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“Lord Kagami, another 11 people want to join us.

Four of them are Gennin, and seven of them are Chuunin.”

Kagami, who was wearing a mask, nodded gently.

Then, he began to recruit people according to the process.

The first step was to show off his strength so that these people would not be unable to recognize his identity and take him too seriously.

With Kagami’s strength, even if Jonin came, he would be able to teach them clearly.

Haru did not need to worry.

Akatsuki, who had appeared in advance, had already grown to over a hundred people in just a month.

Of course, these were all peripheral people without a core.

And as the fame spread, Haru deliberately sent people everywhere to advertise, and more and more people took the initiative to vote.

But up until now, there was not even a single Jonin, probably because the attraction was not enough.

Haru was not in a hurry.

He was waiting for the whereabouts of Tsunade while continuing to gather people.

In addition, according to the clues left behind in the notebook, he had really found a secret base left behind by Tobirama and found a sealed nutrient solution there.

It could be considered that he had successfully bought a lot of time.

The supplies that were lacking were naturally the same.

They were all borrowed from other places by Flying Thunder God.

Since they were enemies anyway, there was no need to be polite.

“Lord Yone!”

“Lord Yone, have you eaten”

“Lord Yone, don’t worry.

With me here, no one will dare to be lazy…”

Haru looked around his territory, and everywhere he went, he greeted respectfully.

Because not only did ‘Lord Yone’ protect them, but he also gave them work and food, giving them hope in their lives.

Therefore, everyone here respected and worshipped Lord Yongen very much!

As for Hanzo, who was that

Haru initially thought to use the name ‘Pain’ directly.

So, Nagato should not use this name anymore in the future.

But then he thought about it because the name Akatsuki had a good meaning; he used it directly at that time.

Now, even the name Pain isn’t spared, and he might be sprayed.

So he changed himself into a vest called Yone.

He once read a novel about the death of a thief who was called Yasuo.

Then he would be a big brother Yasuo!

Moreover, this Yone was also a double-edged sword, and his moves and skills were quite handsome, which was in line with his preferences.

In the past, when he hit people, he killed more than a hundred of them… Cough, cough, that was probably the case.

After all, the name Haru was a little too conspicuous now, and it would bring a lot of trouble.

At this moment, Akira ran over in a panic and almost fell.

“Not good, the ninjas that ran away from the Wind Country last time have brought people again!”

“What are you panicking for How many people have come”

“So many, so many… They even said that they wanted to see the leader here.”

Hearing this news, the people who had experienced that battle before were a bit better, and were relatively calm.

When the people who joined later heard this, they immediately began to retreat in their hearts.

They were only here to live a peaceful life, not to die.

“Then let’s go.

Don’t make the guests anxious.” Haru nodded.


After a while, Haru saw the person who had come to pick a fight.

“You are the leader of these people” The first to speak was a young woman.

Moreover, her attitude was very arrogant, which made people unhappy.

When Haru came over, some people followed, and some people directly planned to slip away.

But in the end, there were still many people standing behind Haru.

Of course, it was impossible for Hidden Sand to take a group of Gennin and Chuunin to heart, and it was normal to underestimate them.

However, Haru also had the same thought.

If they really fought, he alone would be enough.

“What’s the matter”

Haru casually asked back.

The other party frowned slightly because of Haru’s attitude, but for some reason, she endured it.

“Are you going to talk here In front of so many people”

Just when the woman thought that they were giving face to this guy who was hiding his head and showing his tail, Haru said, “Speak.

Everyone is waiting for the meal.”

The woman gritted her teeth, “Okay, then I will just say it.

Our Lord Kazekage wants to recruit you, Akatsuki.

In the future, this will be our logistics base and we will take over.”

“Lord Kazekage knows that you have a way to get a lot of supplies.

Naturally, he won’t treat you unfairly.

When we take down the Rain Country, you will be the next Hanzo.”

“Alright, stop standing here.

Hurry up and take us to rest.

Take out all the good food and drinks.

Don’t worry, as long as you are sensible, when we meet Lord Kazekage again, I will definitely say a few good words for you.”

The woman became more and more excited as if they were giving charity to something.

It seemed that in her opinion, to be able to get such a generous promise from Lord Kazekage, this group of poor people should kneel on the ground and shed tears of gratitude.

How could they not agree How could they dare not agree!

To put it bluntly, she only needed to say one word, and these more than a hundred Sunagakure Elite Ninjas would be able to slaughter all the people in front of them!

The reason why they didn’t attack immediately was only for the other party’s resource channels.

“When I understand the secret of the resources, I will be the first to kill you!” The woman thought fiercely in his heart.

As for the next Hanzo… even if he thought about it with his butt, he would know that it was impossible!

“Do I look like your father”


“You do need a good rest… How about Eternal Sleep here”


A flash of a sword!

No one saw when Haru had drawn his sword.

It was just that a sword had suddenly appeared in his hand.

Then, before everyone could react to what he had just said, they saw the woman split into two halves from the middle, shocking everyone!

But the strange thing was that the woman that had been split into two did not bleed, but the parts inside had fallen to the ground.

This was actually a puppet controlled by someone!

It was so realistic!

If not for the fact that there was no puppet at the moment, Haru would have thought that he had encountered a scorpion.

He didn’t know that his style of cutting people with a sword without a word shocked everyone.

But after reacting, Sunagakure ninjas immediately launched a counterattack.

“I originally wanted to slowly find out your secrets, but now I have changed my mind.

I want to kill all of you and avenge my puppets!”

A 1.4 meter tall dwarf walked out from behind with a dark expression, but he did not dare to get too close to Haru.

If he had not carefully used his puppets as a test earlier, if he had been standing there, he would not have been able to dodge and would have been cut in half!

It was clearly a very easy task, but he had almost been killed.

How could he not be furious!


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