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“What do you want” Hiruzen took out the last of his patience and asked.

“Kill him, or I will kill him myself.” Haru casually pointed at Danzo.

The expressions of many people present changed almost at the same time!

As Hokage’s assistant, Danzo could be considered the most important person besides Hokage.

But what did they hear now

Someone actually wanted to decide Danzo’s life and death with a single word.

At this moment, Danzo’s gaze had become extremely dangerous.

However, he was not worried that Hiruzen would make a move against him.

Regardless of whether it was his former companions or the current Hokage, Hiruzen would not do this.

Did he think he could force them to submit just by capturing Jinchuriki

He was truly too naive!

Sure enough, Hiruzen said righteously without thinking, “This is impossible! I won’t sacrifice another person just to save one person!”

When Haru heard this, he immediately burst into laughter.

It was one thing for others to say this, but the person who said this was Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, who always said he would sacrifice others for the village.

This was too funny!

“Since you don’t agree, I can only take it myself.”

After the laughter, under Hiruzen’s somewhat ugly expression, Haru’s figure disappeared in an instant!


Danzo gave the order without hesitation.

At this time, they had no time to care about anything else.

Just like an instant, Haru suddenly appeared in front of Danzo.

He held Kushina in one hand and waved his sword with the other!

Haru was indeed as fast as lightning, but Danzo was also at his peak.

His eyes narrowed, and his body was about to move sideways.

But all of a sudden, when he met those eyes, Danzo suddenly became strangely stiff in the same place, staring blankly as a katana fell down towards his neck.

At this critical moment, the Adamantine Staff in Hiruzen’s hand, which he had summoned long ago, strangely stretched out, wanting to block this strike.

If not for the fact that his other hand couldn’t move out, Haru had countless ways to make Hiruzen return empty-handed.

But right now, he could only swing with force, first opening the stick in the way and then stabbing it.

In such a short time, two Root members standing behind Danzo immediately rushed out without hesitation and blocked in front of Danzo.


The two were nailed together one after the other, and the man in front of them grabbed the sword with both hands.

But their deaths were not wasted.

After this sudden attack pierced through the two people, it only pierced through Danzo’s clothes and a little skin.

They actually used their own lives to fight for a chance for Danzo to live.

It had to be said that Danzo’s control and brainwashing of Root had reached a crazy level!

Haru immediately threw the two hindrances to the side and swung his sword again, wanting to kill Danzo no matter what!

And this time, Hiruzen learned to be a traitor, and the Adamantine Staff swept-back first.


The Staff hit Danzo’s face, and his whole body was directly sent flying, heavily smashing into the wall.

In order to save Danzo, Hiruzen had no time to care about anything else.

This was an opportunity that he had to pay the price of two lives.


Haru, who had missed his slash, carried Kushina and continued to chase after Danzo without looking back.

At this time, Danzo, whose face was swollen, finally regained consciousness.

The illusion launched by Sharingan could not be removed by ordinary methods and could only rely on external forces.

Just now, not only did Sarutobi’s staff save him, but it also disturbed his chakra because of the change of Ape.

It woke him up.

“Protect Lord Danzo!”

Root’s men immediately stepped forward to block Haru, all of them using their lives to buy time for Danzo.

“All of you are pathetic people.

Release yourself…”


No need!

It was just that his killing intent towards Danzo had become even stronger!

Haru slowly put down Kushina.

His hands formed a seal, pressing down on the ground.

“Summoning Technique!”

With a bang, a huge scroll was summoned.

Haru used one hand to pull open the scroll and threw it into the sky.

His other hand pressed down on it and unsealed it!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Countless katana swords flew into the sky and then fell to the ground.

Although it looked powerful, no one was hurt, and no one knew what he wanted to do.

Only Hiruzen, who had taken back his Adamantine Staff, suddenly narrowed his eyes as if he had a bad feeling in his heart!

At this time, it was as if time had frozen.

Haru stood where he was, and under his feet was Kushina and the sword he had just inserted.

In front of him were Root members who did not hesitate to use their lives to stop him.

The one who hid in the back was the one who had picked up his life.

At this time, Danzo, who was extremely scared, was standing there.

In the surroundings, Konoha’s ninjas rushed over, as well as those katanas that seemed to have been thrown away…

In the next instant, Haru moved and disappeared.

“Flying Thunder God executed · Infinite Sword Flow!”



One of Root’s members did not know what had happened and was cut in the throat.

Then he let go of the long sword in his hand, and Haru disappeared from where he was once again as if he had pierced through another person’s heart with a sword in an instant!

Flying Thunder God technique was engraved on each of these words in advance, which meant that these hundreds of swords on the ground had constructed a temporary lethal domain for him!

This allowed him to teleport infinitely within the range of this domain, and he could immediately pick up his weapon and attack!

Anyone who stepped into this deadly domain would have nowhere to run!


“He’s here!”

“No, he’s there!”

“Kill him, quickly kill him!”

Compared to catching a turtle in a jar, this was more like Haru’s hunting ground!

And every person who stepped into this domain was his hunting target.

He was like a demon shuttling between reality and hell.

Every time he appeared, he would take away a living life.

Any attack, in reality, was useless against him, and it was impossible even to touch the corner of his clothes.

Looking from God’s perspective, the situation on the field was like a black and white light flashing continuously.

It was impossible to see or capture any movement trajectory.

Then, the people on the field fell to the ground one after another like cutting wheat.

In front of Haru, numbers were meaningless!


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