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Just for a promise, because of a responsibility, Kagami gave up 18 years of good life and searched the entire Ninja World.

This kind of person who almost could not appear in reality, actually appeared beside Haru.

Whenever this topic was brought up, Haru’s chest would feel a little stifled and he did not know how to face Kagami.

However, Haru knew that if this man was not worthy of his trust, then he did not need to trust anyone in this world anymore.

No matter if it was a situation of adversity or a desperate situation, you could always trust Uchiha Kagami!

As an existence similar to Kagami’s words of rebellion, Danzo left Haru speechless.

Back then, I even asked you to draw a few strands of Cigarette.

You keep calling me old brother.

How did you become an enemy after not seeing each other for more than ten years

Haru couldn’t figure it out.

Could it be that he was afraid that after he returned, he would snatch Hokage’s position

But that wasn’t right.

Wasn’t Hokage now Sarutobi and Hiruzen

More than ten years had passed, and this fellow had also changed from an agent to an official one.

He had even obtained the recognition of the great name of the Fire Nation.

Even if he was anxious, it would not be Danzo’s turn.

So why didn’t Danzo want him to return to Konoha

Or was it that this guy only had a bad relationship with Hiruzen on the surface, but in fact, he secretly had a crush on Hiruzen.

Anyone who threatened Hiruzen’s status would be killed!

Only I, Shimura Danzo, have the qualifications to snatch Hokage’s position from Sarutobi and Hiruzen

However, it was not certain.

These two guys had been together as a councilor and hokage for a lifetime in the original work.

Who knew if there was anything that could only be posted on other websites

Then the problem was, this ‘other’ website was: www.______

A good person’s life was safe!

Since he already knew that it was Danzo who was behind the scenes, then it was enough.

Haru still wanted to see what else the other party could do after he returned.

It was just a pity for the two Uchiha clansmen.

After searching for a while and not finding anything, Kagami regretfully brought Haru and continued on their journey.

Not long after they left, a black shadow stood up from a corpse on the ground in the basement of a certain room.

If Haru was here at this moment, he would be able to recognize that the two people who had died were the two Uchiha clansmen who had gone missing.

And this black shadow was Black Zetsu who had followed them all the way!

In fact, when these two people discovered that there was a basement and came down to search for food, Black Zetsu directly attached himself to the person who first came down and controlled him.

Then, he tricked the people above him and killed them with a single slash.

When the members of [Root] who wanted to quietly settle the two were arranged, and when they rushed in, what caught my eye were the two corpses that died together.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult for these people to kill Uchiha, Jonin, who had killed two three tomoewithout any movement.

This was also one of the strange things that Haru felt later.

Then, another white figure squeezed out from the wall.

“The person has been killed.

What should we do next”

“Hahaha, it’s good that he died.

Take all the corpses and the two corpses away, and then send a clone to disguise himself and find the person from last time.”

“Tell that guy that all the people he sent are dead and his identity is exposed.

Now the target is going to find him to settle the score!”

Black Zetsu said meaningfully.



“Kill them!”


Haru and Kagami ran in front, and a group of people were chasing behind them.

“Gah! Again”

Haru was very confused.

Why was it that no matter how remote the road he and Kagami chose, they would always be found in the end Moreover, when they saw them, they were especially jealous.

It was as if they had seen their enemies and insisted on killing them.

First, it was suna.

Kirigakure after that, then Kumogakure.

This time, even Iwagakure’s people came to join in the fun.

Did they poke a hornet’s nest

Where did all of Konoha’s people go

Why didn’t I see any of them

Ah, I did, and they were all killed by him.

Then it’s fine.

“I think these people must have been lured here.

Someone wants to use others to kill us.” Kagami calmly gave his conclusion.

“And then”

“What then”

“A solution! What’s the use of saying all this” Haru was speechless.

Kagami paused for a moment and then said, “Find this person and kill him.”

“Oh, a good idea.

Go ahead then.”

Kagami lowered his head and ran, increasing his speed by two points

“Hey, I have a good idea.” Haru immediately caught up.

“What way”

“Go talk to them and tell them that they have recognized the wrong person.

This is called ‘first serve the enemy, then serve the enemy’ with virtue.”

Kagami silently gave him a thumbs up.

“But my mouth is stupid.

I’m afraid I can’t explain it clearly.

It’s better for you to go.”

Haru quickly shook his head, “You are my Sensei.

If you don’t go, who will go”

“What Sensei I quit long ago.

You are the worst student I have ever brought, and also the only one…”

“Worst… One! Kagami, you have Sharingan, what are you afraid of”

“Yes, you not only have Sharingan, but also Flying Thunder God, what are you afraid of!”

“No, no, no.

The elder is the first.”

“I think it’s time to settle the score.

Shall I go first”

The two of them glared at each other.

There were sparks in the air.

In the end, Haru sighed and slowed down his steps.

“Since you are unwilling to choose a good method, then there is only the last stupid method.”

Kagami also slowly stopped.

He sighed and pulled out his long saber.

“Who said no Sigh!”

“You go to the left and I go to the right.

Kill to the middle and see who kills more”

“The loser will go back and treat him to dinner” Kagami raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Okay, or the usual place” Haru asked.

“No, I heard that a 17-year-old boy opened a noodle restaurant in the village.

The people lining up every day are hundreds of meters long.

The taste is good and the price is not expensive.

I haven’t eaten it yet.”

“Damn, do you have to be so exaggerated Do you think it’s a ramen”

Haru also said that it was smooth, but he didn’t expect Kagami to be stunned for a moment.

Then, he asked, “Ichiraku Ramen… It seems to be called this name.

How did you know”


Unfortunately, he had no culture and could walk the world with one sentence!

Haru was also shocked.

Calculating the time, wasn’t that little baby who hadn’t been born yet already seventeen or eighteen years old

Uncle Teuchi… no, he couldn’t call him uncle anymore.

Whether it was seniority or age, it had to be the hand who called him uncle!

If the hand hit his mother was still there, then with the life saving grace of the past, eating ramen for free for a lifetime wasn’t too much, right

At the thought of this, Haru was instantly amused.

Then, he realized that Kagami had actually killed his way over before he knew it.

At this moment, two heads had already entered his account.


Haru widened his eyes.


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