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The sudden attack caused the situation on the field to change again.

Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and the other two spirit beasts were directly forced back, giving Hanzo a chance to breathe.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Hanzo endured the pain of the fire while hiding in Salamander’s mouth.

He controlled Salamander to burrow into the ground again, trying to escape.

This time, Orochimaru and the others did not have the time to stop him immediately and could only try to use Ninjutsu as fast as possible to keep him.

Along with a sorrowful cry, the Salamander still successfully escaped with Hanzo.

However, with the injuries he had just suffered, he was afraid that even if he didn’t die, he would still lose half of his life.

In a short time, Hanzo’s combat strength would be greatly weakened.

“He actually managed to escape!”

Jiraiya hammered the ground in frustration.

He had paid such a great price but was still unable to beat him.

This undoubtedly made him feel extremely guilty.

In contrast, Orochimaru was much calmer.

“The next period of time will be the weakest period for Sand Village and Hanzo.

Although we paid a great price this time, we got a chance to end the battle here completely.”

“A chance exchanged with so many lives.

If I can choose again, I would rather not take it.”

“Stupid and naive guy.”

Orochimaru turned around and left.

Sure enough, he still couldn’t stand this guy’s innocence and stupidity.

This was a war!

But who had saved Hanzo in the end

Was it the person behind the note

What was the purpose

The question that the commander asked before he died was almost certain that on this battlefield, other than the three of them, there must be a fourth force hidden in the dark!

And this fourth force was very likely the mastermind behind the battle today.

On the other side, Hanzo was running towards his own base with a gloomy face.

This time, he was completely humiliated.

He was played around like a fool, and in the end, he almost failed miserably.

What he could not accept the most was the person who helped him in the end, and it was very likely that it was the person who tricked him.

With Hanzo’s cunning, if he still could not understand the strange things that happened today after someone intervened in the end, then he could really return to the fields and find a small village to farm.

However, he had more doubts than Orochimaru, and he did not understand why the other party had tricked him and then wanted to help him.

However, the most important thing right now was not to find out who this person was but how to face Konoha’s all-out attack!

Such a good opportunity; if it were for anyone else, they would not let it go.

Thinking of this, Hanzo’s face became more and more gloomy.


Just as Hanzo was escaping, a pair of eyes never left his back.

To Haru, if he wanted to kill Hanzo, there was probably a no better chance than now.

But just like how he had used Fire Escape to help Hanzo, Hanzo could not die yet.

He still needed Hanzo to lead Ran Country, Konoha, and Sand Village to have a final battle.

Only by shattering Hanzo’s title of “demi-god” in front of countless people can he fall to the altar in one fell swoop and completely separate the relationship between the Land of Rain and Hanzo.

They would not think of Hanzo the moment they mentioned the Rain Country, and they would think of the Rain Country when they mentioned Hanzo.

When the last hope of the Rain Country disappeared, and Hanzo could no longer stand out, it was the best time for the new heroes of the Rain Country to appear!

Then, he would punch Konoha, kick Sand Village, and chase all these outsiders out of the country.

Undoubtedly, the ‘new god’ in the hearts of the people of the Rain Country would be born, and it would be the only true god that would surpass Hanzo!

Haru had already written the script, and now it was up to the actors to perform themselves.

“Don’t let me down, Hanzo…” Haru smiled lightly, and his figure disappeared from where he stood.


The calm before the storm.

It was so oppressive that it was suffocating!

As soon as Hanzo returned, he immediately gave the order to gather all his subordinates and prepare to fight to the death.

Konoha also abandoned his original camp and attacked with his entire army.

As for Sand Village, who had already been beaten up, he should have completely left the Rain Country, but coincidentally, Chiyo and Hanzo had reached a consensus and were ready to join forces to beat Konoha out.

Therefore, Chiyo went back to mobilize the troops.

After all, just relying on the people left in the Rain Country might not be enough to defeat Konoha in one go.

Moreover, Konoha would not give them a second chance.

In the end, Chiyo brought the people over, but those who originally stayed in the Rain Country were almost all dead, dead, or fleeing.

After Chiyo grasped the specific situation, she did not plan to retreat anymore and decided to fight Konoha and Ran Country to the end!

The death of her son and daughter-in-law, as well as the countless people who died on this battlefield, all made Chiyo unable to calm down, so even if she had no confidence, she would make these people pay the price!

Thus, three days later, the decisive battle between the three parties started in advance.

Because of the previous incident, no one believed in each other.

Even though they had already found out that someone pulled the trick behind it after calming down, no one dared to gamble again.

There were even many things that could not be explained clearly.

Thus, there was no so-called alliance at all.

It was a super chaotic battle.

Other than their own people, they were all enemies!

There were heaven-shaking shouts, all kinds of Ninjutsu, swords flying everywhere, killing puppets, all kinds of deadly poison…

People who had never experienced it could not imagine the shock and misery!

In this three-sided chaotic battle, the first to show signs of decline was the weakest among them, Rain Country.

Although it was a home-court battle, Rain Country was more skilled in the assassination, and he could not display his true strength on a large-scale battlefield.

Moreover, even in terms of strength, they were undoubtedly stronger than Sand Village and Konoha’s ninjas.

Previously, with Hanzo holding down the fort, Konoha and Sand Village did not dare to force them too hard, lest they suffer too many losses.

But this time, the Salamander was seriously injured and could not communicate with the spirit.

The deterrent force of Hanzo on the battlefield immediately weakened by more than half.

As for poison

Chiyo said that if there were a poisoned old woman that I could not cure, she would change into a swimsuit on the spot and jump into the Pure Lands.

(Everyone: Not, not at all!)

“Lord Hanzo, the enemy’s attack is too fierce.

Everyone is going to be unable to hold on.”

“Lord Hanzo, quickly make your move!”

“Lord Hanzo, save…”

Under the expectant gazes of countless people, Hanzo made his move!

Then, he was immediately hammered by Chiyo, who was already prepared.

Jiraiya and Orochimaru joined hands.

If he hadn’t slipped away quickly, his waist would have been smashed.

And then, Hanzo, who had already been defeated, actually abandoned everyone and fled… away.

“Lord Hanzo… has been defeated and fled!” (Desperate cry)

The remaining Ran Country was instantly defeated like a mountain, and they all fled for their lives.


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