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Of course, Hashirama and Haru didn’t know that just a small self-introduction was enough to frighten these brain-tonics.

They only felt that these guys were still quite arrogant.

“Hashirama-sama, these brats have really gone too far.

They actually offended Young Master Haru.

Our families will definitely give you and Hokage-sama an explanation for this matter.”

“You guys really don’t know how to repent! You guys have been too careless in your daily life, which is why you guys have developed this kind of lawless personality.

This is so infuriating!”

“What are you still standing there for Hurry up and apologize to Young Master Haru and Miss Tsunade!”

Hyuga Tokugawa and the other children were directly sprayed with saliva, but they were still a little angry.

Wasn’t it just because they went out to bring guards

If not for the fact that they felt that doing this was too ‘shameful’, who wouldn’t be able to bring out a few guards

Although they were also shocked when they learned that the ‘brother and sister’ were from Senju’s family, they didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem at all.

To put it bluntly, it was just a conflict between children, what was there to make a fuss about!

They had fought so many times with the disciples of Uchiha’s family, but in the end, they didn’t ask their family’s adults to come out.

Therefore, at this time, they were still unconvinced.

However, after seeing their reluctant appearance, Patriarch Hyuga was the first to get angry.

“If you can’t get the forgiveness of Young Master Haru and Miss Tsunade, don’t blame me for being merciless and kicking you out!”

Hyuga Tokugawa was suddenly scared silly, and his little face turned white!

Just because of such a small matter, he was expelled from the Hyuga Clan

Moreover, they were the ones who suffered a loss!

“Patriarch Hyuga’s meaning is also my intention.

Shikakichi, do as you see fit.”

“That’s right, Kou, go apologies like a man.”

All the patriarchs stood on the same side.

Now was a good opportunity for them to recover their impressions.

Moreover, this matter itself was their fault.

Naturally, they had to make a sufficient attitude.

The atmosphere suddenly became very tense.

Even Haru did not think that things would suddenly develop to this point.

Hashirama frowned slightly, and then said in a broad tone, “Everyone, you are too serious.

Haru and Tsunade did not suffer any harm.

It is not like this.”

Clan Leader Hyuga immediately said seriously, “Lord Hashirama, there is no need to plead for them.

A peaceful era is not easy to come by.

They are all exchanged with the blood of our ancestors.

How can we tolerate the younger generation trampling on us like this”

“If we don’t let them realize their mistakes now, won’t they become more and more serious when they grow up”

“It is a disaster to keep such a tumor child.

It is better to expel him as soon as possible so as not to ruin the family!”

The words of Patriarch Hyuga could be said to be heavy.

It was so heavy that the faces of Hyuga Tokugawa were pale, and there was only anxiety and fear in their eyes.

Hashirama couldn’t bear it, but he also felt that what Patriarch Hyuga said was reasonable.

If he wanted to protect Konoha’s family business, it was impossible to rely on just a few people.

He needed a steady stream of fresh blood to make Konoha full of vitality.

If they waited for all the old people to die, and only some bullies and women left, relying on their own background to run amok, then Konoha would not be far from destruction.

In addition, they were using this matter to educate their children, and there was no overstepping.

On the contrary, it was difficult for him, the retired first-generation Hokage, to intervene.

At this time, the pale Hyuga Tokugawa suddenly bowed in the direction of Haru and Tsunade, and with his head against the ground, he said loudly, “I’m sorry! I have already realized my mistake.

Please forgive me!”

Hyuga Tokugawa’s actions immediately woke up the other companions.

They all imitated him and began to apologize in the most serious way.

So what if he was not convinced

Compared to being expelled by the clan, that was not worth mentioning at all!

What did he mean by kicking an iron plate

From beginning to end, the other party did not touch them at all, but they had to use the most sincere and solemn way to repent.

Hyuga Tokugawa suddenly realized that perhaps those who were bullied by them also had the same grief and indignation.

For a moment, the air was silent.

Except for the few disobedient children who did not dare to look up, everyone’s eyes were on Haru and Tsunade, as if waiting for their answer.

It was probably the first time that little Tsunade had seen such a serious situation.

She was somewhat afraid and uneasy.

At this time, she quietly hid behind Haru.

Therefore, the only person who suffered the burning eyes of these guys was Haru…

“Cough cough…”

Seeing that Haru did not move for a long time, Hashirama could not help but clench his fist and lightly cough twice to remind him.

To be honest, at this moment, even Haru himself felt that he had gone too far and was unable to get off the horse.

He clearly just wanted these guys to be taught a lesson and not do this kind of thing in the future.

How could he have thought that it would become like this

In the end, he still didn’t know exactly what the surname of Senju and the identity of Senju Tobirama’s child could bring him.

After all, the two Hokages he was familiar with were living quite miserably in the original work.

Naruto could barely explain that no one knew that he was the child of Yondaime’s purpose.

But Gaara was really that kind of ‘so what if I am the child of Kazekage!’

In conclusion, it could only be said that the age had changed….

After realizing this, Haru, who was sitting upright and still, felt that he was a carefree social relative, and then he was one step closer to the dream of living to the end.

“Well, I… and Tsunade accepted your apology.

I hope that you will not discredit your families in the future.

Work hard to become an excellent ninja and develop the will of fire…”

Haru, who was trying to adapt to his current identity, immediately turned on the big bluff mode, saying whatever he thought of, in order to make himself more powerful.

In the end, the will of fire immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“What is the will of fire”

Haru was stunned for a moment because he had forgotten when was the first time the will of fire was mentioned.

—In any case, what left the deepest impression on him was naturally Sarutobi’s classic line.

Therefore, he subconsciously said, “In order to protect the person he treasured the most, we must not afraid of death, because the fire would continue to illuminate the village and let new leaves sprout.”

The hearts of everyone present shook at the same time as if something had broken out of the cocoon!

“The will of fire… What a good will of fire!”

At this time, the gazes of the Patriarchs of the few great families that looked at Haru turned into heartfelt love and admiration.

For such a young child to be able to speak such philosophical words, it seemed that Lord Tobirama was really going to nurture him into the next generation of Hokage!

This performance even caused the dissatisfaction that had been buried in their hearts to begin to dissipate a little.

‘In terms of vision and nurturing of the future generations, we are inferior to Lord Tobirama!’


*Author Note:

Let me explain to you about the will of fire.

First of all, the origin of this so-called will of fire must be Hashirama, and even Madara should have some credit for it.

However, this statement was not necessarily proposed by Hashirama or Tobirama.

With Hashirama’s big character, it was impossible for him to make such a wonderful summary.

And Tobirama was an honest person who did reforms every day and did not pay much attention to the aspect of mental construction.

On the contrary, after Sarutobi took the position, because his own strength was far inferior to the previous Hokage, in order to sit firmly in Hokage’s position, he began to build up his spirit and brainwash the ninjas.

The summary of the will of fire in the original work was also said by Sarutobi, and of course, it was also possible to be inspired.

Therefore, it was inclined to believe that this will of fire spirit had always been there, but no one said it clearly, or specifically summarized it.

It was only until the passage of time that Sarutobi gave such an explanation.

The above settings are only applicable to this book, and I hope that some children do not take it too seriously, thank you.


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