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 Chapter 13 - Tremble“The will of fire…”

Hashirama muttered to himself.

It was as if the throbbing he felt when he and Madara established Konoha together appeared before his eyes!

Haru, who had fused with the blood of Tobirama and Izuna, might be able to become the common future of the Senju clan and Uchiha clan.

He might even replace him and Madara to complete their ideals.

Although he was extremely disgusted with Tobirama’s forbidden experiments, at this time, Hashirama could not help but sigh that Tobirama had brought about a whole new possibility under the’ by accident ‘.


Even Haru himself did not realize how strong the will of fire in the future would be to the people of this period.

He had unknowingly gained a lot of favorability from people.

Although Hyuga Tokugawa and the others who had quietly raised their heads did not feel anything, they also realized that the other party seemed to have said something awe-inspiring.

“Alright, since Haru and Tsunade have already stopped pursuing this matter, let this matter end here.” Hashirama, who had escaped from the memories of Madara, suddenly felt somewhat dispirited and directly gave the order to leave.

However, at this time, the Patriarchs of the various families who had recovered suddenly looked at each other.

Then, Clan Leader Hyuga took the lead and said,

“Lord Hashirama, we have a presumptuous request.

We hope that we can let these children follow Young Master Haru and listen to his teachings at all times.

We can also let them know what it means to be better than others.”

“Yes, yes.”

“If we teach these brats to Young Master Haru, at least they won’t go astray.

We will be relieved.”


Hearing this, Hyuga Tokugawa and others immediately became anxious.

They were all core disciples of various families, but now they were going to be a follower of a brat

They don’t care about having a face.

However, they had almost been expelled from the family just now.

Now that they were still there.

Even if they were depressed, none of them dared to object.

After all, they knew that their opinions were not important at all.

However, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others did not understand the good intentions of their clan leader.

A lesson


This was just an excuse.

Because in their eyes, Senju Haru, this child was the next Hokage that Nidaime Hokage-sama had secretly raised!

Otherwise, how could he have summed up such a refined and logical statement as the will of fire at such a young age

Either he was influenced by what he heard, or he heard Lord Tobirama say this before and then went on to explain.

But Lord Hashirama’s surprised look just now could not be faked!

Obviously, it was also the first time they had heard of it.

Then the truth of this matter was very intriguing.

That was why they wanted their children to follow Haru’s side.

—-Firstly, it was to resolve this conflict completely, and secondly, it was to show goodwill in advance.

Presumably, when Lord Tobirama was settling the accounts, he would also be thinking about this old friendship.

More importantly, if His Highness Haru were really nurtured as the next Hokage, then their current actions would undoubtedly take the initiative!

Haru really couldn’t figure out what these old guys were planning.

He also didn’t know what kind of big-play they had come up with.

He actually didn’t care about taking in his little brothers.

After all, which’ dandy ‘didn’t have a few lackeys to take care of him.

However, the decision was not with him.

It still depended on Hashirama’s thoughts.

And Hashirama’s answer was, “Haru is still young, so he can’t be praised like this.

Patriarchs, please go back.”

It was rejected…

Although it was within their expectations, however, the few clan leaders still revealed looks of disappointment.

But no matter what was said, at least they did not come in vain this time.

They had figured out some of Lord Hokage’s thoughts, and at the same time, they had also expressed their attitudes.

It should be… perhaps they had recovered a lot of impression points

While feeling a little uneasy, the few clan heads left Senju’s territory with the clansmen kid who had survived the calamity.

Of course, the gifts they brought were all left behind.

Hashirama’s family was a big family and did not care about these things.

They would not be greedy for the compensation others gave to their children.

Thus, he waved his hand and had people send all these things to Haru’s room.

Just as Haru was guessing how much these things could be worth, he finally noticed that Tsunade was pulling on the corner of his clothes, her face full of anger.

Haru instantly understood what she meant and immediately said, “Don’t worry, when we get money, you will have half of it.”

Only then did Tsunade smile and let go of her hand, looking like a little money-grubber.

It was not that Tsunade was obsessed with money but that she simply wanted to gamble…

If it could not be used to gamble, no matter how much money it was, it would be meaningless.

So, it was really terrible to say that it was inherited from generations!


In the evening, after dinner.

Hashirama called out to Tobirama.

The two brothers had a deep conversation.

The topic included what happened today, but the essence of the discussion center was still about Haru.

“The will of fire… it is very appropriate to describe it.

It can be promoted.”

As Hokage, Tobirama immediately realized the great value of this thing.

Not only could it be used to gather the hearts of people, but it could also consolidate the status of a ruler.

Especially in a war that was very likely to come, it could play a great role.

Although he did not attach much importance to the construction of the spirit, since he had the ready-made ‘brainwashing’ method, he naturally would not abandon it.

More importantly, this will of fire was very consistent with the spirit of Konoha.

It could be said that there were hundreds of benefits and no disadvantages when it was promoted.

However, the problem now was that the person who brought out the will of fire was only a three-year-old child.

It was a bit too childish and unconvincing.

“Oh, that’s right.

The major clans should already know that Senju Haru is your child.”

Just as Tobirama was thinking, Hashirama said casually.

Tobirama’s expression immediately froze, and a bit of killing intent appeared between his brows.

‘I don’t know if it’s too late to kill all those people now….’

Seeing that Tobirama was aggrieved but had no place to get angry, Hashirama immediately patted his belly and laughed.

The killing intent in Tobirama’s eyes became even stronger.

Now that he had secretly stabbed this bastard and used Flying Thunder God to escape, no one would suspect that he was the one who did it.

Sensing that Tobirama was about to turn black, Hashirama quickly stopped laughing and said, “Hey, hey, hey, what is that look in your eyes I am your big brother, your biological big brother.

Do you still want to kill me”

Tobirama took a deep breath and laughed with a fake smile.

Hashirama immediately felt his scalp go numb, and he regretted that he had been too proud just now.


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