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The calmer the little girl spoke, the more pain Jiraiya felt in his heart.

The little girl’s next sentence directly smashed his psychological defense.

“Lord Yone told us not to be swallowed by hatred.

We must grow up happily and healthily and then make a choice according to our hearts.

I don’t want to hurt others, so I decided to protect everyone after I become a ninja in the future.

I definitely won’t let those bad ninjas bully us again!”

“Uncle, the other side called me.

I’m going back.

This is for you to eat.

Oh, right, if you see a guy with such a mark, you must run quickly and come back to inform everyone.

I believe Lord Yone will definitely drive all these bad ninjas out of our country…”

After hearing that someone was calling her, the little girl first handed the rice ball in her hand to Jiraiya, then waved her little fist and ran away.

As for Jiraiya, he looked at the crooked mark on the rice ball and bit his lips as if he had been struck by lightning.

Although he had already expected it, he still suffered a huge shock after seeing the mark on Konoha.

There was even a moment when he was avoiding responsibility and thought, “Why isn’t it Sand Village Why isn’t it someone else”

“Is it a bad ninja”

Jiraiya’s face was pale, and his eyes were confused. 

Indeed, for the people here, weren’t they bad after invading this country and starting a massacre and destruction everywhere

Jiraiya finally understood why he always wanted to do something for this country.

It was nothing more than guilt!

No matter how high the reason was, who would pay for the death of these innocent people

Jiraiya held the rice ball in his hand and took several deep breaths.

His eyes became firm again, and he stepped forward.

Although he felt guilty and guilty, the strong will he had honed through countless battles would not keep him in a daze.

“Jiraiya is here…”

“I know.”

After a moment of hesitation, Kagami asked, “Are we just going to leave it like this”

There was no change in Haru’s expression.

He asked, “Did he break the rules we made”


“That’s it.

Since the guest has come to follow the rules, then the master has to follow the rules.”

“I understand.”

After learning that Haru really did not have any thoughts of attacking Jiraiya, Kagami somehow heaved a sigh of relief.

Although he had already left Konoha, the most beautiful Konoha in his heart was still there.

If it were possible, he also did not wish to attack the younger generation that he had once thought highly of.

However, things did not go as he wished.

The peace here was still broken.


The scouts who were out on patrol sent back a piece of news.

Over a hundred Konoha Ninjas were rushing over aggressively.

They were probably coming with ill intentions!

The leader was one of the Konoha Sannin, Orochimaru, who earned a lot of fame in the Second Ninja World War.

This time, many of the villagers who had just come here showed panicked and uneasy expressions.

On the contrary, those who had joined Akatsuki long ago and seen the experts of the organization were full of confidence, but their expressions were also solemn.

After all, the name of a person, the shadow of a tree, facing Konoha, who had always been standing at the peak of Ninja World, who could ignore it Who dared to ignore it

“Quickly go and inform Lord Kagami!”

“Someone has already gone.

Don’t worry, with Lord Yone and Lord Kagami here, nothing will happen.”

“These hateful Konoha ninjas have committed murder and arson in our country.

We have already hidden here, yet they still refuse to let us go.”

“Being weak is a sin! Not everyone has the kind heart of Lord Yone.”

“That’s right.

If not for Lord Yone’s protection, we would have died a long ago.

This time, we will fight them to the death!”

“Yes, we will fight with Konoha!”

Under the anger of the crowd, they heard a little girl shouting, “Beat away those bad ninjas!”

In the crowd,

Jiraiya looked at this scene with a pained expression.

Who did the wrong thing

Why were these ordinary villagers the ones who suffered in the war between Ninjas

This question was too difficult for Jiraiya, who was only in his twenties.

Before he could come up with a clue, a large number of Akatsuki’s members had already rushed over and prepared to fight.

Among these people, there was no lack of former Amagakure Ninja.

If they fought for Hanzo, then now they were fighting for the Rain Country, for the people here!

In the next moment, the hundreds of Konoha Ninjas led by Orochimaru rushed in.

Comparing the two, Akatsuki’s side was indeed not even comparable to the motley army; whether it was in terms of spiritual appearance or strength, there was no way they could compare to Konoha, who was born noble.

But it was this group of motley troops that fearlessly blocked in front of Orochimaru and the others as if they were using their eyes to say: “If you want to go over, you can, but you have to step on our corpses!”

As for the others, they were already taken to take refuge in an orderly manner.

After all, if they were to fight later, they would have no time to care about them at all.

Any bit of the aftermath of the battle was not something they could withstand.

Right at this moment, Haru, who was wearing a black robe and a ghost mask, and Kagami, who was almost dressed up, finally appeared.

“It’s Lord Kagami and Lord Yone!”

Everyone cast fiery gazes of respect as if they were looking at the god they had fought for their entire lives!

Then, Haru, who was in the middle of the confrontation, opened his mouth.

“You are not welcome here, Konoha’s ninjas.”

This opening remark was unexpected to everyone, and then the atmosphere immediately became tense.

“Hehe, you killed my people, and you still dare to stand here and say that you are not welcome to me.

Either you are a fool who does not know life and death, or you have something to rely on.

I am very curious.

Which one are you”

A strong killing intent immediately enveloped Haru as if he was being stared at by a poisonous snake.

He felt his hair stand on end.

However, Haru did not seem to be affected at all.

He pointed at his feet and retorted, “I’ll cover this place.

If you don’t follow the rules, die!”

As soon as the word “die” came out, both sides took out their weapons!

“The last person who said this has already run away with his tail between his legs, and you are even more arrogant than him.

I think that this kind of person will die faster.”

Haru suddenly raised his foot and stepped on a poisonous snake that crawled out of nowhere.

He did not care about the threat of the giant snake and said, “I think so too, but I just don’t believe in evil.”

“Since almost all the people who should come are here, let’s take this opportunity to announce something.”

“From now on, this country belongs to me.

So can you all get out of my territory”


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