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“Help… Help!”

“Junji, what’s wrong Let go of him!”

Seeing their companions call for help outside the door, a few guards immediately pulled out their weapons and rushed out.

At this time, Junji, who was tightly held by his wrist, and whose face was somewhat twisted in pain, revealed resentment and pleasure at this moment.

He did not believe that in front of everyone, the other party would dare to do anything to him.

Although the assassination failed, no one would believe what the other party said.

At that time, he only needed to make a false accusation and bite back, and he could still complete the task that the Lord had given him.

However, things did not develop as he had imagined

“Tell the person who ordered you to leave your corpse intact.”

Haru’s cold tone made Junji’s heart tremble.

However, when he saw so many of his companions rushing over from the corner of his eyes, he immediately suppressed the fear in his heart and shouted, “This person is a spy sent by the enemy.

After seeing through him, I wanted to kill him to silence him.

Everyone, be careful!”


Junji widened his eyes and immediately let out a heart-wrenching scream!

“Ah! My hand, my hand!”

Then there was another tearing.

No one expected that the person brought back by Lord Kagami would actually dare to tear off Junji’s arms in front of everyone!

Everyone was dumbfounded and did not know how to react.

For a moment, only the screams of Junji gradually weakened outside the door.

“Have you considered it Do you want to say it now”

“Hand, my hand… save me, Lord Danzo, save me…”

Very good, it was Danzo again.

Originally, Haru still missed that bit of friendship from back then.

As long as Danzo’s explanation could still be explained, he would just give a little punishment.

However, he never thought that Danzo would repeatedly challenge his patience.

What exactly happened to make Danzo deal with him so recklessly

Haru was very curious.

He believed that it would not be long before the good show here would attract everyone over.


Haru swung his hand and stabbed the three poisonous needles into Junji’s legs.

Then he said sincerely, “I hope you can bring the antidote for yourself.”

At this time, Junji’s face was already pale, but he still did not want to die.

He used the last strength and shouted intermittently, “Save… save me, the antidote is… in my shoes.”

Only then did the guards who surrounded him wake up from their daze, grit their teeth, and rush forward.

“Take him down!”

No matter who the other party was, daring to cause trouble at Konoha’s gate, and even crippling Konoha’s guard, just based on this point, even if they killed the other party here, Lord Hokage would not blame them.

As for Kagami

Who cared about Kagami now!

If they didn’t have an explanation, then when someone came to investigate, they would have to deal with them one by one!

Haru wasn’t sure if there were any more ‘plan B’ that Danzo had buried among these people, so he just knocked them all out.

However, this action was like poking a hornet’s nest.

The nearby ninjas all rushed out and surrounded Haru, and even Anbu appeared.

Haru never thought that he would be treated so warmly by Konoha when he returned.

However, at this time, he did not feel any disappointment.

After all, 18 years had passed.

Konoha had already changed.

It was hard to say how many people would recognize him.

In addition, there were people who made trouble, so it was not a big deal to be misunderstood.

He believed that when Kagami brought people back, these things could be solved.

“Who sent you here How dare you hurt people here!”

“Why bother talking to him Capture him and send him to the interrogation department.

When the time comes, we will know everything.”

“Yes! He actually dared to injure so many guards.

He really does not put us, Konoha, in his eyes!”

Looking at the excited Konoha Ninjas, Haru tried to identify them and found that he did not recognize any of them.

‘Very good, this is very embarrassing!’

Haru scratched his head and said helplessly, “Hokage should be here soon….

By then, you all will understand everything.

So before that, can you all stay where you are I am afraid that there will be too many people injured.

I can’t explain it clearly in a while.”

“Arrogant guy! Do you think that so many people here can’t take you down alone!”

“Everyone, be careful.

This guy might be coming for Lord Hokage.

We must not let him hurt Lord Hokage!”

“That’s right.

It’s safer to tie them up first!”

Alright, it seemed that he couldn’t make them understand just by using his mouth.

Haru moved his limbs and neck helplessly.

He was not angry, but he was already starting to feel annoyed.


The burly middle-aged ninja, who seemed to be the strongest among these people, rushed in front of Haru and swung his fist that was as big as a clay pot.

It could be seen that this guy was a primary body cultivator.

His strength and speed were not bad, and his rough and reckless moves were also hidden.

As long as Haru took a step back, what awaited him would be a series of storm-like attacks.

However, Haru only raised his eyelids slightly, and his left hand seemed to be casually touching the opponent’s fist.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

No matter how hard the middle-aged, strong ninja tried, the other party’s hand did not move at all!

In an instant, the victor was determined!

Haru had learned the family body techniques of Senju and Uchiha, and then he had mastered the ‘strange force’.

Only Tsunade, Raikage, the future Guy, and a few others were qualified to enter his eyes.


‘It was really too weak!’

A few years ago, Haru, who had nothing to do, had a fight with Madara.

Back then, Madara kept saying, “Do you want to dance too”

Because he himself seemed to be dancing, and at the same time, he would make his enemy ‘dance’!

Just like what Haru was doing right now.

“Use long-range attacks.

Release Ninjutsu!”

Perhaps it was because they were beaten too badly, and finally, some people no longer had a headache and rushed forward.

Then, they saw all kinds of swords, Kunai and Burst Talismans were thrown far away, and then all kinds of Ninjutsu were thrown randomly.

In fact, Haru could easily dodge at this moment, but he didn’t.

Instead, he simply formed two seals.

“Water Escape – Water Array Wall!”

The huge amount of water spat out from his mouth immediately formed a water wall that began to rotate.

Then, the water wall circled around Haru in a circle, forming a defense that did not have any blind spots.

In the next second, Haru and his water array wall were submerged by countless attacks.


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