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After crying, Tsunade was still a little embarrassed.

However, the two of them lay down and looked at the sky, talking about the silly things they had done when they were young.

Tsunade felt as if she had really returned to the past.

She had returned to the home of Hashirama along with her grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, and Tobirama’s son, Haru… uncle.

Everyone’s voice and appearance were clearly visible.

However, the cruel reality was that they could no longer return.

They were all dead.

Every night when she fell asleep, Tsunade would always think of this.

Looking at Tsunade’s sad face, Haru knew that this girl had fallen into the circle of self-blame again.

—There were always some people who liked to bear the responsibility that was not their own.

“I heard you have been studying medical ninjutsu all these years”

Tsunade nodded.

This was not a secret; it was something that everyone knew.

“Why I remember you were not interested in medical ninjutsu when you were a child, right”

Tsunade was silent for a moment, then she calmly looked at the sky and said, “Maybe I… don’t want to lose anyone again.”

Hearing this, Haru suddenly stood up and extended a hand to Tsunade, “Well said, I am the same.”

“Now, there is a chance to redeem it.

How about it Do you want to try it”


What does it mean

Tsunade was very puzzled, but out of trust, she still held her hand.


The two of them instantly disappeared and appeared in a place that was extremely strange to Tsunade.


“Where is this place”

Tsunade was still sitting on the ground in a daze until Haru pulled her up.

Haru smiled, “Welcome to the Land of Miracles.

Didn’t you want to redeem those regrets from the past Now there is one in front of you!”

After saying that, Haru moved aside, revealing the one behind him.

“How is this possible!”

Tsunade’s eyes widened, and she covered her mouth in disbelief.

At this time, Haru walked to her side and stood side by side with her.

He said, “Is it incredible”

“When I found this place and found… Tobirama, I was also shocked…”

Then, Haru told Tsunade the whole thing about what happened, as well as the guesses he made about Tobirama’s current state.

“I also think so.

With the talent and wisdom of Tobirama, it is completely possible to save himself at the last moment… In addition, it is the right thing that you didn’t rashly move it out.”

“Why do you say that” Haru asked curiously.

Tsunade didn’t immediately answer.

Instead, she began to operate, doing something with those strange equipments.

Then, she came to a conclusion.

“I think there are two reasons why grandpa Tobirama couldn’t wake up as expected… One is poison, and the other is life force.”

“What do you mean” Haru hurriedly asked.

Tsunade immediately took a deep breath and solemnly explained to Shikai, “At that time, grandpa Tobirama must have been severely poisoned.

When he tried to save himself, it was too late to make more targeted antidotes.”

“That’s why the poison in his body has already seeped into his entire body.

He didn’t die directly – it might be because Tobirama grandpa used some unknown method to cause all the poison in his body to lose its activity and temporarily enter a state of hibernation.”

“But this also means that when he wakes up, it will be the time when all the poison erupts.

I even suspect that once he leaves this sealed nutrition cabin, the poison in his body will wake up first.”

Haru’s heart sank.

“Can it be cured”

“It’s hard to say now, but given enough time, I will definitely be able to make a perfect antidote!”

Tsunade was Tsunade, and the strong confidence she exuded was so fascinating!

Haru breathed a sigh of relief.

As expected, he had found the right person.

“Then what does life force mean”

At the mention of this, Tsunade’s eyebrows almost squeezed together.

It seemed to be more troublesome than the problem just now.

“Everyone’s life is limited.

People with a strong life force may live longer, and losing their life force means that…”

“You mean Tobirama…”

“18 years have passed.

Although these equipment have been continuing his life, his life force would be consumed and would be further damaged in the treatment process.

Therefore, even if the poison is successfully cleaned up and the treatment is completed, it is still uncertain whether grandpa Tobirama will wake up….

And, after waking up, how much time is left”

“Life force…” Haru muttered to himself.

“Anyway, I will leave the antidote to you.

As for the follow-up treatment, I need to think about it again.

If it is just a problem of life force, maybe I can find another way to make up for it.”

Tsunade nodded and said, “Don’t worry, leave it to me.

Anyway, I have a bad time in the village.

It doesn’t matter if I disappear for a while.”

“Okay, tell me what you need.

I made a small profit before.”

When he mentioned this, Tsunade raised her eyebrows and stretched out her palm.

“What are you doing” Haru looked at her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “I’ll return your 1.3 Million IOU, okay”

Tsunade casually tore the IOU apart, then continued to stretch out her palm, “You want to use me to make money, and you want to send away the IOU after you finish Dream on!”

“That, I suddenly remembered that there was still some at home.

Wait for me for a while…”

Before she could finish her words, Haru disappeared.

Tsunade laughed as if she saw his depressed face whenever she shouted ‘Haru Pot Pot’.

Honestly, it had been a long, long time since she smiled so relaxed.

Today’s experience was really too good for her!

First, she met Brother Haru(uncle), and then she found that grandpa Tobirama was still alive.

For her, the feelings of two extremely important people in her life suddenly ‘go and come’’ were really difficult to express with words.


Like magic, Haru appeared again.

“Think about it carefully.

It doesn’t seem good to leave you here alone.

Do you want to go out with me first”

Tsunade’s eyes suddenly lit, and she held Haru’s shoulder.

“Let’s go.

We won’t go back until we are drunk today!”

“… I just asked if you want to go out.

I didn’t ask if you want to drink!”

“Then bring me the money.

I’ll drink it myself!”

“No money!”

Then, Tsunade suddenly blushed and whispered, “Uncle —“

Haru immediately shuddered!


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