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Haru admitted that the first sentence was simply acting!

However, the last sentence he said was true because sometimes, he could not even tell who he was.

Was it a street dog who wrote novels

Or was it Senju Tobirama’s son, Senju Haru

Perhaps it was Akatsuki’s leader, ‘Lord Yone’

Or perhaps all of this was just a dream…

Who knew This question was too abstract and philosophical.

It was not something he could understand at all.

So he was prepared to find the answer in time.


Suddenly, a chain broke through the ground and wrapped around Haru’s body.

Orochimaru had no time to think about what had happened.

He instinctively used his fastest attack.

“Latent Snake Limbs!”

Several black snakes bit towards Haru’s neck.

Following that, a huge beast emerged from the ground.

It opened its mouth and spat out a terrifying purple gas!

Before he could finish, a figure slapped the ground with one hand.

“Fire Escape·activate the Flame Blast Formation!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground under Haru’s feet began to explode one after another!

The unforeseen event happened at this moment.

No one could have imagined that Salamander, who had disappeared for so long, would suddenly choose this time to make a move.

Moreover, the target was not Konoha’s people but the Rain Country’s new guardian, Akatsuki’s leader, Yone!

Countless people’s expressions changed, but Konoha’s side revealed joy, while Akatsuki’s side was shocked and anxious.

When the poisonous mist and explosion dust dispersed, everyone stared at the center of the explosion.

Then, Hanzo’s expression suddenly changed!

Under everyone’s gaze, there was no one there at all.

There was only a pile of charred dead snakes and Hanzo’s chains on the ground.

“Body Substitution Technique When”

Hanzo originally thought that the assassination this time was absolutely certain, and it was impossible to fail.

That was why he chose this time to attack, in order to kill in one blow, not giving the opponent any chance to counterattack.

In the end, he did not expect that someone would actually leave a substitute technique behind.

This was a bit too f*cking shameless!

Then the question was, in that short moment, where had he gone


That mask!

Orochimaru’s pupils suddenly contracted.

An extremely strong sense of crisis stimulated his scalp, and all the hairs on his body stood up!

Almost without thinking, the Kusanagi Sword was immediately thrown out, aiming at the mask that was blown away not far away.


The rapidly extended Kusanagi Sword directly smashed the mask that Orochimaru regarded as a scourge.

But what surprised him was that nothing happened.

This was actually a real mask

What did this strange pattern represent

Orochimaru was attracted by a small piece of debris with a square pattern printed on it.

Then… Puchi!

From behind, a katana was nailed to his chest, and the other katana pierced his lower abdomen.

“Your insight is good, but it is still far from enough.

I haven’t even used my full strength, and you have already fallen.”

Orochimaru’s eyes widened in an instant.

He suddenly recalled a memory that had been sealed long ago.

In his memory, there were people who had never tasted defeat.

They always liked to say this when they defeated him.

“XX is good, but it is still far from enough.

Before I even used my full strength, you fell.

Unfortunately, you missed it…”

The voice in his memory seemed to overlap with the voice in his ear, but Orochimaru was sure that he heard it.

“It’s a pity that you missed… the only chance to defeat me.”

With a buzz, Orochimaru’s head seemed to explode.

“You are…”


Before he could finish speaking, Orochimaru, who had two katanas in his body, fell into a pool of blood.

Then Haru once again put on Susanoo and directly entered the second form.

His hand instantly condensed a sharp trident, and when the Salamander fled in panic, he accurately nailed him to the ground!

Originally, Ibuse the Salamander was seriously injured and had not yet recovered, so he was forcibly summoned by Hanzo.

This time, he was directly stabbed in the vital part of his body.

The poison sac in his body instantly ruptured, and his body stiffened as he fell to the ground with a loud crash!

The terrifying Spirit Beast Mountain’s Salamander died just like that.

Hanzo was unable to accept this fact, and he actually stopped trying to escape.

His gaze was fixed on Haru.


Jiraiya seemed to be completely dumbfounded as he watched this scene in disbelief.

Although Kagami couldn’t bear it, he still loyally blocked Jiraiya’s path, preventing him from disturbing the stage that Haru had carefully prepared.

At the same time, he didn’t want Jiraiya to die on that stage.

At this time, Hanzo, the most important character in this big show, asked coldly, “Is it you who tricked all three parties before”

Although it was a question, his tone was certain.

At this point, Haru naturally could not admit this and slapped himself in the face.

Therefore, he stood on the moral high ground and looked down at Hanzo.

“You brought this country into the abyss, and I am saving this country.”

“In the face of the enemy, you escaped and abandoned everyone.

In the face of the people who are trying to save this country, you secretly attacked and killed them!”

“Hanzo, you are not the guardian of this country.

You are the sinner of this country! A sinner who will be despised by the people for a lifetime!”

“And I, in the name of the Rain Country, in the name of God, will give you a fair trial today, with your blood to wash away the sins you have committed, to mourn the souls of the innocent people who died because of you!”

Every time Haru spoke out loud, Akatsuki and the others would look at Hanzo with even more disgust.

Especially when ‘Lord Yone’ and the people of Konoha were fighting for life and death, just to protect these people, Hanzo suddenly appeared and came to assassinate the only hope in the Land of Rain!

This kind of behavior was simply unforgivable!

It could be said that Hanzo’s final choice had washed away his last bit of hope, and the opportunity to regain the trust of the people had been personally destroyed.

No one will believe him anymore, a coward who has betrayed his faith and betrayed the whole country!

Hanzo suddenly understood something under this gaze.

His body swayed slightly, and he said,

“You are right.

I am indeed a sinner of this country.

But before I die, I must remove the mask on your face that is full of hypocrisy!”

“You are not the savior of this country, and you are not the god of this country! You are just a bastard who deceived everyone!”

“Go to hell with me and repent there forever!”


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