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Just as the Yamanaka clan took the huge risk to attack Haru’s mental, the Nara clansmen who had been waiting in ambush immediately attacked.

A large number of black shadows spread toward Haru’s feet.

This was the last chance that Sarutobi Hiruzen had set up while the other party was speaking.

He did not interrupt Haru’s words, just to buy time.

By the way, he also wanted to see who would jump out, so he could finish them.

The result was quite unexpected.

Other than Kagami, no one else made the same choice.

After all, staying in Konoha was ten thousand times better than wandering in the wild.

If Hyuga Tokugawa and the others chose to follow them, it would basically be a death sentence.

These clans would probably start cleaning up the sect themselves.

The sudden and strange mental attack had indeed caused Haru to be absent-minded for a moment, causing him to be unable to use the Susanoo or directly use Flying Thunder God.

However, it was nothing.

Haru was confident that he would be okay.

However, Kagami naturally could not just watch him in danger.

Although he had just opened Mangekyou Sharingan, at this critical moment, Kagami felt the power contained in his left eye and instinctively used it.

A large amount of eye power gushed out, and then a grey mist armor directly covered Haru’s body.

Then, an unexpected scene occurred!

When the Nara Clan’s shadow secret technique touched that faintly discernible layer of grey mist armor, it was as if it had encountered its nemesis.

The secret technique was instantly broken!

In addition, the fist of an Akamichi clansman who had used a Super Multi-size technique had clearly hit Haru’s body, but it was as if it had hit cotton.

For Haru, this punch had indeed hit his body, and the violent force had already injured him.

However, the impact of the attack seemed to have been absorbed by something, and it directly disappeared.

However, the most strange thing was that several white human images seemed to have been pushed out of Haru’s body by some kind of rejection.

“White Zetsu”

After seeing these guys, Haru immediately understood a lot of things.

He really did not expect that he could experience Sasuke’s special treatment.

“We are here to protect…”


Haru directly killed these White Zetsu clones without saying anything.

He did not like to be monitored at all times.

Even if Madara knew, he would not say anything.

“What is this thing” Haru looked at the mist armor on his body and asked.

This thing could even force White Zetsu out.

It was really not simple!

“The ability is hidden in the left eye.

I was in a hurry just now, and I don’t know how I used it.”

Haru nodded to show that he understood.

Glancing at Kagami again, Haru never thought that Kagami would actually discover Mangekyou Sharingan’s ability before him.

However, thinking about it carefully, Kagami was older than him and had experienced so much.

It could be said that he had accumulated a lot of experience.

There was nothing strange about it.

It was this ability that was quite interesting.

He had to ask about it when he got back.

Haru’s eyes suddenly became cold.

Originally, he was already prepared to leave, but in the end, he was welcomed with a ‘warm greeting’.

No matter what, he had to return it!

First, he used Flying Thunder God on him and Kagami to instantly leave their original position, and then with a few leaps, they arrived at the top of a tall building.

“Don’t be impulsive.

The villagers are innocent…”

Seeing that Haru wanted to take revenge, Kagami immediately persuaded.

“Don’t worry, it’s just to teach them a lesson,” Haru nodded.

He put Kushina down and began to form seals with his hands quickly.

“Damn it! He failed again!”

“Where did he go again”

“Over there, look!”

“What is that…”

“Quick! Run!”

After forming the seal, Haru took a deep breath and aimed at the bottom.

Water Escape ·  Water Blast Wave!

An indescribable huge stream of water continuously spewed out from Haru’s mouth like a human-shaped waterfall.

In terms of Water Escape, Haru had always felt that his talent was average.

The only advantage was that he had a lot of water!

Whether it was the man with a shark face in the future or the poor woman who could not afford thick clothes and hated that she could not marry, it was impossible for her to have more water than him!

Therefore, Konoha, located inland, directly released a flood.


In the face of such a natural disaster, there was no other way except to run away.

Although ninjas could step on water, the problem was, how could you step on such turbulent water

Think about it, in a very short time, pouring in the water of several lakes, what kind of scene would it be

The houses were destroyed one by one, and the waves swept away one by one.

Fortunately, there were no villagers here, and the unlucky ones were ninjas.

Sarutobi Hiruzen immediately became anxious and immediately led the soldiers to try to use Earth Release to resist the surging water.

The thin earth wall was directly smashed by a wave; it couldn’t stop the water!

If this went on, not only would many people die, but Konoha would suffer heavy losses!

If the water washed so many houses and buildings, how much economic loss would it cause

The only thing that Sarutobi Hiruzen was glad about was that the other party did not choose to release this ninjutsu at the center of Konoha but chose such a relatively remote and low terrain area.

So he immediately began to give orders, “All the ninjas who could do Earth Release, stay and change the direction of the water with me.

Do not let the water rush into the center of Konoha.”

“The rest of you directly destroy the outer wall and try to rescue them…”

Sarutobi Hiruzen’s idea was very simple.

This place was not far from the outer wall of Konoha.

With the help of the terrain and so many ninjas who knew Earth Release, there was still hope to lead the water outside the village.

At this time, Haru, who had drunk and vomited for a long time, had already wiped his mouth and finished.

Looking at Kagami’s complicated expression, Haru also comforted him, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.

Although I really don’t like Sarutobi Hiruzen, this little thing shouldn’t be a problem for him.”

“These people would think of a way to solve it before the innocents get involved.”

Although Haru was angry, the villagers of Konoha were indeed innocent.

That was why he used this method to teach the other party a lesson and help him vent his anger so as not to hurt the innocent.

But if there really was an unlucky guy.

Then he had no choice but to apologize in his heart.

“Let’s go.

We will come back sooner or later.”

Kagami nodded and bent over to pick up Kushina.

Then, Haru placed his hand on his shoulder and disappeared with a whoosh.

After Haru left with Kagami and Kushina, it was unknown how long it took for Sarutobi and the others to guide the water to the forest outside.

Looking again, the entire area that was submerged by the water had been reduced to ruins and could only be rebuilt.

This day was a dark day for Konoha.


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