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“Water Escape· Wavebreaker!”

Hanzo suddenly gave up on Fire Escape.

He gave up on his previous attacks and switched to using Water Escape instead.

A large amount of water gushed out, and in the blink of an eye, the entire area of the battle became the environment of the water world.

Haru and the others stood on the water surface with ease.

When they looked at Hanzo again, he had already disappeared.

Suddenly, a crashing sound came from behind Haru!

A sickle with chains directly flew out from the water and headed straight for his head.

Haru casually took out a handful of Kunai and blocked the incoming sickle.

However, the moment he made a move, a pair of hands directly grabbed his ankle and dragged him into the water.

Haru, who entered the water, did not panic.

Instead, he calmly opened his eyes and observed his surroundings.

Sure enough, Hanzo was hiding in the water at this time.

His movements were abnormally fast and free, as if he was faster than on land.

At this time, Haru suddenly remembered a rumor about Hanzo.

Some people said Hanzo’s control over Water Escape could not be surpassed.

After he wore the breathing mask, he could move freely in the water for a long time.

In this regard, Haru had a lot of doubts.

Because after reading the whole original story, Hanzo did not use Water Escape much.

Even after he was reincarnated by Edo Tensei, he did not show his super strength in Water Escape.

He was already dead.

There was no need to hide his strength, right

Haru couldn’t figure it out, but he didn’t expect that he would be forced out by Hanzo’s Water Escape this time.

“Then let me see this Water Escape that no one can surpass.”

Haru ignited the desire to win and lose and wanted to fight with Hanzo’s Water Escape!

He also wanted to see why the evaluation that even Tobirama could not get would be given to Hanzo.

“Water Escape · Salamander!”

After dragging Haru into his home ground, Hanzo immediately made a series of hand seals with both hands, then forcefully slapped the water in front of him.

The water around him immediately formed more than a dozen strange-looking mountains.

Then, he quickly rushed towards Haru with his mouth wide open.

Seeing this, Haru did not retreat and completed the hand seals in a flash.

Just one word, hard!

“Water Escape ·Water Dragon Biting Explosion!”

The huge water instantly spread out, and streams of water broke through the water surface and reached the sky.

Hanzo’s dozen or so Salamander were directly torn apart, turning into ordinary water currents.

Then, the water that rose into the air quickly gathered into an incomparably huge water dragon.

After a silent roar, it plunged into the water.

Hanzo only felt that the pressure of the water around him suddenly became very heavy, squeezing him, making him unable to move freely anymore.

However, Hanzo did not panic in the slightest.

A large amount of chakra surged out from his body, and he immediately got rid of this restriction.

Then, he threw out the sickle in his hand and directly wrapped it around the neck of the water dragon.


Hanzo forcefully pulled downwards.

Along with the mournful cry of the water dragon, that huge body actually directly split apart and exploded, merging with the surrounding water once again.

“How did this happen” For a moment, Haru was somewhat confused.

However, he immediately launched another attack.

“Water Escape·Water Dragon Whirlpool!”

The vortex that spins as fast as a tornado instantly drives a huge waterspout that sweeps forward.

The strong suction force made it impossible for Hanzo to escape.

However, just like before, Hanzo accurately threw out the sickle in his hand and hooked it into an unknown place in the water dragon tornado.

Then, he pulled hard, and the water dragon tornado, which had just been surging violently, dispersed strangely.

Haru frowned, and the water in his hand began to compress and rotate continuously.

Finally, the shape of the water vortex condensed into a spiral sword, which rotated at high speed in different layers.

“Water Release: Hard Whirlpool Water Blade!”

Haru did not throw it but used his high mobility in the water to quickly approach Hanzo.

As a ninja proficient in Water Escape, his water attribute completely inherited Tobirama’s talent.

Hanzo originally thought dragging the other party into the water would be easy to deal with.

Still, he did not expect the other party to be a ninja who was extremely good at Water Escape.

The height of his attainments made him speechless.

However, if he wanted to use Water Escape to defeat him in the water, it could only be said to be wishful thinking!

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

After the water was compressed, it could form an indestructible whirlpool of water blades.

Naturally, it could also be transformed into an extremely defensive Water Wall to block.


Layers and layers of water walls that were temporarily condensed were broken by the spinning and compressed water whirlpools.

It was as if the sound of broken glass could be heard.


One layer and two layers, ten layers and twenty layers….

The water blades stopped spinning and automatically dispersed.

As for Hanzo, as long as he was still in the water, he could make as many water walls as he wanted.

In the water environment, Hanzo was far more difficult to deal with than Haru had expected.

Moreover, he found that after the underwater battle, the poison that Hanzo used was directly abandoned.

It was not what he thought he would use poison to combine with Water Escape.

He seemed to understand why Hanzo was not willing to use Water Escape.

Compared to his poison, his Water Escape was too limited, and his deterrence and attack power were not enough.

On the contrary, when using poison, it could cause the greatest lethality, causing everyone to be terrified.

If Salamander had not been killed, perhaps Hanzo would not have used Water Escape again.

However, Haru did not believe in this evil.

Taking advantage of the oxygen in his lungs, he chose a Ninja technique that Tobirama was extremely good at!

They quickly shuttled back and forth in the water.

Explosive talismans exploded in the water and threw Kunai towards Hanzo.

Then, they formed a seal with both hands and activated the Explosive Talisman Technique!

He instantly developed several trillion Explosive Talismans, setting off an extremely invincible chain of super explosions!

And the moment the activation was successful, Haru left with Flying Thunder God, perfectly avoiding accidental injuries.

The fire and water clearly did not coexist, but suddenly, the ‘world’ wrapped in water was filled with dazzling explosions and flames.

In the end, the home water environment created by Hanzo completely exploded.

It became a rain of fire and water that filled the sky.

It was so beautiful that it made one’s heart palpitate.

It was difficult to look away for a long time.


“Be careful, all of you dodge!”

“Don’t get close!”

Many unlucky bastards were directly injured and rolled on the ground in pain.

Then, under everyone’s gaze, Hanzo climbed up from the water that was almost empty.

There were still many charred marks on his body.


Haru appeared again in an instant.

He was completely unscathed.

He quietly followed the flow of water with his foot.


Konan, who was hiding in the distance and secretly watching this scene, had eyes full of excitement.


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