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“Lord Noburi, run quickly.

Akatsuki’s rebels are about to come!”

“I’m not leaving.

I want to see Orochimaru-sama.

I want to see Orochimaru-sama!”

“It’s too late now.

By the way, didn’t Orochimaru-sama give me a brocade bag last time”

“Yes, yes, yes.

The brocade bag is here.

Open it quickly and take a look.”

Noburi, who was covered in sweat, opened the brocade bag trembling.

Then he saw the contents of the note.

His eyes were shocked and confused.

“This thing… is it really useful”

“And how did Orochimaru-sama know that Akatsuki’s people would definitely catch me”

Noburi was puzzled, but he ignored a fact.

If there was no encouragement and promise from the key person, how could he dare to do such a stupid thing after knowing how terrifying Akatsuki was

“All solved”

When the noise ended, Haru and the others also saw Kakuzu, who had completed the task.

Under Haru’s inquiry, Kakuzu’s face was black, and he reluctantly nodded.

Haru was amused when he saw this, and then he asked inadvertently, “How many have died”

The question was, of course, not how many enemies had died but how many of the people that Kakuzu had brought with him had died.

Sure enough!

Hearing Haru ask this, Kakuzu’s face sank on the spot.

He said extremely unhappily, “32.”

Haru was also a bit surprised.

Amagakure Ninja’s elites should have already been crippled.

Under the care of Kakuzu, they actually caused such a big loss.

It was really a bit hard to understand.

Then he heard Kakuzu say, “All a bunch of idiots!”

It turned out that there weren’t that many casualties.

It was just that when it was about to end, some people started to become impatient and had thoughts of stealing credit.

They wanted to catch that bull** Lord Noburi.

After all, there was no need to think about it.

Whoever could catch this person would be able to enter Lord Yone’s eyes.

At the very least, it would be good to get familiar with him!

Then, it became chaotic and triggered all kinds of traps.

Kakuzu risked losing two hearts to save many people and stop them in time.

Otherwise, why would he sacrifice so many people!

When Haru heard this, he was also very speechless.

He sympathized with Kakuzu very much, so he decisively deducted his 32-month bonus!

Kakuzu was so angry that he even forgot to mention the matter of raising his salary, which made the black-hearted capitalist Haru secretly feel good.

After entering, Kagami asked, “That Noburi, do you still want to see him”

“No need, just deal with it.”

Kagami nodded, turned around, and left.

But not long after, he led a nervous middle-aged man in.


Kagami said, “This person is Noburi.

He said that there is something important that he must tell you.

I don’t think it is fake, so I brought him here.”


Haru didn’t think he would be interested in what the other party said next, but since Kagami had already brought him here, he might as well listen to it.

“This secret is very important.

I can only tell it to you alone.” Noburi gritted his teeth and said.

“You guys go out first.

Kagami will stay.” Haru raised his eyebrows.

After everyone went out, Noburi still did not say a word.

He just glanced at Kagami from time to time, and his meaning was clear.

However, this time, Haru was no longer accustomed to this problem of his.

His voice became cold, “Speak, or die.”

Noburi gritted his teeth.

He knew that he could no longer challenge the other party’s bottom line, so he followed the words on the note and said, “Do you want to know the whereabouts of the second generation Hokage, Senju Tobirama”

The killing intent in Haru’s eyes almost solidified in an instant, causing Noburi to look frightened and have difficulty breathing.

He instantly sweated profusely and wet his clothes.

“Who told you to say that”

“No… no one, it’s… it’s me…”

Haru was too lazy to waste time on this kind of person and directly said to Kagami, “I’ll leave it to you.”


Kagami nodded and directly dragged away Noburi, who was like a dead dog.

Then Haru closed his eyes and began to think about whether this was just a coincidence or if someone else had really found Tobirama’s secret base

Since he could get this information from Mito, it meant that other people could also get the same information through other channels.

Not long after, Kagami returned.

“It’s Orochimaru.

This guy isn’t dead, and he’s still doing some small things in secret.

His purpose is unknown.”

Haru felt slightly surprised, but he also thought it was reasonable.

If it were for Orochimaru, he would either be testing him or trying to find out if he was the person in his memory.

Or he really knew this secret and tried to exchange it for something.

However, this did not make sense.

If Orochimaru knew that Tobirama was not dead and was somewhere else, why didn’t he say it Or did someone deliberately hide it

Haru’s thoughts were a mess, and he finally decided to wait and see.

When dealing with people like Orochimaru, he must not follow the other party’s thoughts, or it would be too late to regret it.

“What are you going to do” Kagami asked.

“I won’t do anything.

Just pretend that nothing happened.”

Haru replied.

However, it was not that he did not do anything.

At the very least, he had to inform Tsunade and make more preparations to see what Orochimaru was planning.

“The most important thing right now is to announce the dominance of the Rain Country.

The time will be set for three days, and the location will be here.

Also, send someone to spread the news and then keep an eye on Konoha and Sand Village’s movements, killing all possible unforeseen events in the cradle!”

Although he couldn’t figure out why Haru had to do this, Kagami was more used to solving problems with action than questioning, not to mention that Haru was so serious.

After Kagami left, Haru took a deep breath.

Success or failure would depend on three days later.

The golden finger that had not been activated for more than twenty years finally saw hope this time.

Myriad Realms Monolith:

[Status: Serious Damaged]

[Activation condition: Occupying an area, the area is no less than 100,000 square meters.


Looking at this abnormal condition, Haru narrowed his eyes slightly.

He felt that the areas he occupied had already exceeded the number of 100,000 square meters, but the activation option had always been in a dark state.

It made him wonder whether this thing had been completely scrapped!

But then he thought for a long time and found that perhaps what he was doing now was not the real ‘occupy’.

Occupying meant turning things into his own private property, so were those territories his property Obviously not!

In other words, only when he truly became the master of this country, and most of the people in this area agreed with this point of view, the meaning of the word ‘occupy’ might be true!

As for whether this was the truth or not, he would see Akatsuki three days later.

Even Haru, who had almost forgotten that he still had the golden finger, could not help but be a little worried about the loss.


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