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“You are right, but we really do not have the time to use too gentle methods.

We can only complete the most important step first, then slowly eliminate these vermin and find the real talents.”

Seeing these two bastards actually start chatting in front of him, and it seems they are scolding them

The two Amagakure Ninjas who stopped Haru and the others were directly angry!

“I think you are looking for death.

Let them bleed and let these bastards know how difficult it is to provoke us!”


It was the sound of a sharp blade cutting through flesh and blood.

Kagami sighed and no longer insisted.

He said, “Well, I also feel a certain amount of killing and fear can help us control the entire country as soon as possible.”

When he said this, a drop of blood fell from the katana in his hand.

With a bang, the endlessly chattering fellow directly separated his head and fell to the ground.

The little boy widened his eyes as if he could not believe that these people dared to say that they killed people outside Amegakure!

Didn’t Lord Nobori say that these people were all liars and that they dared not come to Amegakure

Didn’t Lord Nobori say that he had already contacted Konoha and was ready to sign a peace agreement again to become the new master of this country after Hanzo

But why would these scammers dare to kill people here

Weren’t they afraid of death

“What should we do Should we keep him or send him on his way”

Haru was just about to say that he should just cut him down when he saw the little guy kneeling on the ground.

“Don’t kill me.

I’m very familiar with the inside.

I can lead the way for you!”

Haru only glanced at him, then shifted his gaze away and snapped his fingers.

Then, hundreds of figures jumped out from the shadows and knelt in front of Haru in unison.

“Chief, everyone is here.

Please give the order!”

“Take over here.

Anyone who dares to resist will be killed in one warning or two.

I don’t want prisoners.

My people live; enemies die.

It’s that simple.

Kakuzu, you go too.

Every person who dies here will be deducted a month’s bonus.

If you do well, I will raise your salary when we return.”

Kakuzu was furious on the spot, “My salary will be raised again after I go back.

This time, I won’t be fooled again! Reward! Gold!”

“Oh, now you have it.”

Kakuzu’s anger paused for a moment.

He snorted and strode forward.

At the same time, he did not forget to threaten everyone fiercely, “All of you! Don’t drag me down.

Leave all the enemies to me.

If anyone dares to drag me down, I will raise his ashes!”

“Yes, Lord Kakuzu!”

The hundreds of Akatsuki members replied in unison, their heads dripping with cold sweat.

Although that was what they said, it was impossible for Kakuzu to go alone, and then everyone else kicked their thighs to be Kakuzu’s cheerleaders.


It was as if the wealth code was waving to him.

Kakuzu, who thought that it was a loss if he did not earn anything, directly led his people into Amegakure.

Haru had a headache.

But fortunately, Kakuzu’s ‘weak point’ was too easy to use.

It was just money.

He did not believe that after taking down Amegakure, there would be no money inside.

Even if there was really no… Uh, he could still write an IOU!

“Let’s go, lead the way, and talk about what happened to that Lord Noburi”

The little Ninja, Kojiro, was almost scared out of his pee!

Sure enough, the delivery of food and medicine just now was just an excuse!

Who would bring hundreds of bodyguards with them when doing this kind of thing!

This was clearly a force attack from the beginning.

To think that he and his senior would foolishly believe it.

However, wasn’t this Akatsuki, a liar

How could he…

“It seems to be broken.

It’s useless.

Chop it off.”

Kojiro, who was in a trance, immediately led the way in front after hearing this.

Then, he began to talk about the deeds of Lord Noburi.

In Kojiro’s exaggerated narration, Haru and the others looked at each other speechlessly.

This guy called Noburi first used Hanzo’s order to seal the entire Amegakure so that the external information could only be transmitted to the ears of Amegakure’s people through him.

Then, he used this to make the sudden rise of Akatsuki as a swindler organization, denying everything that Akatsuki had done.

Then, he turned his head and sent people to contact Konoha, wanting to exchange Amegakure as a bargaining chip for a promise.

Kojiro did not know the specific result of the negotiation.

He only knew that Akatsuki had been dreaming about dominating the country of rain these days.

It seemed that Konoha had agreed to his request.

However, this was very interesting.

The ownership of this country was not decided by Noburi or Konoha.

Negotiation to make a deal

Did you ask Akatsuki if he agreed

Moreover, it was impossible for Konoha not to know this, so it was somewhat intriguing.

Either Konoha had the confidence to kill him, or he was purely disgusted with Akatsuki.

But no matter what, Akatsuki was going to take the Rain Country.

No one could take it away!


At the same time, there was a huge commotion within Amegakure.

Amagakure Ninja had a bad brain.

There were many people who had been fooled around.

Otherwise, they would not have listened to Hanzo back then.

At the same time, the Kingdom of Wind, the Kingdom of Fire, and the Kingdom of Iron had started a war.

Even a fool would know that with the strength of the Rain Country, they would only be bullying the Iron Country.

But at that time, none of them objected.

Of course, it could also be said that no one dared to object.

Therefore, at this moment, Akatsuki brought people to kill their way in.

While emphasizing the unfair treatment he had just received, persuading these people to surrender would not be of any use, so there was no need to feel surprised.

What was more interesting was that the official thought that he controlled the public opinion of Amegakure and did not know that Haru had already sent people to advertise.

As a result, the villagers did not reject Akatsuki’s group, who broke in.

Instead, they were faintly looking forward to it.

Needless to say, people like Noburi naturally did not care about the feelings of the villagers.

Under the lead of Kakuzu, Akatsuki’s group pushed all the way, and the resistance that was full of loopholes almost shattered with a touch.

Especially when a portion of Amagakure Ninja, who had wanted to join Akatsuki for a long time, stirred up internal strife, the result was already doomed!


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