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Haru indeed had some thoughts about Nagato and the others, but he had to settle himself down first.

Eye of The Moon Plan, he had no interest.

However, he could help Tobirama and Madara fulfill Ninja World’s wish for peace.

Then, he would seal Black Zetsu who was jumping around.

He would go to hell with Otsutsuki and wait for the others to come!

Wasn’t the plot used to destroy things

Haru left very simply, as if he was not worried about Nagato and the others at all.

In fact, it was not his place to worry.

Since Madara had the confidence to place Rinnegan on Nagato, then he would naturally be able to protect her.

In secret, Black Zetsu and White Zetsu had helped him a lot!

In fact, he had been a little nosy before.

However, he should just leave a good impression first.

No matter what, it was not a loss.

Then, Haru walked around the Rain Country.

In just half an hour, he encountered five assassinations, 12 traps, and watched a chaotic three-sided battle of a hundred people!

Being in such a country, it was no wonder that the dreams of Yahiko and the others were to change the Rain Country and welcome peace.

However, the problem was that even if Hanzo was not so arrogant, as long as the geographical location of the Rain Country did not change, the result would not change.

The Rain Country was located in the center of the six countries, and at the same time, it was connected to the three great countries – Earth, Earth, and Fire.

No matter who occupied the Rain Country, they could try to swallow the surrounding rivers, grass, birds, and other small countries.

They were more ambitious.

Just like this time, Hanzo not only targeted the Iron Country, but also tried to use the geographical advantage to occupy the territory of the Fire and Wind Country.

Was it really impossible

As long as one was strong enough, there was nothing impossible.

Moreover, Hanzo was well aware that no great power would sit back and watch the Rain Country be swallowed up by others!

The Rain Country could only be independent!

But as long as it did not fall to one side, then it was still within the acceptable range.

Otherwise, Suna and Konoha would have joined hands to destroy the Rain Country.

Did they really think that they could not do anything to Hanzo

They just did not want to break the balance.

At the same time, White Zetsu, who received Madara’s order, also sent his clones to complete the mission faithfully.

In the Country of Fire, Kagami, with a face full of vicissitudes, led two clansmen to search around.

He searched for a full 18 years, but there was no news at all.

If it was someone else, they might have already chosen to give up.

Kagami was a very responsible person.

He had promised Lord Tobirama that he would bring Haru back, so he had to do it!

To be honest, Kagami, who had searched the entire Ninja World over the years, had actually almost found the right place several times.

However, the problem was that Madara’s secret base was too hidden, and the number of people that Kagami could bring out was pitifully few, which was why he had missed it time and time again.

It was just that fortune was a disaster, and disaster was a blessing.

Kagami had always been considered unlucky if he missed it, but if he thought about it carefully, he might not be too lucky!

Because if he was really found out, with Madara’s character, Kagami and the few clansmen he brought with him would not be able to live, and he would have to contribute Sharingan after his death.

Sou Sou Sou!!

Suddenly, a few unfamiliar ninjas threw a large number of Kunais at Kagami and the others, all aimed at their vital points.

Kagami and the two clansmen were both Jonin, who had activated the Three Hook Sharingan.

Although the attack was very sudden, they still pulled out their katana in the face of danger and made an airtight defense.

“Mission failed.


One of them shouted and ran away together.

Kagami frowned and felt that something was wrong, so he immediately led his people to chase after them.

The two sides ran and chased after each other, and very coincidentally, they headed straight for the Rain Country.

After having White Zetsu, the number of subordinates that Madara could lay out was undoubtedly even greater.

It was not like how it was in the past, leaving all the big and small matters to Black Zetsu to handle.

It could be said that Kagami and the others who had been looking for Haru outside had long been targeted by Madara, and they were able to control their movements at any time.

Then the question was, didn’t Madara want Haru and Konoha to break up

Then why did he ask White Zetsu to pretend to be the enemy and lead Kagami to the place where Haru was

Finding a conscience

Stop joking!

Madara only wanted to lead a big show!

Therefore, White Zetsu also changed into another trap and quickly rushed to Konoha.

Over the years, Madara had collected a lot of information.

He was very curious.

When Uchiha Kagami had gone through great difficulty to find information about Senju Haru and sent it back, who would be restless

Would they take the risk

As long as that matter was personally revealed by Konoha, Madara was sure that Haru would be thoroughly disappointed and would no longer have any thoughts about Konoha.

So now, it was up to these people’s reaction.

“Don’t disappoint me…” Madara’s confident laughter echoed in the base.

One day later, after roughly understanding the situation outside, Haru finally decided to leave the Rain Country.

No matter how nervous he was, he had to go back and take a look.

However, just as he walked out three streets, he heard the fierce battle cries in front of him.

“The other side can’t take it anymore, put in more effort!”

“Three vs thirty, yet you killed so many of our people.”

“Be careful of those eyes, don’t look at each other!”

“Seeing that someone suddenly stopped moving, the people next to him immediately helped undo the illusion!”

“Release the puppets! Use poison! Even if it consumes them, it will exhaust them to death!”

Kagami, who was resisting the attack and trying to lead his people out, was very depressed at this time.

First, he was ambushed by someone inexplicably.

Then, he chased for an entire day.

Then, he ran to the Rain Country.

Before his own people could see him, the other party shook his people first and surrounded them directly.

Then, without any nonsense, both sides made a killing move.

At this time, it was either you die or I die.

Whoever showed mercy would die quickly!

Needless to say about Kagami’s strength, the other two clansmen were also Jonin, who had activated the three Magatama – Sharingan.

The explosive killing power was extremely terrifying.

In a single exchange, most of Gennin had already suffered heavy casualties.

Then, there was the scene just now

“Lord Kagami, don’t worry about us.

Just break out of the encirclement.

With your strength, these thugs won’t be able to stop you!”

A clansman directly stood up and said.

“That’s right, it’s enough to have us here.

His Highness Haru is still waiting for Lord Kagami to rescue him!” The other person had also come to a realization.

However, Kagami did not believe in this evil thing, letting him abandon his fellow clansman and run for his life alone

Sorry, I can’t do it!

“Hold on a little longer.

Our reinforcements will be here soon.”

Kagami was right.

However, the problem was that the reinforcements from the enemy were coming from afar…

This was a little awkward.


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