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“Earth Release – Swamp of The Underwood!”

“Fire Escape – Fire Ball!”

“Art of the Raging Lion’s Mane.”


After confirming that the location recorded in the mysterious note was indeed a secret stronghold of Sand Village, Jiraiya decisively led his people to attack.

Orochimaru, on the other hand, waited quietly at a safe distance.

If something unexpected happened, he could bring people to support Jiraiya and retreat to the camp to ensure that the retreat path would not be cut off.

Even if the most critical situation happened, he could also cut off his wrist and abandon Jiraiya and the others in front of him.

But strangely, Orochimaru actually never considered doing this, and he was thinking about how he should bring that damned fool Jiraiya out.

The battle came suddenly, and it ended very quickly.

It was Jiraiya who personally led a sneak attack.

The Sand Village Ninja of this secret stronghold was defeated without being able to resist much.

Of course, the counterattack before death also brought a lot of trouble to Konoha and the others.

Especially when Tsunade’s absent.

How to cure the poison was a very troublesome problem, and the antidote pills each person carried with them were not omnipotent.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, and nothing was too abnormal.

But just as Jiraiya was about to retreat with his people, an accident happened!

Hanzo, who should not have appeared here, actually brought a small team of elite Rain Ninja.

After discovering that Sand Village and Konoha’s people had just fought here and had already ended, the two sides were directly in a deadlock.

Because once a fight broke out, the people brought by Hanzo were not enough, and the people around Jiraiya could not block Hanzo’s poison, and they would probably be completely wiped out.

Moreover, no one was sure what was going on.

Was Hanzo’s appearance a coincidence, or was it premeditated

In the middle of the stalemate, Sand Village’s reinforcements had actually arrived at a speed that no one had expected!

But in fact, if Hanzo had not appeared, Jiraiya would have already retreated with his men.

No matter how fast Sand Village’s reinforcements came, they could only stare.

But this was what happened… ‘coincidentally’.

The commander of Sunagakure’s eyes was on the verge of spitting fire.

The bodies of his compatriots were covered with blood – Konoha Ninjas, as well as the ‘accomplice’ by his side, Hanzo!

“Good, this is really good!”

The commandeer laughed in extreme anger.

His original doubts were completely washed away by what he saw and his anger at this moment.

Hanzo, this bastard, was really in cahoots with Konoha.

To think that Lord Chiyo actually believed him!

Meanwhile, Jiraiya’s heart sank.

Hanzo and Sand Village’s reinforcements had come too coincidentally.

It was indeed a trap.

Was it really worth it to use so many lives to trick them into joining the game

Hanzo, who did not know what Jiraiya and the commander were thinking, still felt that this was a good opportunity.

Cherishing talent

He might have had such a thought back then, but most of it was because he did not have the confidence to take down the three young men, so he found a way out.

This would not only give the other party fame but also make his reputation rise along with this matter.

“Did Chiyo send you here” Hanzo deliberately mentioned Chiyo and made a hint at the same time.

The commander expressed that he understood and then secretly conveyed the order.


The commander, Hanzo, and Jiraya responded at the same time.

However, something unexpected happened.

Sand Village attacked indiscriminately with all kinds of puppet mechanisms, including Konoha and Hanzo.

Jiraiya was originally on guard against the two sides, so he reacted the fastest.

He defended while fighting back.

But Hanzo was in trouble!

Originally, the number of people on Hanzo’s side was the least, and he was not on guard against Sand Village’s sudden attack, so in the blink of an eye, almost all the people he brought were dead or injured.

“Sand Village, you guys are courting death!” Hanzo glared at them.

With a bang, Hanzo of the Salamander, who could emit deadly poisonous gas, was summoned.

To be honest, the reason Rain ninja could hold on until now was largely due to Hanzo’s deterrence.

Wow! Wow!

With two strange cries, the battle once again began.

However, this time, it was different.

It was no longer what Jiraiya had imagined before.

He thought Hanzo and Sand Village would join forces to attack him.

Instead, it was Hanzo who directly charged towards Sand Village’s side!

Compared to his old opponent, Konoha, it was clear that Sand Village had betrayed him.

And suddenly, being betrayed made Hanzo even more annoyed!

At the same time, he also began to think about some things.

For example, this time he received a secret letter from Chiyo to discuss the matter of jointly dealing with Konoha.

Now that such a situation had happened, how could he not doubt Sand Village’s motives

Could it be that from the beginning, Sand Village’s goal was him

The previous negotiations and cooperation were all used to confuse him

But what was going on with Konoha

Could it be that Konoha had also joined in and joined forces with Sand Village

What an old puppeteer, you are actually so vicious!

Although Hanzo still had doubts in his heart, the fact that Sand Village took the initiative to attack him was true, so don’t blame him for being ruthless.


Hanzo controlled the pepper fish to drill into the ground, and then suddenly broke out of the ground to destroy Sand Village’s formation.

Then, the pepper fish opened its mouth and spat out a terrifying purple poison gas.

It was a poison that even Hanzo, who had the poison sac, would be poisoned.

It could be seen how strong the poison was!

In an instant, more than a dozen Sand Village Ninjas who had been sprayed directly died with stiff bodies and painful expressions.

“It’s the poison of the Salamander.

Everyone, take Zero Detoxification Pill!” The commander ate the antidote pill he carried with him and shouted.

The rest of them moved quickly and took out the antidote to eat it.

Apart from those unlucky fellows from the beginning, the others were already prepared before the poison gas spread.

“Half God Hanzo”

“Lord Chiyo has already said that the poison gas replenishment time for the Salamander is five minutes.

Wth these five minutes, I will take your life!” The commander sneered and then immediately led his men to attack.

Hanzo was even more furious.

All of this was indeed Sand Village’s plot!

The old woman puppeteer had already told these people about the weakness of the Salamander.

Then, she had prepared the antidote to counter his poison in advance.

Then, she used a letter to trick him into coming here.

“If you want to kill this old man, let’s see how many lives you have to pay for it!” Hanzo went crazy.

“Fire Escape, activate the Flame Blast Formation!”

Hanzo suddenly jumped down and slammed the ground with one hand, causing all the explosion talismans that had been buried underground to explode!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The scene instantly became extremely chaotic!


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