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As the saying goes, one family knows their own affairs.

If that incident had not happened back then, Lord Tobirama was still alive, and Senju Haru had not have been captured by the mysterious man.

The position where Tobirama was looking at Sarutobi Hiruzen would be so different now.

In terms of identity, background, talent, or even appearance, Hiruzen could not get his own advantage.

If nothing had happened, he would not have any envy or jealousy, because it was something that did not belong to him in the first place.

He did not have any obsession with Hokage’s position.

But the problem was, there was no if!

Lord Tobirama was no longer around.

Although his position as Hokage was not legitimate, he was still recognized step by step.

From acting as an agent to becoming a full-time agent, he had earned it through countless efforts.

Hiruzen believed that he was not greedy for this position.

But for the village, he could not let a foreign life with the same dangerous thoughts as Lord Tobirama become Hokage!

Even if he was allowed to stay in the village!

Because of the name of Senju in Senju Haru, there would always be people like Hyuga Tokugawa who would try to help him take back what he should have.

Sometimes, when it came to matters like rebellion, the final decision was often not made by the boss but by his subordinates pushing him forward and having no choice but to leave!

Even if Senju Haru was not interested in being Hokage, what about the Uchiha clan that supported him What about Hyuga Tokugawa and the others

Looking at the scene before him, Hiruzen even foresaw the future situation.

At that time, Konoha would fall into huge internal strife, and the supporters of both sides would begin to attack each other and kill each other.

Even the families with different voices inside would be split apart because of this!


It was impossible to retreat.

Because he was also the same.

How could those small families who had always supported him, as well as people from his side, agree

And if that day really came, under external worries and internal problems, Konoha would really be destroyed.

Hiruzen’s eyes gradually became firm.

He had already made a choice!

“Hyuga’s family, Inuzuka Clan… Very good, everyone is here.

You want to start a rebellion”

Danzo was as gloomy as water, and he was simply about to go crazy from anger! He really couldn’t understand why so many people would jump out to protect this guy after many years.

They were all crazy!

The few people who were excitedly reminiscing were immediately interrupted.

Hyuga Tokugawa turned around with an unfriendly expression and looked straight at Danzo.

He said without giving any face, “Lord Danzo, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t speak nonsense!”

“You are slandering Senju’s clan, Uchiha’s clan, Hyuga’s clan… These clans are rebelling together, aren’t they”

“I advise you to think it through before talking.

Otherwise, I’m afraid that even Lord Hokage won’t be able to protect you!”

Every time Hyuga Tokugawa mentioned a family, Danzo’s face would darken.

He was too used to splashing dirty water and almost forgot that these families could represent more than half of Konoha.

Once these families collectively attacked him, not to mention whether Hiruzen could protect him or not, even if he himself was Hokage, he would still be finished!

At this time, the blind spots that others couldn’t understand suddenly come to light….

“The Senju Clan”

“Didn’t they say that Tsunade-sama is the last member of the Senju Clan”

“Could it be…!”

As if hearing someone start whispering and getting the information he wanted to reveal, Hyuga Tokugawa smiled lightly and then said in a clear voice again, “As the son of the second Hokage, Lord Tobirama, now that His Highness Senju Haru has returned to Konoha after many years, what qualifications do you have to stop him!”


As soon as this explosive news was said, the entire audience was in an uproar!

‘He is actually the son of Lord Tobirama’

‘There is actually a male descendant of the Senju clan who was still alive in this world’

At this time, a member of Root asked Danzo if he wanted to chase away all the irrelevant people and seal this place.

However, in the face of such a situation, Danzo only sneered and said, “Don’t meddle in other people’s business.

The more people watching, the better.”

“Senju Clan Haha, how ridiculous!”

At this moment, Danzo had a sense of self-confidence. ‘I’m not afraid of you mentioning it, but I’m afraid that you won’t mention it!’

This scene in front of him was indeed what Hyuga Tokugawa wanted to see, but for some reason, when he saw that Danzo did not have any reaction but instead sneered at him, he suddenly felt a little uneasy.

When everyone’s emotions accumulated to a certain point, Danzo finally spoke.

“Ridiculous! I have been by Lord Tobirama’s side for many years, and I never knew that Lord Tobirama had a child!”

Hearing Danzo’s righteous words, the onlookers began to waver again.

Seeing this, Hyuga Tokugawa felt a little relieved.

It turned out that he was just being stubborn.

“Lord Hokage, what do you say Back then, you and Lord Danzo were both guards of His Highness Haru.

You can’t deny this point, right”

There were some things that Kagami couldn’t say.

Some faces weren’t for Kagami to tear, but Hyuga Tokugawa, who had been through all these years of cold treatment, had already begun to gamble on it!

Suddenly, another shocking big news shocked everyone.

‘Lord Hokage was actually a guard for this handsome young man’

Hiruzen, who was silent for a long time, first nodded, then shook his head and said, “Back then, I was ordered by Lord Tobirama to be a guard for a young man.”

“But that young man is not the son of Lord Tobirama.

I swear in the name of Hokage.”

Another reversal!

Although both sides were each saying the same thing at this time, there were still more people who believed in Sarutobi Hiruzen.

After all, he was Hokage, and he had made such a solemn vow.

It was almost impossible to be fake.

At this time, Hyuga Tokugawa’s Byakugan was so angry that he almost became Sharingan*.

[*TL Note: Meaning that he’s so angry, his eyes turned red, just like sharingan.]

How could a person be so shameless!

At this time, Kagami finally stood up.

“When His Highness Haru was young, there were a total of three guards around him….

Danzo and I were his guards, one in the light and one in the dark.

We were the first.”

“After that, Danzo went to carry out other missions, and Lord Hokage joined.”

“After that, Lord Hokage was also transferred away, leaving me alone.”

“Is there such a thing”

“Yes,” Hiruzen nodded calmly.

“Eighteen years ago, the Four Kages attacked Konoha.

Lord Tobirama’s whereabouts are unknown, and His Highness Haru was also taken away.

Am I right”


“Then why did you not admit that I used eighteen years to find His Highness Haru”

Hiruzen’s expression finally changed a little, but his tone was unusually firm.

“Because… Lord Tobirama does not have any children at all.”


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