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A few days later.

“How do you feel”

Kakuzu moved his hands and feet.

Although his eyes showed satisfaction, his expression was as stinky as if Haru owed him a few hundred million.

Er… Strictly speaking, Haru really owed Kakuzu a few hundred million.

Because not only did he not fulfill the few hundred million he promised Kakuzu, he even cheated Kakuzu out of the savings he had saved for most of his life.

Of course, even though he had contributed his own coffin book in name, in reality, this money was still under Kakuzu’s control.

If not for this, Haru reckoned that Kakuzu could really fight him to the death.

As for the arms and legs that had been accidentally roasted by Akira before, because they were already charred and could no longer be used, Haru had no choice but to think of a way from White Zetsu.

In the end, he ordered a set of limbs for Kakuzu to change into.

In any case, for Kakuzu, the most important thing was the heart.

“From now on, you are Akatsuki’s internal core staff, in charge of finances.

Work hard, work hard.

I have high hopes for you.”

“Inner core personnel”

“Yes, including you and me, there are only four people in total.

However, there are still people who have yet to return.

I will introduce you to them.”

The other two were Kagami and White Zetsu.

One was in charge of internal affairs, and the other was in charge of intelligence.

In addition, Kakuzu, who was in charge of financial affairs, and someone who was, in fact, a representative of a bounty hunter who hunts bounty every day, Akatsuki’s real framework had gradually been built.

When the time was right, he could soar into the sky!

Haru was completely confident that Akatsuki would develop better than in the original work, and it would be much better.

“So when will you give me the hundreds of millions”

Kakuzu didn’t care about the core members of the organization.

He only cared about when the organization’s money would be in place.

“Ahem, about that, the organization has been spending a lot recently.

When we have money in the future, we will definitely make up for this debt.”

“No money You have so many useless people without money” Kakuzu did not buy it.

If this were on the basketball court, the next sentence would probably be: “Give me the ball.

I want to go home!”

However, it was impossible for Haru to let such a talented person go.

In the original work, Akatsuki could develop, and Kakuzu’s contribution was ranked in the top three!

Therefore, Haru did not need Kakuzu to go against Bijuu.

He only needed to get money for the organization and then control the finances.

“Think about it, big shots like us can’t do everything by ourselves, right If we need to show up for such a small matter, it would be too low.

So at this time, we need someone to deal with these trivial things.

Don’t tell me that you haven’t even managed to get a little brother to do your errands after so many years”

Kakuzu originally wanted to say that he didn’t need trash that dragged him down by his side.

Still, when he saw the other party’s disdainful and disdainful gaze, he immediately became unhappy.

“Hehe, of course, there is.

It’s just that before coming to the Rain Country, that fellow was unlucky enough to die on the road.

I haven’t had the time to replace him yet.”

Haru raised his eyebrows slightly and held back his laughter.

He said meaningfully, “Is that so That’s really a pity.

However, it’s nothing much.

In the future, if there is anything, just tell the people below to do it directly.”

Kakuzu nodded his head in frustration.

However, he had to admit that what this guy said before was somewhat reasonable and moved his heart.

Although those people were a bit useless, trash also had the value of being useless.

At the very least, they could be used as a ‘replacement’ heart for him at any time.

This was what Kakuzu thought.

Then, he was almost slapped to the wall by Haru.

Then, Haru used a small knife to poke around Kakuzu’s body.

The first rule of the thirty rules clearly stated that he was forbidden from killing his own people and ordinary villagers without any reason.

If he violated the rules, he would see the severity of the situation and break one to five hearts in one go.

He would be fined more than ten million yuan.

Kakuzu was stunned at that moment!

There were many clauses like this that would explode his heart at any time and deduct his money.

This time, Kakuzu finally saw the sinister intentions of this guy!

The heart explosion is fake, and the penalty is real!

“Wait and see.

I will never give you this chance!” Kakuzu said coldly, then turned and left.

Are you trying to use this method to cheat his money away

Dream on!

The quick-witted Kakuzu almost confused Haru.

What opportunity


Akira would never have thought that the assassin he let in that day would not only not die in the end but instead become Akatsuki’s financial manager, reaching the heavens in a single bound!

This was a little awkward.

Because after being ridiculed by everyone that day, he was a little irrational, so he set up a fire and burned the broken hands and feet on the ground.

Afterward, Lord Yone also praised him, “Awesome! Young people really don’t talk about martial arts.”

Although he didn’t know what exactly it meant, based on the tone of his voice, Lord Yone should be very appreciative of his actions and praise him for doing well.

“Come on, Akira, you can do it! With Lord Yone here, don’t be afraid!”

Just as Akira was cheering himself on, he heard someone shouting from the front, “Akira, hurry up.

Lord Kakuzu has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Swallowing nervously, Akira nervously went to see Kakuzu.


In the dim room (Kakuzu asked for it himself), Kakuzu made a crackling sound while making a record on the paper next to him.

“Horn… Lord Kakuzu, I….”


Before Akira could finish speaking, Kakuzu had smashed his abacus for some unknown reason, and his expression was ferocious as if he wanted to eat someone up.

It was fine if he didn’t have a few hundred million golds, but he actually only had a few million golds

What was even more infuriating was that that bastard Yone had actually suggested for him to fill in the pit first and return it to him when the organization had money later.

Kakuzu had just calculated the daily expenses of the organization.

At that time, his heart was cold, so he was flustered and exasperated.

This frightened Akira, who was already nervous, and he ran out with a cried.

Kakuzu raised his head, “”

Who came just now


A few minutes later, Haru came to the door with Akira, whose eyes were still red.

“You scared a crying child, so you were fined a million taels.

Since you are the first criminal, I won’t poke your heart out this time.

Give it to me.”

After listening to Haru’s purpose and reason, Kakuzu was so angry that he laughed.

“You don’t have such a rule!”

Haru grabbed the thirty rules that Kakuzu took out and then wrote them down quickly.

Then, he said with a serious face,

“I have it now.”


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