Hidden Scum were all shocked.

Then, they began to pull the tiger’s skin, trying to scare the person away.

“Forget it, I’ll let you die in pain.”

“Don’t be afraid, he is only one person! He must be bluffing, let’s attack together!”

Facing these hidden scum who were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, Haru held the uneasy and somewhat curious Konan with one hand and stretched out his other hand, aiming at the position of these people.

“Water Escape – Water Prison Technique!”

Thanks to the rainy environment of Rain Country all year round, Haru only used a small amount of chakra to achieve the effect he wanted.

A huge water ball with a diameter of at least six to seven meters instantly enveloped all the Suna ninjas.

As for the hand that Haru extended,

It touched the outer wall of the water ball.

If he didn’t attack now, he wouldn’t know where he was.

Otherwise, after seeing this scene, he would never use the water prison technique again!


The suna ninja scum wrapped in the huge water ball covered their mouths, pinched their throats, and stared.

Haru had a thousand ways to kill them in an instant, but he chose the most painful one.

It was not that he was cruel and bloodthirsty, but that these people deserved it!

The war had nothing to do with right or wrong, it was just a matter of the standpoint of both sides.

However, it was too despicable to attack innocent ordinary people.

It was too despicable and unforgivable!

After a few minutes, Haru just stood there quietly, waiting for them to die in pain.

Then, he gently twisted his palm and saw that the water in the water ball seemed to come alive.

He directly used the water pressure to crush all the corpses inside, and finally turned into a huge blood ball…

Haru pushed hard and flew straight out, finally landing in the empty ruins.

During the whole process, Yahiko and Nagato seemed to be dumbfounded.

Their faces were pale and they trembled.

They did not dare to say a word, but they refused to leave.

It was only because Konan was still in the hands of the other party.

“Are you afraid”

Looking at the blue-haired little loli who was only 5 or 6 years old, Haru tried his best to soften his tone a little.

After growing up, Konan was undoubtedly very beautiful.

Of course, she was also very cute when she was a child.

These were all good seedlings!

Konan bit her lips uneasily and shook her head, afraid of angering this handsome big brother.

“It’s fine if you’re afraid.

This world is just like this.

A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!” Haru patted Konan’s head.

“I’m just trying to seek justice for those innocent people who died tragically…”

“Hehe, I’m just joking.

Actually, the main thing is that I want to vent my anger.

I can’t play with things that are too noble.”

After Haru said this, she directly put the ignorant Konan on the ground and let her reunite with her little friend.

Then, her gaze stopped on Nagato for a short while.

She did not take the initiative to turn them around and leave freely.

At this moment, Yahiko and the others finally calmed down and knew that they had met an expert.

To them, this was undoubtedly a chance to change their fate!

Therefore, after exchanging glances for a while, Yahiko and the others immediately chased after them anxiously and shouted, “We… we want to be by your side.

We also want to become stronger.

Can you take us in”

Haru maintained his social status and did not agree immediately.

Instead, he said, “I’m going to a place far away now.

When I come back, if you can find me, I’ll consider it.”

“This is for you.

Don’t die so easily.”

A black bag was thrown directly in front of Yahiko and the others.

When they opened it, they saw that it was full of food.

It was originally prepared by Haru for himself, provision for his journey on the road, but now it was all given to Yahiko and the other little guys.

And when they raised their heads again, Haru’s back was about to disappear from their sight.

They were all a little disappointed, knowing that there was no chance this time.

However, at this moment, Konan did not know where the courage came from.

As he ran forward, he shouted with all his strength, “My name is Konan! I will definitely find you again!”


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