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On the tenth day that Kakuzu joined Akatsuki, he… escaped.

Fleeing with money


Because there was no money in Akatsuki’s account, he was even using his own private money to subsidize the organization’s consumption of food, clothing, and daily expenses.

In addition, the current Akatsuki had almost no income at all… This was completely an endless, bottomless pit!

Kakuzu understood this, and his intestines turned green with regret.

Therefore, he did not care whether there was any threat or not.

After reluctantly leaving ten million for the organization, Kakuzu decisively ran away.

With his personality, the reason why he could still leave behind this ten million ryo was not because of anything else, but because he hoped that a certain bastard would be merciful and let him go after seeing his ‘sincerity’.

The fifty million bounties were not obtained, but he had lost more than ten million instead.

This was a shame of his entire life for Kakuzu.

The kind that could not be washed away no matter what.

It could even be listed as a heart attack and two moments that made his heart ache the most.

And the reason why he chose to follow his heart was also very simple… because he could not beat him!

Not only did that bastard see through his weakness, but he also restrained his ability.

However, Kakuzu never expected that his escape plan only lasted ten minutes before he was caught.

The situation at that time was like this.

“You shouldn’t have come.”

“But I still came.”

“Give me a chance.”

“How can I give you a chance”

“I didn’t have a choice in the past.

Now I just want to be an ordinary person.”

“Ordinary people can do it, but not with money!”

“So you want me to die”

“You’re going too far.

I’ll fight you to the death!”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Kakuzu was thrown on the street!

He couldn’t even defeat him ten days ago.

Could it be that after ten days, he would really be able to defeat Haru

There was no need to talk about the specific process.

In short, in the end, Kakuzu was dragged back by Haru like a dead dog, and even all of Kakuzu’s wealth was confiscated by him.

After that, he even threatened Kakuzu like a shrimp, saying that if he didn’t care that all the money was spent by them, he could run away.

This sentence was like the last straw that finally broke the string in Kakuzu’s head, and for the first time, he was in a state of acceptance.

There was nothing more infuriating than watching others spend all their money, sleep with their wives, and hit their own children.

Although Kakuzu did not have a wife or children.

But this emotion was the same!


Kagami was in charge of managing the overall situation, leading Akatsuki.

Kakuzu was in charge of finances.

He also solved a part of the financial problems.

White Zetsu was constantly collecting information that Haru was interested in.

Black Zetsu was still sent to the Land of Snow.

Akatsuki began to get on the right track.

Tsunade was also focused on studying Tobirama’s treatment plan.

Haru found that he could finally start the next step.

It was night.

He changed into an animal mask and took out Konoha’s forehead – He had not been there for a long time and then headed to several hiding places in the Kingdom of Rain in the Sand Village.

The first thing he saw was a quiet small village.

Who would have thought that almost all the villagers here were puppets made by the Sand Ninja

There were at least over a hundred hidden troops hiding here.

During the day, some of them left through a secret passage, causing havoc everywhere.

At night, they returned to their homes like a swallow, hiding in such a peaceful and peaceful village.

They might be able to hide from others, but it was almost impossible to hide from the clones of White Zetsu, who had already turned the entire Rain Country upside down.

Moreover, this disguise was not perfect.

The puppets were still dead objects.

It was impossible for it to act like a normal person.

Moreover, the entire country was now in a state of war.

The calmer it was, the more suspicious it was.

It was just a short time of good luck that he hadn’t been targeted yet.

Haru smiled gently and threw himself into the darkness.

“Sigh, I wonder when such a day will come to an end.” Hidden Sand Ninja, who was hiding in the tree to keep watch, complained to his companion, who was patrolling to his side while avoiding the rain.

“Maybe you are used to the desert.

It is raining every day here.

At first, it was very fresh, but now it is only annoying.”

“Haha, if you say this when you return, you will definitely be beaten! The water resources in the village are very precious.”

It was interesting to say that it was clearly two countries bordering, but in the end, most of the areas were desert, and the other was endless rain.

It was as if all the rain in the Wind Country had come to the Rain Country, and there was no way to reason with it.

“Let’s wait a little longer.

It should be over soon.

It is said that the higher-ups have already reached an agreement with Hanzo.

Konoha will only be arrogant for a few days.”

“Really That’s great! You are so unorthodox that you even have channels for this kind of news.”

“Why What kind of method is there It is just a coincidence.

It is just a coincidence.”

The Rain Country had agreed to join forces with Sand Village to chase Konoha out first, and then Sand Village would help Hanzo destroy that sh*t Akatsuki who had recently appeared.

In this way, Hanzo would agree that the people of Sand Village would use the geographical advantage of the Rain Country to continue attacking the Fire Country.

After the matter was done, Sand Village had to fully withdraw from the Rain Country and give a certain compensation.

However, they were just low-level ninjas, so they didn’t know much about the plans.

Wasn’t Hanzo worried about the possibility of not leaving after chasing Konoha away

Wasn’t Sand Village worried that when they used Rain Country to attack Fire Country, Hanzo would bring people to stab them in the back

To put it bluntly, they were just using each other.

As long as their goal was achieved, this agreement could be torn apart at any time.


Can that kind of thing be eaten

In this kind of struggle between countries, whoever wants a face will lose half of it first.


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