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My name is Kakuzu.

I’m 62 years old.

I was appointed as a small leader in Taikagakure, The Village of Hidden Waterfall.

I have no basic salary, five insurance, and one housing fund.

My hobby is going out on missions every day and earning money to build a solid foundation for my future retirement.

Originally, I should have lived my life peacefully like this…

It wasn’t until the village chief suddenly sent me to assassinate a big shot with a max level full of god equipment and a cheat that the mission completely changed my life.

In short, in the end, I quit the job, and then I took the dismissed fee and left.

After that, no decent big companies were recruiting me, so I simply took some personal work and barely mixed my days.

As soon as I finished my first job, I found another good job!

Someone actually offered 50 million Ryo to reward a leader of an unrated organization.

I thought this was the same as picking up money for nothing!

Therefore, Kakuzu rushed to the Rain Country, afraid that this business would be intercepted.


“Kid, where is your leader I’m here…”

“Got it, register first! Then go over and line up.

Many people want to see our leader.

Whether you can see him or not depends on your luck.”

Kakuzu subconsciously took the registration form, his eyes blank.

When Akira saw this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

He took back the registration form and muttered, “Another one who doesn’t know how to read.

Let me help you register.


Kakuzu, who finally reacted, immediately felt annoyed.

When he was in the Waterfall Village, he was also a gifted scholar who could recite two lines of poetry.

Now, someone dared to say that he was illiterate.

However, in order to complete the task as soon as possible, he did not immediately turn hostile.

Instead, he asked, “What are the people in the queue doing”

“What else can they do Of course, they are all to join our Akatsuki!” Akira said proudly.

“Akatsuki When did Lord Yone take you in Why didn’t I know” one of the guys asked.

Akira blushed and said, “Lord Yone said that when I grow up, he will let me join! Now I am… I am a reserve member!”

“Hahaha, Akira is anxious!”

“Now I am a reserve member —Haha, haha…”

“Alright, stop laughing.

Don’t you feel ashamed to bully a child”

Akira gritted his teeth angrily and wanted to rush up and bite their knees!

Kakuzu revealed a thoughtful look and asked, “Is your leader usually here”

“Not necessarily.

Usually, it is Lord Kagami who is in charge of the work.

Lord Yone only occasionally shows up.

However, your luck is not bad.

The territory is short of supplies.

Lord Yone should come today.”

When Kakuzu heard this, he felt that waiting for the target to appear was the fastest and most convenient way to do so, so he was not in a hurry to kill these people and was ready to sneak in first.

Otherwise, it would not be good to scare away the 50 million Ryo…

At this time, Akira asked again, “Hurry up.

So many people are waiting for you.


“… Kakuzu.”



“What are you looking at I’m asking you!”

There were quite a few ninjas who did not seem to be able to distinguish between men and women.

Kakuzu resisted the urge to tear this little brat apart.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Man!”


“I can’t remember…”

“That’s not important.

Just give me a number.”

“Then… 62”

“I asked you to make up one, and you really make a good one.

Eh! If you are 62 years old, then I’m 98 years old.

Does anyone believe me Forget it, 38, that’s it.”

Kakuzu touched his wrist, holding back not killing the person before him!

“What level of strength”

Kakuzu thought for a moment.

With his strength, he had to be a Kage no matter what.

“Alright, looking at your hesitant appearance, you are at most a Genin.

A 38-year-old Genin, tsk —go, line up over there.”

Kakuzu: No one can stop me.

Now, I will kill all these people!

Especially this brat with a foul mouth!

Looking at the registration form in his hand that read “Kakuzu, male, 38, Genin…”, he thought to himself, all of them must die!

However, just as he was about to make a move, there was a disturbance in front of him.

“Lord Yone is back!”

“I heard Lord Yone brought back a lot of supplies this time.”

“That’s great.

We don’t have to worry anymore.”

Kakuzu’s ears twitched.

Lord Yone

That’s right, the secret code he was looking for this time had finally appeared.

Kakuzu passed through the crowd and saw a guy wearing a mask.

He was commanding a group of people to put all kinds of supplies into the warehouse.

“Very good.

Fifty million Ryo is mine!”

Kakuzu quietly squatted down, and then a large number of black lines drilled into the ground along his arm.


Countless black lines suddenly broke out of the ground, and pierced the defenseless Lord Yone into a hornet’s nest, hanging in the air like a piece of dried bacon.

Kakuzu smiled disdainfully.

“Just like this Fifty million!”

The sudden change shocked everyone, but they did not panic.

Instead, they quickly locked onto Kakuzu, squatting on the ground and sneering alone.

With a bang, the ‘dead’ Lord Yone disappeared.

Many of the people present had already expected this.

This was because this was not the first time that an assassination like today had happened.

For the 50 million bounty, who knew how many people wanted to sneak in.

And what Lord Yone did was to take them in and leave bait for these people to fish and enforce the law.

Kakuzu was not the first to fall for it and definitely was not the last.


“Another fish can’t help take the bait”

Haru, who had appeared out of nowhere, looked at Kakuzu immediately.

He did not expect that a mere 50 million bounty could actually catch such a big fish.

“Lord Yone, leave this guy to us.”

“This guy is not someone you can deal with.

Stand back.” Haru waved his hand.

Everyone was a little unwilling to accept this, but they were 100% willing to follow the orders given by Haru.


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