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Law Slot

Current vacant slot: 1

Every time you open it, you will need to consume 1 energy point per second.

Note: After the law is confirmed, it can not be changed for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, 1000 energy points can be replaced.

Haru tried to open it, reminding him that he lacked ofLaw.

Then he found that Law can be obtained in two ways, one is through Roulette Lottery, the Law drawn has a high degree of uncertainty, and anything is possible.

The other is to Formulateit yourself, but this method requires a lot of energy points, and the simpler and easier it is, the less consumption, and vice versa.

Haru tried to make a Law .

Everyone who is really prepared to kill Senju will commit suicide

Then he was reminded that the formulation failed, but the reason was not that the Law he formulated was too outrageous, but that he had insufficient energy points, so he failed!

What kind of Law is this It’s basically just saying the law and making up the Rulesof this area!

It was no wonder it was so difficult to activate Myriad Realms Monolith.

If he did not deceive the Will of the World, how could he do such a heaven-defying thing

As long as he had enough energy points, what was the difference between him and a real god

Even a god could be killed for you to see!

It was nothing more than a matter of Law.

However, Haru quickly regained his calm because he discovered two major drawbacks of this.

First, the only place he could influence was the area where he OccupywithMyriad Realms Monolith.

Once he left the Rain Country, no matter how strong Law, he would not be able to control the outside of his country.

Second, it was the problem of energy points.

If he wanted to develop the super-strong Law, he would need an astronomical amount of energy points.

Moreover, he still had to draw a lottery and leave a certain amount of energy points to activate Basic Defense just in case.

How long would it take to accumulate that many energy points

Even though Haru did not expect that one minute ago and thought it was a small matter.

He quickly realized it was something to consider a minute later, it made him worry.

It seemed that to stabilize and obtain more energy points, it still had to depend on the function of Tax.

Just like when playing Civilization 6, when the number of gold coins produced in each round reached an extremely high level, it could be used to feed back technology and military strength.

As long as Haru managed Rain Country well and then seized the opportunity to annex the surrounding countries, expand the territory, and accept more people, the development would naturally be faster.

Maybe when the time comes, those energy points from eatingTaxevery month will be able to make a fortune and go to a well-off life!!

Haru was a little excited again, but he still could not find anything like a novice gift package after searching several times, and there was not a single energy point, so he could only stare.

However, Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries.

Just as he unwillingly opened the function of Roulette Lottery, he was surprised and delighted to discover that he had a chance to draw ten consecutive draws for free!

What he was happy about was that he could buy some things for free so that he could get through the initial predicament.

What shocked him was that he was too familiar with this pattern.

Before he crossed over, he almost used all of his salary and savings.

He didn’t expect that the divine artifact that brought him to this world would keep up with the times.

It really made him not know whether to laugh or cry.

Without another word, Haru decisively pulled!

Regardless of whether or not he would feel the fear of his wallet being dominated in the future, in short, he could not give up the opportunity to spend money!

The promised Roulette Lottery,

In the end, he didn’t even make an animation for a perfunctory customer, and the result came out in the next second.

Wow, golden —!

Haru made a sound for himself and then looked at the lottery result.

He saw the Myriad Realms Monolith in his mind showing: [You have obtained energy points(10), energy points(100), energy points(10), law slot fragments(1), energy points(10), law points(1), energy points(100), catnip(1), energy points(10), energy points(10).


He only ate to the minimum…

Haru comforted himself.

In any case, it was a free ten roll.

It was unrealistic to expect good goods to come out at once.

It was better than nothing.

After comforting himself, Haru ignored the 250 energy points and looked at other things.

Law Slot Fragments(1), gather 10, and you can expand an additional law slot.

Very useful things.

The prerequisite is that you need to draw 10 of them.


[Item Description: An addictive item that makes all cats crazy.


[Evaluation: D Report! ]

En, it’s a useless thing again.

I still don’t know what use Salted Fish Sword that was given to me 18 years ago.

Or is it really only used to make soup 

Finally, there was a complete law that Haru was looking forward to very much.

Law : The use of transformation is prohibited

Although he was a little disappointed with the idea of trying out the ability of the golden finger, Haru decisively embedded the only law into the law slot and immediately chose to open it.

At the moment of opening, Haru was trying to use the Law of transformation technique.

However, there was a sudden disturbance in the surroundings….

“Nagasawa… No, you are not Nagasawa!”

“Narimiya How did you become a different person”

“What happened How could my transformation technique…”

There were many people in the crowd who were watching, but when Haru opened the onlyLaw, the transformation technique of the entire Rain Country had failed!

This caused many people to suddenly change back to their original appearance without any precautions.

For example, ‘Nagasawa’ who disguised himself as an ordinary villager, ‘Narimiiya’ who disguised himself as a transport team member…

And there seemed to be many people like this.

After discovering that they were inexplicably exposed, they immediately chose to escape without hesitation.

This time, even without interrogation, they knew they were hiding something.

They must be spies sent by other forces.

Among them, there was no lack of experts in disguise.

The subtlety of the transformation technique was impossible to see through.

Unless it was someone who had special abilities like Sharingan, it was possible to see through it.

But who would be free to stare at ordinary people

Even if it really happened, it would just be considered unlucky.

But what was going on now


Haru did not just stand still and directly gave the order to pursue, regardless of life or death!


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