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When Haru said this, his eyes were always on Danzo, Hiruzen, and the others.

His expression looked very relaxed, but his eyes were a little cold.

Kagami was silent for a moment, then said with an ugly expression, “Attacking the guards, violently resisting arrest, causing many people to be injured…”

“After verifying that it is correct, he will be locked in Konoha’s prison… secluded for ten years.”

Danzo nodded in agreement, “Then what are we waiting for Let’s do it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Haru was surrounded by layers upon layers of Root’s members.

As long as they took him down, would there be any meaning in being black, white, and round

At that time, it would be up to them to say whatever they wanted.

If the other party did not obediently surrender and began to resist

That would be even better.

If he were killed on the spot, no one would be able to pick out a single wrong word!

Now that Danzo had designed the entire script, it was up to Haru to choose which way to die.

However, what was unexpected was that Haru did not choose any of them.

“The crime arranged is not small.

Then I want to ask, what is the crime of instigating Konoha guard to secretly kill people”

“What kind of nonsense is that.

Take him down!”

Danzo did not care about this kind of argument.

Even if he guessed it, it was useless to accept his fate or resist.

The moment he convinced Hiruzen, the ending of this guy was already doomed.

“All of you, get lost!”

“Since when is it an outsider’s turn to meddle in the affairs within the jurisdiction of my Garrison Army”

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

In a split second, another figure blocked the path between Root’s members and Haru.

However, all of these people were rushing out with their backs facing the inside.

It was a confrontation with the members of Root outside!

“Clan Leader Tengu!”

Seeing that the Clan Leader had finally arrived in time with his men, Kagami heaved a sigh of relief.

He had already expected that it would not be so easy to bring Haru back to Konoha this time, so before looking for Hokage, he first made a trip back to the clan and instructed some things as quickly as possible before leaving for Hokage’s building.

From the looks of it now, this little bit of time that had been delayed before was worth it!

“Uchiha Clan… What are you all doing Are you rebelling” Danzo shouted angrily, and a hat of rebellion was instantly thrown over.

An old but still vigorous Uchiha Tengu, directly ignored Danzo’s wild bark.

He directly walked in front of Haru and stood still.

He carefully sized up Haru.

“Yes, just as handsome as I was in the past!”

Then, he suddenly asked, “Do you still want to know who your mother is”

The corners of Haru’s mouth twitched. ‘You old bastard, you still want to f*cking dupe me I believe if you know the truth, you will be scared to death!’

However, he knew that the other party would not discuss his mother’s problem here, but…

“Forget it.

Let’s settle this first!”

Uchiha  Tengu first laughed, then laughed loudly, and finally turned into tears and laughter!

‘That’s right!’

‘As expected, it was this little rascal!’

“Everyone, listen up! This little bastard has committed a crime.

We will bring him back for interrogation.

Whoever dares to stop us will be this fellow’s accomplice.

Take him away!”

“Do you understand”


Danzo’s face was gloomy, and he directly said, “They are all in the same group.

Capture them all!”

“Yes, Lord Danzo!”

As the two sides were about to fight, Hiruzen could not sit still anymore.

“All of you, stop!”

Anbu’s people finally appeared, murderous and glaring at everyone inside.

They had to give Hokage some face, so both sides temporarily suppressed the desire to fight.

Then they heard Hiruzen ask with a serious face, “Patriarch Tengu, the matter happened outside the village.

According to the rules, it is not under the control of your garrison forces so that the next prisoner will be taken away by Anbu’s people.”

“If you continue to lead people to be stubborn, then go to the prison together and calm down.”

Once this was said, the situation reversed again.

Danzo laughed coldly.

Uchiha Tengu had a gloomy expression on his face.

It could be seen that after Hiruzen, who was Hokage, gave his final ultimatum, Uchiha Tengu was currently holding on.

At this moment, Haru walked out once more and said, “If you want to capture me, you can.

But before that, shouldn’t you first answer my question If someone instigated the guards to kill me and then framed me afterward, what would happen to this person”

Danzo, who had been stared at until his hair stood on end, snorted coldly and completely ignored him.

Although Kagami was puzzled in his heart, he gave the answer, “That’s true.”

“Hiruzen… No, it’s time to call him Lord Hokage.

Is Kagami right”

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes slightly and nodded slightly.

“Very good, then let us ask the person involved and see who is the mastermind behind this” Haru smiled in satisfaction.

Then, under the watchful eyes of everyone, he pulled out a person from behind.

It was Junji, who had his arms ripped off and was poisoned by his own poison.

Fortunately, the poison that this guy made was very trash, otherwise, he might not have been able to hold on until now.

However, looking at his health, it would only take a few minutes.

Using the principle of using trash, Haru took out a box of Cigarette from his pocket and squatted down to light it up for the other party.

“Brother, give me Cigarette’s spirit.”

Due to the loss of blood, Junji, who was already a little unconscious, only instinctively took a deep breath, and then his eyes suddenly lit up.

Regardless of whether it was the last ray of light or Cigarette making him excited.

In short, Junji felt better than ever!

Seeing that he was really in high spirits, Haru was also afraid that this guy would die in the next second, so he quickly asked, “Brother, tell me, what exactly is going on Who told you to come and mess with me”

Junji, who was in high spirits and had a flash of light, directly entered a fighting state in a different sense.

He took a big breath of Cigarette with a ruddy face and then said, “This matter is indeed my fault.

It was Danzo who forced me to do it.

He said that if I see Uchiha Kagami coming back with people in the next few days, I will do as he said.”

“When the matter is done…”

“Nonsense! Attack! Kill him!”

“Stop them!”

No one had expected that there would be a shocking reversal in this matter involving the powerful Danzo!

What was even more puzzling was why this fellow had rebelled

With Danzo’s personality, it was impossible for him to not do any insurance.

Could it be that when a person is about to die, his words are also good

In this moment of distraction, Root’s people started fighting with Uchiha’s people.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about them.

Go on, what happened after the matter was done” Haru protected Junji.

Looking at the smoke rising in front of him, Junji immediately fell into the memory


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