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“How are the movements of Hidden Sand and Konoha in Rain Country”

“Hidden Sand is shrinking its power.

These days, it has been coming into contact with the ninjas of Rain Country.

It seems to be planning something.”

“Konoha is still fighting.

They probably want to subdue Hidden Sand and Rain in one go.”

Haru returned to Madara’s base and listened to White Zetsu report the recent situation.

Wouldn’t it be a waste to throw away such a useful intelligence system

However, compared to the highly valued White Zetsu, Black Zetsu’s status had obviously dropped.

Even if he took the initiative to show his goodwill, Haru would not spoil him.

After all, there were some secrets that Haru did not want to let Black Zetsu know.

It was not the time to turn hostile now.

After squeezing out the last bit of value of Black Zetsu, he would let this guy know what cruelty was.

“Have you found the person you were looking for”

“Hehe, I found it…”

It turned out that they couldn’t find Tsunade before because Tsunade had returned to Konoha on her own.

Then, something happened, and Hokage’s office was directly demolished.

At that time, Tsunade walked out of Hokage’s building with an angry face.

Many people saw it.

After that, Tsunade left Konoha.

Originally, Tsunade needed to return to the Rain Country battlefield.

After all, she was the only one who could deal with the poison of Hanzo and the Sand Ninja.

However, this time, Tsunade didn’t listen to her orders and went elsewhere.

Sarutobi Hiruzen had no way to deal with her.

When Haru heard that White Zetsu had found Tsunade, his heart relaxed.

Apart from that, White Zetsu also brought him the good news.

“I wonder what conditions the Thunder Kingdom has made to form an alliance with the Sky Kingdom.

Right now, there are people flying around the borders of the Fire Kingdom…”

“The Sky Kingdom” Haru said in his heart.

“A small country near the border of the country of fire, surrounded by tropical forests…”

Haru finally remembered what was going on in this Land of Sky, a strange country that did not practice ninjutsu and specialized in strange skills!

With Chakra as the power source, flying kites in the sky, flying ships in the sky… Of course, there was also the ultimate weapon built by the wisdom of the country of space, the capital fortress that could fly in the sky, Ancoree Vantian!

The reason why Haru still had an impression of it was Land of Sky had created some sort of bull** Zero-tailed Beast.

It could absorb people’s despair, sorrow, and other negative emotions, transforming them into dark chakra.

Moreover, it could directly absorb chakra and provide energy to the fortress.

He also couldn’t remember very clearly.

Anyway, this was what the big difference meant.

Of course, this so-called zero-tail had nothing to do with the real Bijuu.

He also didn’t know how the people of the Land of Sky came up with it or where they found it.

If White Zetsu had not mentioned the Land of Sky, he would have almost forgotten that the Land of Sky seemed to have been destroyed by Konoha during the second great battle of Ninja World!

Then it made sense that the Land of Sky stood on the wrong team, and it could not be blamed on others if it were destroyed.

However, he was still quite interested in the ‘technology power’ of the Land of Sky.

Was there any energy that was cleaner and environmentally friendly than chakra

Haru was inevitably tempted.

If he was a lone ranger, these things were like chicken ribs to him, but since he wanted to develop a country, the more technology, the better.

However, there was no need to rush the matter of the Land of Sky for now.

Even if Konoha could destroy the Land of Sky, it was not something that could be done in a day or two.

The most important thing right now was to find Tsunade and save Tobirama.

“Where is he”

A figure appeared out of thin air in the forest, and beside it stood a strange white figure.

If one looked closely, one would find that the white figure had an unknown QR code printed on it.

“I just entered the small town in front of me.

I was afraid I would be discovered, so I didn’t follow too closely.”

“Well, well done.”

After a casual compliment, Haru walked forward with a mask on his face.

Although it was still a war, people still had to live, especially in the towns far away from the border, where the influence of the war was relatively small.

And this town seemed to be like this, with a happy and harmonious appearance.

Haru did not deliberately look for Tsunade because he saw the particularly fierce woman through the crowd at a glance!

Under his gaze, Tsunade, who was holding a bottle of wine, turned around and entered the casino on the street.

Haru didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he followed her in.

After 18 years of not seeing each other, he did not know how to face Tsunade.

It was best to have a chance to talk to her.

“What does this guest want to play”

“Just… guess the big and small numbers.”

Because Haru saw Tsunade sitting there, ‘killing in all directions’!

He naturally understood the gambling luck of Tsunade.

So he directly walked over and found a seat to sit down.

Tsunade only cared about drinking and swept her eyes over him.

Although this kind of sneaky dressing was very strange, it was not unheard of.

After all, many casinos liked to do shady things…

Besides, what kind of dressing was his own business.

As long as it did not affect other guests, the casino would not be idle and care about it.

“I will buy it!”

Seeing that Tsunade was going to bet 100,000 taels, Haru quickly took out 200,000 taels to bet on the small!

“Big! Big! Big!”

“Little! Little! Little!”


“123 o’clock!”


“It’s already three times smaller.

I don’t believe that it’s still small!”

Ignoring the sighs of the people around him, Haru happily took the money back.

In just a few seconds, he earned 200,000 yuan!

He wanted to bet all the money on him at once, but he just thought about it and immediately calmed down.

No wonder so many people were addicted to it.

This impulse was really terrible.


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