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Yin – Ox – Monkey – Hare – Zi – Boar…

Haru took a deep breath and puffed up his mouth.

Water(Sea) Escape – Great Waterfall Technique!

In an instant, Haru casually spat out a huge water ball that was so huge that it made one’s jaw drop.

Then, with an incomparably violent force, it smashed towards the many enemies that were battling Kagami in front of him.

The Great Waterfall Technique, as the name implied, was to attack the enemy with the amount of water in the waterfall.

In the original work, if he didn’t get cut by this move, he would immediately lose his fighting strength and be unable to move.

But in fact, the name of this ninjutsu was just the meaning of the waterfall, which symbolized that the volume of water was large, and it was not really as much water as the waterfall.

At least it was like this in the past…

But when Haru changed Water Escape into the sea style with the huge amount of chakra in his body, this technique seemed to have become the real big in the sense!

The sky was covered, and a terrifying shadow appeared on the ground.

How much water did a waterfall have

How big would it be if it condensed into a water ball

Would it still have a chance to keep its corpse intact if it were forhit in the face

At this time, what was the total psychological area of these people

One question after another was thrown out.

At this time, Kagami was already stunned

No, did they have to play so big

Don’t you see that I, Sensei, am still doing this

My goodness, what a big water ball, it can’t even escape!

Is this how the earth cannon is released

Even your own people are killed

Just as Kagami was trying his best to ‘walk on the lantern’, he felt his vision blur, and then he was out of the attack range.

Looking forward again, some of the enemies were trying to escape, some stayed where they were and tried to use Ninjutsu to defend, and some simply collapsed, such as the sword in his hand, Kunai, the explosion talisman… all of them were thrown out.

In the next moment, the water ball fell to the ground…


The world was quiet.

Waves of water spread out, destroying everything around them and washing away all sins.

“This is… Water Escape”

Even Kagami, who had seen Tobirama, who was extremely outrageous, was still a little absent-minded.

“Done, what’s wrong”

“… Your Water Escape is a bit powerful.

What kind of ninjutsu is it Is it self-created Looking at this power, it must be at least S rank.”

Kagami swallowed back his words, because he suddenly remembered the flying thunder god Kunai that Haru had given him before.

Obviously, as long as he didn’t lose that thing, Haru would be able to bring him out of any topographical cannon in time.

To think that he thought that the Flying thunder god Kunai was handed over to him to show off, but in the end, it was only used to locate teleportation, so that he wouldn’t die from an unknown escape tool…

After hearing Kagami’s question, Haru was still stunned for a moment, and then he said in surprise, “Isn’t this just an ordinary Great Waterfall Technique The order of the hand seals is Yin – Ox – Monkey… That’s right! The power is only at [A] class, far worse than [S] class!”

“The attack method is too simple.

Basically, it can’t hit anyone.

Who would stand there stupidly and wait for the water ball to smash down…”

“Such a trashy ninjutsu, and you actually said that it was self-created.

S -rank… It has been a long time since we last met, but Kagami, Sensei, has actually become so humorous, hahaha!”

Common… common knowledge…

Basically, I can’t hit anyone…

Such a spicy chicken ninjutsu…

These words were so annoying in Kagami’s ears.

So the people who were killed just now were all idiots

The corners of Kagami’s mouth twitched twice, and then he turned his head away.

He was afraid that he would not be able to help himself and clean up the door later…

A few minutes later, ignoring the unlucky ones who were smashed to pieces on the spot, Kagami brought back a few lucky ones who had managed to save their lives.

Not many, there were only three in total.

It was still three of the six Jonin that Haru had sensed earlier.

Two of them ran fast, and although they were still affected in the end, they managed to survive.

The last one was a defensive type of ninjutsu.

In a hurry, he was able to forcefully endure it.

In the end, he was almost drowned by the water…

Seeing this, Haru couldn’t help but start to reflect.

This Great Waterfall Technique is indeed not powerful.

If not for the fact that he had attacked first, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to kill a single person.

If he were to attack again in the future, it would be better to choose more powerful and destructive ninjutsu.

When Kagami heard him muttering from the side, his face immediately darkened!

He really wanted to grab this guy by the collar and ask if he had misunderstood Water Escape.

Kagami abruptly turned his head around and ignored Haru.

He began to interrogate him seriously.

The general process was to simply translate what his surname was and who his name was.

There were a few people at home and a few pigs on the ground.

Did he have a sister Did he look good or something

Alright, Haru admitted that he was bored, so he only listened to the beginning and walked away.

The rest were all made up by him.

After a while, Kagami walked over with an ugly expression.

“We’re in trouble.”

“What’s wrong Did these guys confess”

“No, they’re all dead.”


Kagami frowned, “These people have been planted with a curse seal.

Moreover, I have seen this kind of curse seal before.

Once the secret that can not be revealed is revealed, they will immediately die, specially used to carry out secret missions.”

It sounded a bit familiar, and Haru directly asked, “Don’t keep us in suspense, hurry up and say it.”

Kagami glanced at him and said, “This is the seal of the curse.

Come on, come on! Danzo is specially used to control his subordinates, and his organization.”

Ah —

So it was this!

Haru suddenly understood why it sounded so familiar.

But how did Danzo know his whereabouts And why did he do this

Haru was a little puzzled.

Moreover, from the words of those people just now, no matter how he looked at it, it did not seem like he could kill two Uchiha and Jonin who had opened three tomoe.

Unless there was someone among those people who had some special methods, the result was that they were killed by him before they could use them.

Otherwise, the other party still had helpers hiding

To be on the safe side, Haru touched the ground with his two fingers again and tried to sense it.

No discoveries

Haru raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Am I overthinking”

After standing up again and facing Kagami’s questioning gaze, Haru gently shook his head and asked, “In your opinion, why does Danzo want to do this Is his target you or me”

With a complicated expression, Kagami slowly said, “If Danzo wanted to deal with me, he could have done it over the past 18 years.

He wouldn’t have waited until now and waited until you appeared before killing him.”

“As for why… perhaps only Danzo and Hiruzen know this answer.”

“I only know that when I tried to find you back then, Danzo seemed to have said something to Hiruzen.

Then, Hiruzen’s attitude suddenly changed, as if he really didn’t want you to come back.”

“So all these years, I could only take some helpers from my family and search for your traces outside alone.”

“It can be considered as Lord Tobirama’s blessing.

Seeing that you are still alive and have become stronger than I imagined, I believe Lord Tobirama will be very pleased.”


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