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Three days later.

Something that made the people of Rain Country boil with excitement happened.

Akatsuki officially took over the entire country and promised to drive away the enemy and help everyone rebuild their homes.

Akatsuki’s leader, Yone, also launched an impassioned speech on the tower in front of all the people of Amegakure.

The title was “100 stories about the full-scale construction of a small and healthy society”.

It was rumored that the scene at that time was really red flag fluttering, a sea of people, swords and swords roaring in the sky, and Ninjutsu together!

Alright, it was a little exaggerated.

However, after a series of propaganda and actual political achievements, the people of Rain Country did not object to Akatsuki taking over the country, nor did they object to Yone becoming the master of this country.

In this era where Ninja World was always fighting, talking about human rights, and such things were all rogue, or they were just full of themselves.

People were already very grateful that they could live, and they would not think about those messy things.

Therefore, compared to freedom and equality, a powerful leader who could let everyone live was the most important thing, even if it were for a dictatorship.

And Akatsuki, led by Haru, held these two points tightly in his hands!

Do you want to live Do you want to eat

Then choose to believe me unconditionally!

Walking on Amegakure’s street, Haru came to an empty space that he had inspected beforehand.

Just as he had guessed, after he officially announced that he was the master of this country and received the approval of more than half of the people, the Myriad Realms Monolith in his mind could finally be activated.

Haru touched the earth with his hand, and an option appeared in his head.

Will the main boundary monument be bound to this place The current number of bindings is 01.

Once confirmed, it cannot be released during the middle of containment.

Haru hesitated but still gritted his teeth and chose yes because he had no better choice now.

Even if he would regret it later, he had to do it!

Just as he made his choice, Myriad Realms Monolith was officially activated!

A hundred-meter-tall, forty-meter-wide, and nearly one-meter-thick stone stele suddenly rose from the ground!

The huge commotion caused by this side attracted many people to come and check it out.

After discovering that it was Lord Yone, they immediately bowed respectfully.

Then, they spontaneously formed a blockade to prevent people from offending Lord Yone.

However, they were still very curious about the stone stele that had suddenly appeared here.

At this time, Haru did not pay attention to the situation around him.

Instead, he focused his attention on Myriad Realms Monolith, who had changed in his head.

At the same time, a new flow of information was transmitted to him as Myriad Realms Monolith was officially activated, allowing him to understand the true usage of this thing finally.

To put it simply, it was to allow him to snatch territory everywhere and conquer the entire world.

At that time, even the world will be completely contained.

When thecontainmentis successful, Myriad Realms Monolith will repair itself and recover more power.

At the same time, he would also be rewarded accordingly.

Although it may sound very simple, it was not easy to operate it.

Because the current Myriad Realms Monolith was in a severely damaged state, his ability was extremely limited.

Therefore, even though he could containthe entire world with just a thought at his peak in the past, now he has to rely on himself to occupythe whole world step by step.  So as to achieve the conditions for Containment.

The meaning of Occupationthat Haru originally understood was actually only half correct.

The real Occupation was actually approved by The Will of The World . 

Only in this way Myriad Realms Monolith can use this lost ‘authority’ to achieveoccupyin the true sense through Haru, a person recognized by The Will of The World

And If you want to get the approval of The Will of The World

It was not difficult, but it was not that simple to do.

Taking the Rain Country as an example, Haru had occupied so many places before, but it was completely useless.

Only after the enemy has been driven away and obtained the recognition of most of the people and then takes the initiative to Announceand confirm his identity as the leader will he be officially recognized.

If he only killed Hanzo to replace him.

Because if the people of the country did not think that you were the master of the country, then how could The Will of The World, be deceived

In other words, it was useless to use force to push the entire world was useless.

He had to learn how to win people’s hearts to achieve his ultimate goal.

Haru had a headache.

He was just bragging at the beginning.

Why was he now forcing him to unify Ninja World

Was he born to be a man who lived in the legends

Haru was a little unsettled.

Then he began to check which golden fingers Myriad Realms Monolith had brought to him.

Regular Mission


(Building houses – 0/10, clearing roads, building incineration field)

Reward: 100 energy points


(Spend10 million taels for territory construction.)

Reward: 1000 energy points


(Capture spy 0/10, capture thief 0/10, capture bandit 0/10)

Reward: 100 energy points mission

Note: The mission list can be refreshed.

After midnight every day, there is a chance to refresh.

It cannot be stacked.

Law Slot

Current vacant slot: 1

Each time it is turned on, it consumes 1 energy point per second law.

Note: After the law is confirmed, it can not be changed for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, you can replace the law with 1000 energy points.

Basic Defense

After opening, the territory enters absolute invincibility mode, which consumes 10,000 energy points per second.

Note: The larger the territory area, the higher the consumption.

Roulette Lottery

1000 energy points, ten consecutive draws will guarantee one Law.


Energy point rewards are issued once a month based on resident satisfaction.

Note: The more residents there are in the territory, the more basic rewards there are.

Haru was a little dazzled, but this was not right.

Without such a messy ability, how could it be called a golden finger

Apart from the Roulette Lottery, which made him tremble a little, the other abilities looked very… well, simple and unadorned.

But just a Basic Defensemade him feel that it was worth the price! Absolute invincible mode; it sounds like a super Diao*! I’m sorry for such an unpretentious name!

[TL/N: Diao is slang used to call something cool.]


Ten thousand energy points per second

The hardest level is over.

What is it to save energy points

At the very least, he wouldn’t starve to death if he ate taxes every month!

However, what exactly was this Law Slot

There was a look of doubt in Haru’s eyes.


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