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With a whoosh, like magic, Haru instantly returned to the cave in the Rain Country.

Although it took some time, it was not a big problem.

The fire had already risen.

Kagami and Kushina were both there.

Haru silently sat down and distributed the food to the two.

For some reason, Kushina seemed to be very guilty.

She was like a child who had done something wrong.

Sometimes, she secretly looked up at Haru, and sometimes she secretly glanced at Kagami.

If it were for any other time, Haru would definitely notice Kushina’s abnormality.

However, right now, he really did not pay attention to her at all.

Kagami sensed that Haru’s mood was not quite right at this time.

He hesitated and asked, “What’s wrong Did something happen just now”

Hearing Kagami’s question, Haru silently looked at the rising fire in front of him.

In the end, he smiled.


When I came back just now, I saw an old man who felt that it was meaningless to live.

He committed suicide.”

“He was still shouting about how he wanted to live a wonderful life.

Don’t you think it’s funny”

Kagami was silent for a moment and nodded gently.

“It’s quite funny.

But next time before you tell a joke, remember to wipe the rain on your face first.”

“Let’s go.

Let’s go pick up some dry wood.”

“Ah Oh!”

Kushina quickly stood up and chased after Kagami with her short legs.

However, she turned back after running two steps.

She secretly picked up a big, round apple and ran away.


“Didn’t we already pick up a lot of dry wood Why do we still go”

“… Not enough.”

“Oh…” Kushina dragged out his words, and after a few seconds, she said nervously, “This time, I won’t run anymore.”


“It’s true!”

“It doesn’t matter.

You won’t be able to escape anyway.”

Kushina puffed up her face in anger, like a big apple in her hand.

After Kagami and Kushina left, Haru sat quietly in front of the fire, lost in thought.

No one knew what he was thinking about, but the rain outside gradually became heavier.


After dealing with it for one night, the next day, the sky was clear after the rain, and even a rainbow appeared.

“So beautiful —“

Although he was already ten years old, Kushina was still a child.

At this time, she could not move her eyes away.

And Haru’s mood was the same as this weather, returning to normal, even a bit better.

“By the way, I forgot to ask you yesterday.

Do I know that old man”

Kagami pointed to the fan that Haru brought back yesterday.

“I guess” Haru chuckled, obviously not wanting to say it.

Kagami did not pursue the matter any further.

However, he had his own guesses.

The mysterious person who took Haru away back then had Mangekyou Sharingan!

After so many years, not only was Haru alive and well, but he had also developed an extremely strong ability.

It could be seen that the person did not have any malice toward him.

At least, it was not what they had imagined at that time.

Then it was very interesting.

Mangekyou Sharingan, combined with the little story of Haru’s ‘nonsense’ yesterday…

Kagami suddenly felt that this truth was a bit too scary!

Of course, it was also possible that he was thinking too much.

After all… how was that possible, right

“What are we doing today”

“Inspect our territory and then kill all the people who intruded into our territory.”

“Our… territory Where is it” Kagami was a little confused.

“En, let’s see… This one.” Haru looked down and pointed at the ruined village.


Walking on the muddy street, the three dressed in inconspicuous clothes.

In order not to alert the enemy, Haru put on a mask and a black robe.

Kagami also changed his clothes and specially asked Haru to make a mask for him, but he did not wear a robe or anything.

When Kushina saw that they had changed their clothes, she did not know why, but she felt a little envious.

Haru felt that it was quite interesting, so he simply gave her a simple set of clothes to make the child happy.

Kushina obviously tried her best to pretend that he did not care, but in the eyes of Haru and Kagami, she basically wrote her expression on her face.


“This is war.”

Looking at the ruined village, the villagers lying on the ground waiting for death, and the children staring at the pedestrians and trying to steal some food… Kagami felt uncomfortable.

But he also knew that it was useless to rely on charity.

Only by solving the problem of this country fundamentally could more people live.

At this moment, a little boy seemed to have been discovered when he was stealing.

Not only was he heavily thrown onto the street, but the man was also relentlessly punching and kicking him.

“Stealing something and, moreover, stealing from Tetsuya.

Boy, do you want to die”

Although the little boy was beaten, he still stubbornly said, “I didn’t steal it.

You threw it on the ground.

That’s why I went to pick it up!”

Seeing that the little boy seemed to dare to refute what he said, Tetsuya was immediately angry and said, “Boy, you still dare to quibble.

No matter where I throw it, my things are mine.

If you take it, it is stealing!”

“Trash like you should get back to the garbage dump early.

Even if I feed it to the dogs, I won’t give it to you!”

As he spoke, the man called Tetsuya took out half a rice ball from his arms, then threw it under his feet, stomped it hard a few times, then kicked it to the wild dog next to him.

He was using his actions to prove the harsh words he had just said.

Haru, who initially did not want to care about this matter, saw this scene and suddenly remembered the scene in a movie by Star-Lord.

Some people would rather feed the leftovers to the dogs than give them to those in need.

Haru raised a hand and aimed it at the man’s head.

After a second, he lowered his head slightly.


Haru made a sound for himself.

A water bomb instantly hit Tetsuya’s shoulder, sending him flying and fainting on the spot.

Even after such a thing, nothing happened.

People were still lying on the ground, dead, or doing their things as if they were used to everything.

Haru walked up to the little boy, looked at his stubborn and unyielding eyes, and asked, “Do you know where there is food”

The little boy did not speak but pointed in a direction.

“Can you take us there The reward is… a rice ball.”

The little boy’s eyes lit up, and he immediately struggled to stand up.

“I’ll take you there.”

After walking out of this place, Haru found out that the little boy’s name was Akira, and everything that could be eaten in this area had been plundered by a group of people.

The villagers could not beat them, so they could only stay and wait for death.


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