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The news that more than a hundred Sunagakure Ninjas were directly killed by Akatsuki soon spread throughout the Land of Rain!

If there were many people who did not believe it at first or even did not want to believe what Akatsuki had done before, then they had no choice but to believe it now.

Because the Land of Wind had already issued a bounty on the black market!

A five million bounty on Akatsuki’s leader, Yone, dead or alive!

This approach has crushed all the rumors.

If not for the loss of so many people because of Akatsuki, Sunagakure wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths.

As for why Sunagakure didn’t send people to kill this Akatsuki…

The problem is that they were poor to begin with, and after four years of war, they were almost exhausted.

Otherwise, they would not have targeted the Akatsuki, who could get many resources.

After the money issues, then come the people…

During the first great battle of Ninja World, it was already quite impressive for them to produce two thousand people.

It had only been 18 years since the end of the first great battle of Ninja World.

Even if the various countries worked hard to recuperate, it was impossible for the population to explode suddenly.

Even though there were indeed more people now than it was in the first battle, they still couldn’t afford to waste so much energy!

Four years of war, even if they didn’t fight every day, how many people would be involved in this

In the past year, the countries had sent many ‘baby ninjas’ to the battlefield.

It’s not that they have no choice… It’s the last resort!

In such a situation, how could Sunagakure, which had no money, no people, and no advantage, deal with Akatsuki

More than a hundred elites had been lost just like that.

How many people would they have to send next time Three hundred or five hundred

If Konoha and Amegakure found out about this loss, they would definitely take the advantage and rush up to take a bite!

If they could deal with it themselves, they wouldn’t even bring this to the underground black market to put up a bounty.

They’ve lost enough face!

As a result, Sunagakure’s decision has brought a crisis to Akatsuki.

Still, it was also an advertisement for how strong Akatsuki is.

This time, it was not only Gennin who wanted to join them.

Many people who wanted to change the current situation of the Land of Rain, who had ideals and ambitions, also joined Akatsuki.

Among them, there was no lack of people who were very against Hanzo.

You only needed to look at the current state of the country to know what kind of good things Hanzo had done all these years.

As the leader, being incompetent was also a sin!

And it was the kind that could not be forgiven!

In this regard, Haru was happy in his heart.

After all, sooner or later, he would make a move on Hanzo.

At that time, these people would give him a perfect excuse.

The strong force, endless food, sense of justice…

Akatsuki instantly entered a period of rapid development.

Countless villagers hoped to be protected by Akatsuki, and countless ambitious people were proud to join Akatsuki.

Especially after a few hard battles, the cowards and fence-sitters were washed clean by the waves.

Regardless of their strength, those who remained at least dared to fight and were very obedient to orders.

Their loyalty was very high.

And this was exactly what Haru needed.

However, seeing that Akatsuki’s territory was getting bigger and bigger and the number of people rapidly increasing, Haru suddenly gave an order that many people did not understand.

Gather your strength and hold your ground!

The reason why Haru did this was that he was not yet at the point where he could beat Hanzo, yet.

If he allowed Akatsuki to continue expanding with Hanzo’s personality, he would definitely abandon his enemies and deal with Akatsuki first.

This won’t do!

Hanzo was a target that Haru had specially set up.

Before he could absorb enough firepower, he couldn’t lose!.

Another was,

How could anyone treasure something that they could obtain easily

Some people had a good life, and some people had a bad life.

Only when there was a comparison would there be harm.

Only then would they feel unbalanced in their hearts.

Haru hoped that when he overturned Hanzo and became the master of the Land of Rain, everyone would support him from the bottom of their hearts and cheer!

“Lord Kagami, there are many more people who wish to receive our protection.

What does the leader mean”

“Give them enough food according to the number of people.

Send a few more people to escort them back.”


“Carry out the order.”

Only when the other party left in confusion and depression did Kagami heave a sigh of relief.

This job really wasn’t done by a human.

He was so busy here; however, a certain someone was doing nothing all day long.

He really wanted to quit!

However, whenever he revealed this thought, Haru would use a sentence: “I am thinking of a way to save Tobirama.”

Then what else can he do


After a day, Kagami sent people to send off several waves of villagers who wanted to seek shelter.

Such a scene was happening outside.

“Why did you chase us away Did we anger Lord Yone”

Facing the villagers’ excitement, Dashi, a latecomer chuunin, couldn’t help but grit his teeth and explain, “Although there are some things that I can’t say… I know for a fact that the leader has his own difficulties! I know that everyone’s confused….

Leader can clearly save more people, let more people be protected, and give them work and food.

So, why did he suddenly stop doing it”

“Many people went to beg the leader several times, but they never got an answer.

It was not until later that someone accidentally heard the conversation between the leader and Lord Kagami.”

“It turns out that the leader no longer continues to expand, to help more villagers because he was warned by Hanzo!”

“Hanzo… That guy is afraid of our leader.

He is worried that we, Akatsuki, will replace him one day, so he does not allow our leader to protect more people.”

“The leader is not afraid for himself, but for us.

For everyone’s safety, he has to make a compromise.”

“So it is not that the leader is unwilling to take you in, but we are too weak now.

We can’t fight against the man called “Demigod of Ninja World”!”

Speaking of this, Dashi clenched his fists tightly, and his face was full of unwillingness.

The villagers who knew the truth were also furious.

Hanzo, the protector of the Land of Rain


In the end, they still got some food and were escorted back to their original place.

There were many versions of this explanation in the past few days, but there was only one thing in common: Hanzo!

In reality, Haru wasn’t wrongly accusing Hanzo because Hanzo had actually sent someone to warn him.

Wouldn’t it be a big loss if we didn’t take advantage of a good opportunity that came to our door

Therefore, for a moment, Hanzo suddenly began to fall from the ‘throne’, and even his original ‘brilliant image’ was questioned by countless people!


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