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“Multiple Striking Shadow Snakes!”

“Senju-style · Dance of the Crescent Moon!”

Unlike the original work, where Gekkou Hayate could only use two shadow clones to complete this sword move, Haru inherited Tobirama’s exquisite sword technique, allowing him to recreate the true power of this move with extreme speed!

He slashed left, right, and finally chopped down.

It seemed ordinary, but these completely different three slashes were slashed at the same time!

It looked like there were three people attacking from different directions at the same time.

It was the real Dance of The Crescent Moon.

This move had a very high requirement for physical quality.

For example, Gekkou Hayate used the Shadow Clone Technique to find another way to use it.

Although it could also guarantee a certain amount of power, it also lost its original stealth and sudden nature.

Even if the enemy reacted in advance and directly blew up the Shadow Clone, he could immediately break this move.

But at this time, the Dance of the Crescent Moon perfectly retained that stunning sure-kill strike!

Orochimaru’s pupils suddenly shrank, and there was a sense of absurdity that could not be avoided.

The sharp feeling that came at him seemed to have torn open his skin first.

Multiple Striking Shadow Snakes were directly cut off by the right blade, and the snake’s head fell to the ground.

Binding Snake Glare Spell!

From Orochimaru’s left sleeve, two pythons with patterns flew out.

They curled up in the air and took the initiative to meet the blade light, and they were cut into several pieces.

Then, a handful of blood spurted out from his arm!

The left and right blades were barely blocked, but the most dangerous thing was still the incoming blade.

Because these three blades almost fell on Orochimaru’s body at the same time, it seemed that Orochimaru was already powerless.

But with a bang!

The sharp Kusanagi Sword was directly spat out from Orochimaru’s mouth, and he blocked the last blade in this incredible way.

Even Haru did not understand how this fellow had stuffed the Kusanagi Sword from his hand into his mouth.

“Destroy the Chaotic Snakes!”

Dozens of poisonous snakes immediately crawled out from the cuffs of the Great Serpent Pill and then hissed at Haru.

Haru was forced to withdraw, and the saber light flashed.

In the blink of an eye, these poisonous snakes were killed.

Orochimaru also took this opportunity to retreat.

It was only a short fight, and Haru was unscathed.

Orochimaru’s left arm was dripping with blood, and he was almost cut off.

The difference was obvious!

If Sarutobi Hiruzen had been here, he might have immediately recognized the Dance of the Crescent Moon and began to doubt Haru’s identity.

“I didn’t expect that besides Hanzo, there are so many hidden experts in Rain Country.”

Orochimaru licked his own blood, his eyes full of killing intent.

The battle on Jiraiya’s side was very intense.

He must have met his opponent, and it was estimated that he would not be able to deal with the enemy in a short time.

And he met another swordsman here.

God knows how much cold sweat he had shed just now!

No matter how slow his reaction was, it was estimated that what awaited him would be his head and body.

There was also that guy who was like Hiruzen-Sensei, who could actually use all kinds of Ninjutsu with different attributes and even had his heart penetrated several times without any injuries as if he couldn’t be killed.

It was simply inconceivable that such a weak and weak unranked organization actually had three such powerful experts in command!

Now, Orochimaru was more and more suspicious of this organization!

“Wind Escape · Big Breakthrough!”

After confirming that he was no match for his opponent in close combat, Orochimaru decisively chose to use Ninjutsu.

This ordinary Class C Wind Release, in the hands of Orochimaru, was like a typhoon.

The big trees and houses were directly uprooted, and the people who were affected, no matter who it was, directly flew into the sky.

“Water Escape · Prison Technique!”

In order to protect the camp behind him from being destroyed, Haru quickly made two seals.

In an instant, a super water screen that was so wide that it was extremely exaggerated rose up as if it were ready to shoot straight into the sky.

The strong wind tore through the big trees and overturned the houses, but it could not destroy this “thin” layer of Water Escape’s water curtain!

Following that, the Ninjutsu that Haru had sent back made Orochimaru’s eyes freeze again, and he began to doubt life.

Water Escape ·Prison Technique! 

This name was actually something that Haru thought was fun to play with.

In reality, he relied on his large amount of chakra.

After several improvements, he changed the one-time attack Water Dragon Bullet into a one-time release of nine water dragons!

In the midst of time, the nine water dragons that were twice as large as a normal water dragon opened their mouths and swarmed towards the location of the serpent pill.

“Can’t escape!”

In an instant, Orochimaru made the most correct choice.

“Triple Rashomon!”

Boom, boom, boom!

Orochimaru wiped the blood from his arm and slammed his hands on the ground.

Three extremely huge gates, which symbolized death, rose from the ground.

It was the strongest defensive barrier that was summoned to absorb all attacks!

There were originally five layers, but Orochimaru could only use three layers.

They were the first layer of the gate to withstand the incoming attacks, the second one that reduced the power of the attacks, and the third one that spread the pressure.

The nine huge water dragons broke through the first two Rashomon, and the last one smashed into the last one.


Orochimaru smiled.

Then, with a bang, the last Rashomon was directly smashed into pieces by a huge, pitch-black fist!

The strong wind pressure blew over Orochimaru’s head, and his smile instantly froze on his face.

“Let’s begin to dance, Orochimaru.”

The two arms of Susanoo had already been condensed, and after smashing the third Rashomon with one punch, the other hand directly fell from the sky, just like swatting a fly.

Orochimaru’s pupils instantly contracted several times, and he immediately used the Psychic Spell.

With a bang, a huge snake was summoned out, and then with the fastest speed possible, Orochimaru cut open the other party’s body with a Kusanagi sword and drilled it into it.

When Orochimaru finished all of this, this unlucky big snake that had been summoned out had already been pressed to the ground by Haru’s Susanoo and then grabbed with both hands.

“It seems that we can have an extra meal tonight.”

Haru smiled casually, and then his two pitch-black energy arms exerted strength and, without caring about the struggle of the big snake, directly tore it into two pieces.

A rain of blood suddenly fell from the sky, and the scene was extremely bloody.

“Fire Escape – Great Fire Annihilation!”

A large amount of raging flames that were like seawater immediately began to roast the snake meat.

Orochimaru immediately tore open a part of the dead snake’s body in an extremely sorry state and drilled it out from the body of the big snake.

Then, without hesitation, he used the Great Serpent Flow Substitution Technique, leaving behind a burnt black outer shell, and successfully survived with the method of Golden Cicada shedding its shell.


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