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“We have already had many conflicts with this organization called Akatsuki over the past few days, and there are casualties among each other.”

Listening to his subordinate’s report, Orochimaru’s eyes unconsciously narrowed, and his body emitted a chilling and cold aura.

Hanzo, who had just been beaten up, did not dare to show his face.

When he turned his head, all the cats and dogs dared to jump out and provoke them, Konoha.

Did they really think that they would not destroy a country

“How many people does this Akatsuki have now”

“I’m not sure, probably no more than 500, and most of them are Chunin and Genin, who has no hope of advancing in their life.

However, Akatsuki’s leader seems to be a little unusual.

There are rumors that Sand Village, hundreds of elite ninjas, were directly killed by him in one move.

Some people say that Akatsuki’s leader, with a single glance, opened a hole in the sky…”

“That’s enough.”

Orochimaru really wanted to make a few holes in this guy’s body!

Let him collect information, not let him collect rumors, and then come back to brag for others!

It was f*cking outrageous!

He even killed hundreds of people in one move, opening a hole in the sky with a single glance…

Was he going to say that his opponent’s hair suddenly turned yellow, and then he casually blew up the entire moon with a qi wave

What a joke!

Could it be that I, Orochimaru, have a face full of stupid words like Jiraiya

Orochimaru pulled a long face, and the other party immediately shivered, his face embarrassed.

In fact, he also knew that this information was too outrageous, but this was already the most ‘ordinary’ thing he had collected!

There were also many kinds of information that made him feel that his IQ had been seriously insulted just by looking at it, and he did not dare to add it!

He could not just not report everything, and in the end, he had no choice but to delete it and reduce it to this state.

Fortunately, he was prepared to be scolded in advance.

Although Orochimaru-sama looked very cold, he would not kill him because of this.

Sure enough, although Orochimaru-sama looked a little embarrassed, she did not deliberately make things difficult for him.

“Where is Jiraiya”

“Lord Jiraiya seems to have gone out.

He said that he wanted to see what happened to this Akatsuki.”

Orochimaru frowned slightly, but he still insisted, “Bring 100 people and annihilate this Akatsuki.

En… I’ll lead the team myself.”

“Do you want to lead the team personally There’s no need for you to personally make a trip to exterminate this mob.” The other party was a little surprised.

Orochimaru did not explain much, and just let him do as he was told.

Because just now, he suddenly remembered something.

When the three sides were fighting, he actually had a backup plan to guard against a mysterious force that might exist.

But until the end, there were no ‘accidents’.

However, after Hanzo and Sand Village were defeated, this Akatsuki suddenly stopped hiding and revealed his fangs to the world.

His style also became extremely radical, even not hesitating to confront them, Konoha!

How could an unranked organization that had only been established not long ago dare to be so arrogant

Moreover, he did not jump out earlier or later but only took the initiative to stand up after Hanzo was defeated and escaped.

At same time, it was also at this time that a large number of remarks that were not beneficial to Hanzo spread out, instantly trampling this former protector of Rain Country into the mud, and his reputation was completely destroyed.

If there was nothing to rely on, or if there was someone behind it, Orochimaru would dare to twist Jiraiya’s head off and give it to Tsunade.

(Jiraiya: Why was it always me who was injured)

So just now, Orochimaru suddenly thought of a possibility that he had been ignoring before.

Was it possible that the mastermind who had caused so many suspicions and eventually evolved into a chaotic fight was this Akatsuki or the person behind Akatsuki

After all, the opportunity for this Akatsuki to appear was too coincidental, just like a script that had been written in advance.

Moreover, the only one who would benefit from this was this Akatsuki.

Since he had some doubts, he naturally needed to go and test it out.

“Inform everyone now.

We will immediately depart!”

“Then Lord Jiraiya…”

“Don’t worry about him.”


On the other side, Jiraiya, who had set out in advance, naturally did not know that Orochimaru had already begun to suspect Akatsuki’s goal.

He was casually moving about in the area provided by Akatsuki for protection, and what he saw along the way greatly shocked him.

In fact, he had always wanted to do something for this country that had been under the flames of war.

It was good to say that it was compensation or that his brain had been fried.

He had indeed considered this sincerely.

But after seeing everything that Akatsuki had done for this country, he bitterly smiled and found that his thoughts were too shallow and insignificant.

Although everything in front of him was still very dilapidated, the people here had vitality and their eyes were filled with hope.

Even the smiling faces of the children came from the heart

Everyone worked hard to rebuild their homes.

When it was time to eat, everyone would consciously line up to receive their share.

It might not be a sumptuous meal or a lot of food.

But the smiles on their faces told Jiraiya that they were so happy!

They were clearly not far away, but why did he see despair and numbness before coming here, the eyes quietly waiting for death

He was like a country bumpkin who had walked from hell to ‘heaven’, looking at everything was extremely novel.

Until a little girl ran in front of Jiraiya with a rice ball in her hand and asked innocently, “Uncle, are you a ninja”

Jiraiya subconsciously touched his forehead.

He was a little surprised.

He deliberately did not bring his forehead guard, but he was still seen through by others.

Moreover, it was a little girl.

“Little sister, how did you know”

“Because everyone has to work.

Even when they are resting, they won’t walk around.

Only ninjas don’t need to work.

They can go anywhere they want.”

Jiraiya was speechless for a moment.

He didn’t expect that he would be exposed because of such a small matter.

However, what she said was right.

His appearance was indeed incompatible with the overall situation here.

“Are there any other ninjas here” Jiraiya squatted down and tried his best to make his smile more infectious.

In Orochimaru’s words, he was laughing like an idiot!

“Yes, a lot of big brother ninjas are here to protect us.

When I grow up, I will also become a ninja who can protect everyone!”

Seeing the little girl so cute, Jiraiya could not help but reach out to touch her head and said, “Being a ninja is very hard.

Where are your parents”

“Daddy and Mommy are dead.

They were killed by a few bad ninjas.”

Jiraiya’s heart suddenly trembled.

He forced out a smile and said, “Then are your parents also ninjas”

The little girl shook her head, “Those bad ninjas said that we might have been Amagakure Ninja and they would rather kill them by mistake than let them go.

And then put the parents…”Then, they killed Daddy and Mommy…”


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