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The night was dark.

Haru’s one hundred shadow clones also arrived one after another, surrounding this Sand Village troop.

Then ‘Haru 101’ began to form hand seals at the same time, aiming straight ahead.

“Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!” X101!

In an instant, 101 huge fireballs lit up the night sky and plunged into the village where Sand Village was hiding, turning into a sea of fire.

Boom boom boom!


“Enemy attack, enemy attack!”

“Someone come and save me…”

The originally calm village immediately exploded.

The figures of countless Sand Village Ninjas were still in their dreams and exploded into the sky.

The rain was still falling from the sky.

Looking at his masterpiece, Haru’s eyes were very calm.

The reason why he chose Fire Escape was naturally because he had his own reasons.

Moreover, compared to the Son of Fate, who used the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique to create hundreds of big Rasengan, he felt that the 101 fireworks he released were really nothing.

After all, the Grand Fireball Technique was only a C-level beginner Fire Escape.


“Kill these Sand Village poisonous insects!”

Haru’s shadow clones shouted and rushed out.

In the dark night, a hundred people rushed out with the momentum of hundreds and thousands of people.

The Sand Village Ninjas, who were already confused and disoriented by the first wave of Fire Escape, suddenly fell into chaos.

Some people wanted to fight with the enemy, some wanted to escape, and some even wanted to extinguish the fire first.

In the face of this situation, Haru naturally would not be soft-hearted.

Konoha’s Sword Art, paired with the ordinary Fire Escape, began to kill the enemy.

This time, everyone did not even know who to listen to.

They had completely turned into a pile of loose sand.


It didn’t take long for the battle to end, and the raging fire was gradually extinguished by the rain.

Then, Haru’s shadow clones cleaned the battlefield, stabbed each other, and deliberately stood in a few specific areas to talk to each other.

“It’s too easy.

These Sand Village poisonous insects are really vulnerable!”

“It’s all thanks to Orochimaru-sama’s plan.

Otherwise, how could you kill so many enemies”

“Hehe, what can we do Who asked these Sand Village poisonous insects to be stupid I don’t know that under Orochimaru-sama’s plan, Hanzo has already fallen.”


“What are you afraid of Can the dead people on the ground leak the secret”

“Sooner or later, you will fall into your mouth.

Hurry up and prepare to leave.

Those idiots of Sand Village definitely wouldn’t think that we would frame ourselves.

Smart people Haha!”

Soon, there was no movement outside.

The Sand Village Ninjas hiding in the secret passage also escaped.


When it was almost dawn, Sand Village’s reinforcements finally arrived.

Looking at the miserable state of this place, Mei’s brother was burning with anger.

He clenched the forehead guard in his hand and gritted his teeth.

Apparently, his sister was killed last night.

“Konoha… Hanzo… if I don’t take revenge, I will not be human!”

“Inform everyone to gather within three days.

I will make them pay with their blood!”



At the same time, in Konoha’s frontline camp.

“Is there still no news of Tsunade”

Jiraiya looked a little worried.

According to the people who went to investigate, there were traces of fierce fighting at the last place where Tsunade appeared, and the clues were broken here.

Whether Tsunade was dead or alive, and where she was, was completely unknown.

As for the conflict between Tsunade and Hiruzen-sensei, Jiraiya later learned about it.

Unexpectedly, ‘that’ person was still alive.

Moreover, after 18 years, he had returned to Konoha again.

Although Jiraiya admitted that he had always been envious and jealous of that guy, that was all when he was a child.

Thinking back now, it was a little ridiculous.

Therefore, putting aside these, he also felt that this time, Hiruzen-sensei, had gone a little too far.

Regardless of whether the other party was the real son of Lord Tobirama or not, since Senju’s family had acknowledged him, then he was naturally a part of Konoha.

However, the result was that he was blocked outside Konoha’s door and was accused of crimes.

No one could accept this result.

In the end, the matter was blown up.

So many people died, and there was no possibility of mediation between the two sides.

It was not surprising that Tsunade would disobey the order and leave Konoha alone after knowing it.

But what happened later

Who attacked Tsunade

Jiraiya really wanted to investigate personally, but with the war here, he could not just abandon it.

Initially, with Tsunade, the three of them could fight against Hanzo, but now with only him and Orochimaru left, they could do nothing about Hanzo’s poison.

“Kato Dan can’t come.

Sakumo’s child is about to be born.

It is not suitable to carry out a mission at this time, so the plan to exterminate the Land of Sky fell on Kato Dan.

After all, this guy can ignore distance travel and kill enemies.

He can also control the enemy’s body to steal information and carry out internal damage.”

“In comparison, the war in Rain Country is not urgent.

Therefore, Lord Hokage wants to delay as much as possible to ensure a chance of survival.”

As former classmates and current members of Anbu, the person who came after passing Hokage’s order still said a few more words.

At this moment, someone came in from outside and reported, “Orochimaru-sama, Jiraiya-sama, we just found a Kunai outside.

There is a note on it.”

Orochimaru took it and opened it without any change in expression.

He frowned slightly, and then handed the note to Jiraiya.

Jiraiya looked at it and was a little surprised.

“Is this… credible”

“I don’t know.

Either it’s a trap, or it’s a scheme.

It wants to use us to achieve a certain goal.” Orochimaru saw the essence of this matter at a glance.

“Then ignore it”

“No, if it’s true, this will be the best chance to increase the results of the battle.”

“Didn’t you say it might be a trap”

“So we have to send someone to confirm it first and then make preparations to not give anyone a chance to take advantage of it.”

“You can make the arrangements.

I believe in your judgment.”

Orochimaru was already used to this.

If Tsunade was here, she might be able to make some suggestions, but Jiraiya’s words… he’s not really sure.

He always trusted others so easily!

If his judgment was wrong or something happened, then the first person who might encounter danger would be him!


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