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When Haru watched Naruto back then, there were indeed a few people who really wanted to punch through the computer!

Danzo who has a lot of sins could be counted as one.

There was also Hanzo who was narrow-minded and his thirst for power was also one of them!

In any case, Haru had vented quite a bit of his anger!

Therefore, since he had decided to come out on his own, he had to first have h is own territory, and also quickly activate his golden finger.

It was already more than a hundred and thirty chapters, and the golden finger was still not online, how frustrating!

As for the reason, Haru had already told Kagami that there were geographical factors.

That’s also the reason why Haru disliked Hanzo, and the environment of Rain Village was very suitable for him to display his strength.

In addition, Nagato and the other little fellows were living here, and in the neighboring country of Land of Grass ‘old age Madara’… For these reasons, was there any place more suitable for early development than the Rain Village

After convincing Kagami, the sky suddenly began to rain heavily.

“Let’s go.

The weather here is just like this.

It has been raining for almost seven or eight days for the past ten days.

It’s fine as long as you get used to it.

Now, let’s find a place to hide from the rain.”

Kagami had no objections.

Kushina was just a small tail, so she was not qualified to make any suggestions.

Soon, they hid in a cave.

Haru sent a QR code and said, “I’ll go out and get some food.

Kagami, you set the fire first.”

Since Kagami had decided to follow him, there was nothing wrong with calling him by his name.

Kagami nodded and did not ask further.

Haru was very satisfied and disappeared in a flash.

Although he had seen this scene more than once and experienced it himself several times, every time he felt it was very magical.

Such a person, with a whoosh, disappeared without a trace, and then reappeared just like that.

It was really too interesting.

Now that Haru had left, Kagami also went to look for something that could light a fire.

Only Kushina was left in the cave.

Her big eyes kept rolling.

If she wanted to escape, now was undoubtedly the best opportunity!


On the other side, Haru said that he was going to get something to eat, but in fact, he directly flew back to the base of the Land of Grass.

Almost as soon as he appeared, White Zetsu’s figure came out of the wall.

“You actually came back It’s too surprising!”

“I have lived here for 18 years.

This is also my second home.

Why don’t I come back”

As Haru walked forward, he suddenly pulled White Zetsu out of the wall.

“Since I’m back, shouldn’t we settle the score You planted a clone on me to monitor me.

Do you think you have a lot of life”

“It’s not me.

It’s Black Zetsu who said that you can’t be trusted.

He also knows Flying Thunder God, so he told me to do this.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Black Zetsu, who had been eavesdropping for a long time, came out and glared at White Zetsu.

“Madara knows that you are back.

He asked you to go see him immediately.”

Haru guessed that it was this bastard who did this.

Just wait and see.

Sooner or later, I will seal you in the latrine pit to relieve the hatred in my heart!

“Humph! Don’t forget who is the heir of Madara.

If I find that you use your little tricks on me again, I will make you and your avatars into devil taro pudding!”

“What It is actually devil taro pudding I don’t want to be made into devil taro pudding.

I hate devil taro pudding the most.” White Zetsu began his frivolous performance.

His tone was startled, and he cried so sadly, but there was not even a drop of tears.

Haru seemed to be threatening White Zetsu, but in fact, he was warning Black Zetsu.

Seeing that his goal had been achieved, he let go of White Zetsu and walked out.

“Don’t **ing cry.

He has already left!” Black Zetsu said impatiently.

“Mnnn, you’re so mean to me —“

“.” Black Zetsu:

Who exactly did he learn such disgusting words from

Originally, Black Zetsu wanted to ask White Zetsu about how he had betrayed him just now, but now he was in no mood at all.

He plunged to the ground, not knowing where to go.


“Are you back”


“How do you feel”

“It’s quite interesting.” Haru grinned.

“What are we going to do next”

“Let’s develop our own forces first.

I’m going to start from the Rain Country.”

Madara nodded, and then suddenly said, “Back then, Hashirama and I clearly already had the strength and power to unify Ninja World, but in the end, we gave up and chose to establish Konoha.

Do you know the reason”

Haru seriously thought about it, and finally said two words, “Naive!”

“That’s right, that Hashirama is too naive.

He naively thought that doing this would bring peace, and everyone else would understand his intentions.

If there is a conflict, everyone can sit down calmly.

Negotiate, use love to defuse hatred…”

“He is simply stupid to the extreme!”

“That short-lived peace was built on fear, so after that fellow Hashirama died, the first great battle of Ninja World immediately erupted.”

When he spoke up, Madara’s tone was extremely mocking.

It was unknown whether he was mocking Hashirama’s naivety or his naive self who had once chosen to believe in Hashirama!

“Therefore, I have already seen the essence of this world clearly.

If I want to achieve true eternal peace, I can only use absolute power to intimidate and control with fear.”

“But this brings us back to the original question.

The peace brought by the ‘God of Ninja World’ can only last for a short period of time.

How can we achieve eternal absolute control”

“I… have found this method.”

“Come with me to realize this great plan!”

As he already knew what Madara was going to say—Eye of The Moon Plan.

Haru tried to sound very shocked, and just stared at Madara with an ‘I’m very shocked!’ look.

As for what he was thinking, he was probably the only one who knew.

What bull** Eye of The Moon Plan, was he crazy

He wanted to fight Bijuu and resurrected Juubi, but in the end, he was actually working for Black Zetsu for free, just to resurrect his mother!

This kind of stupid thing, even if he had to pay a lot of money, he could not do it!

However, he could not explain these things to Madara, so he could only coax the old man to be happy first, and then kill him first and play later.


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