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“It’s over.

Hanzo escaped, and Amagakure Ninja suffered a crushing defeat.

The final victor was Konoha.

Chiyo brought the remaining Sand Village troops out of the Rain Country and stationed them at the border of the Wind Country.

Perhaps they were guarding against Konoha’s counterattack, or perhaps they had not given up and were waiting for reinforcements to reorganize before coming back.”

“However, after this battle, although Konoha won, they could not continue to pursue.

Next, they would either directly occupy the Rain Country and bring it into the Fire Country territory or send people to support the other battlefields.

After all, although the Rain Country was important, the situation on the other battlefields was also very urgent.”

“I can’t even rule out the possibility of the Fire Country, Wind Country, and Rain Country signing a peace agreement to end the war here completely!”

Kagami’s view of the overall situation was very powerful.

He summed up the current situation in a few words, making Haru agree with his point of view.

Even Haru felt that with Sarutobi Hiruzen’s character, it was not surprising to turn around and discuss peace after winning the war.

Then, the Rain Country would continue to be ruled by Hanzo.

The Wind Country would provide enough compensation to settle things, while Konoha would be able to remove the threat from this side in one fell swoop and release the forces that had been trapped here to support elsewhere.

This way, the remaining battlefields would be taken over by Konoha.

The more Haru thought about it, the more he felt that Sarutobi Hiruzen would do this, but had he asked for his opinion

“How many people do we have now”

“We have 11 Jonin, 102 Chunin, 158 Genin, a total of 271 people.

However, with Hanzo’s defeat, Amagakure Ninja has fled.

As long as we release the news, many people will be coming to support us.”

“Don’t worry.

After all, it is our time to shine.

Don’t let those deserters affect our morale.”

“Are you really going to do this In comparison, our strength is even less, and it is possible that we will expose our identities.” Kagami said with some worry.

“After waiting for so long, isn’t it all for this day Only by occupying the Rain Country can our next plan be implemented smoothly.

As for what you are worried about, it’s nothing at all.”

Haru continued confidently, “You have to know that the key to determining the outcome of the battle is still the high-end combat strength.

Hanzo, the Salamander, can protect the Rain Country for so many years on his own and even has the title of a half-god.

Could it be that we can’t compare to Hanzo”

“You, me, and Kakuzu are enough to resist any pressure in front of us.

So what if we expose our identities”

“Could it be that Konoha will give up all the other battlefields and risk everything to deal with us, regardless of the threat of the three countries”

“It’s impossible.

It has been so long.

Have you ever heard the news about Kushina No, because at this time, Konoha doesn’t dare to disclose that they have lost Kyuubi and Jinchuriki.

Once there is no deterrence from Kyuubi, the countries will immediately try to put Bijuu on the battlefield.”

“Therefore, even if Konoha knows that we are in the Rain Country, they definitely do not dare to make a big deal out of it and attract the attention of others.

At most, they will send people to take back Kyuubi and Jinchuriki secretly.

They are more afraid of exposing this matter than us.”

“Then the question is, in the limited power that can be used, who will be sent, and how many people will come are just courting death.

What is there to be afraid of”

“Even if Konoha wants to settle the score in the future, he will have to wait until the end of the second Ninja World war.

At that time, we will have a firm foothold.

If you are not afraid to start the third Ninja World war, just come at me.”

Kagami nodded in agreement with Haru because he found that Haru was more considerate than he thought.

After confirming the plan with Kagami again, Haru returned to Madara’s base with Flying Thunder God after Kagami left.

He found White Zetsu and asked, “Hav you been keeping an eye on Hanzo”

“Hehe, although the other party is careful enough, under our surveillance, even the few times he poops a day is under our control.”


How awesome~

Isn’t t odd!

Who would care about such a thing

“Keep an eye on this guy’s whereabouts.

Tell me who he met and what he did every day.”

“Oh, he pulled it once today.

The sound was…”

“Except this!”

After giving the order, Haru quickly chased White Zetsu away.

He even described the sound! It was really too much!

After White Zetsu left, Black-Zetsu came out of nowhere.

“I think we need to have a good talk.”

“Are you even worthy” Haru chuckled.

Black-Zetsu’s expression turned angry, but he immediately suppressed it.

He tried to calm himself down and said, “I am the embodiment of Madara’s will.

When Madara is not around, we need to work together to complete the mission Madara gave us.”

“Maybe we had some misunderstandings before, but at least we have the same standpoint.

So I think we can put aside our prejudices and work together.”

Haru was not used to it at all.

He directly sneered and retorted, “You said you are the embodiment of Madara’s will, so you must be.

Then why can you still exist independently when Madara is dead”

“And even if you are really the manifestation of Madara’s will, what can you do You are not him.

You are just a ghost born out of nowhere.

It is his business that Madara believes in you.

Why should I believe you”

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you have done behind my back.

You have plotted against me so many times.

If Madara has any thoughts of getting rid of me, I will not live to this day.”

“Now you’re telling me it’s a misunderstanding, and you want to cooperate Do you think I’m stupid, or are you stupid”

“If not for Madara not allowing me to do this, I would have sent you to see him the day he died.”

At this moment, Haru had been possessed by an Oscar-winning actor.

He had lied to Black-Zetsu for real, and his tone, expression, and eyes were impeccable.

When Black-Zetsu heard this, he felt that this matter had become extremely troublesome.

If he had known that this would happen, he wouldn’t have done such a thing in secret.

Especially when Haru said the first sentence in a disdainful tone, he was so scared that he almost peed himself.

Helpless, Black-Zetsu decided to endure the humiliation.

After all, if he wanted to achieve that plan, he could not afford to lose anything!

He had to keep a close eye on this guy.

He could not have any accidents!

Therefore, Black-Zetsu, who chose to eat the bitter fruit he brewed, immediately squeezed out an ugly smile, “I just don’t want Madara to be distracted.

I want him to fully focus on awakening Rinnegan, without any other thoughts.”

“So you mean that it took Madara so long to open Rinnegan, but it was actually my fault” Haru chuckled.

“No, on the contrary, your existence allowed Madara to successfully open Rinnegan in the end.”

For the sake of the future, Black-Zetsu went against his conscience and flattered Haru.

Wait a minute, does he have a conscience


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