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He didn’t expect to test his golden finger and blow up some spies around him.

It was an unexpected surprise.

Since it was a ‘gift’ that was sent to him, he naturally would not be polite.

Haru immediately sent people to chase after them.

If he could let these people run away in his territory, then this group of trash would be fine if he did not accept them.

He would all go back to farming.

Moreover, after this incident, he also discovered that if Law used this thing well, it would be able to display its miraculous effects at a specific time and place!

He could use relatively small energy points to customize some special Law, either providing favorable conditions or targeting the enemy’s weaknesses.

As soon as his train of thought was opened, Haru felt his thoughts suddenly surge like a spring, and he could study it properly for the next period of time.

Just then, Kagami also received the news and rushed over, “What is this thing Did you channel it What happened just now”

Haru used the story he made up before his death to explain, “This is a new type of ninjutsu I recently developed.

I named it – Divine Art.”

After listening to Haru’s nonsense, Kagami was speechless.

He could only look at Haru with a’ Do you think I’m stupid’.

Haru also knew that Kagami definitely did not believe what he had just said.

It just so happened that he was still wasting energy points to experiment, so he directly spoke to Kagami, “I have banned the use of the transformation technique here.

If you don’t believe me, you can try it.”

This time, the unconvinced Kagami directly used the transformation technique, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not use it.

Kagami was suddenly stunned.

How was this possible

Divine Art

“All of you, use the transformation technique to transform into my appearance.”

Kagami, who suspected that Haru had done something to him, directly said to his subordinates at the side.

Everyone was confused when they heard this order, but they still had to listen to Lord Kagami’s words, so they began to use the transformation technique one by one.

The result was the same as just now.

No one succeeded.

There were even people whose faces were red, and they directly burst out a fart, almost killing everyone present with chemical weapons.

Fortunately, someone used Wind Release to save everyone in time.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“What the hell is going on” Although there were many examples in front of him, Kagami still asked in disbelief.

After all, this had already begun to challenge his worldview of Ninjutsu.

Even Rikudou Sennin couldn’t make the entire country unable to use a single Ninjutsu, right

Haru laughed, “Remove the ban.

Now you try again.”

Kagami once again used the transformation technique, and the result was that he succeeded all of a sudden.

The others also followed suit and succeeded, but the doubts in their hearts became deeper and deeper.

Haru did not explain but added a layer of packaging to the so-called ‘Divine Art’ in front of everyone.

He instantly released a huge momentum and said in a dignified and ruthless voice, “God said….”

As if it was to cooperate with him, the content of the huge stone tablet on the outside directly turned into seven big words “This place forbids the transformation of the body!”

If Haru was willing, he could also adjust the font and color.

It was very human-like.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The moment Haru finished speaking, everyone who had just completed the transformation technique, including Kagami, was forcibly removed from the effect of the transformation technique.

“Now, you can try again.”

Kagami, shocked by the attack just now, immediately tried again.

Sure enough, it did not work again!

Kagami, whose eyes were full of shock, really did not know what to say this time.

It seemed that he could not believe it.

But was there really such a thing in the Divine Art

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly saw Haru transform into his appearance using the transformation technique.

Kagami subconsciously blurted out, “Why are you not affected by the divine arts”

It was only then that Haru realized that as Myriad Realms Monolith’s master, he could choose whether this Law should influence him.

After all, the law was originally made by the person in power, and the right that he could not obey was materialized.

For example, in ancient times, when the Emperor said that the Emperor was guilty of the same crime as the common people, it was simply nonsense!

For example, some small crimes might be willing to be punished in order to show the world.

But when someone really dared to count the Emperor’s crimes and wanted to execute the Emperor, the Emperor would probably laugh and kill the whole family of this guy and then nine generations!

Whoever believed it would die quickly!

As Myriad Realms Monolith’s master, Law, which was personally created and opened by Haru, naturally had the same reason.

Was it beneficial to him

Of course.

Was it not equally treated

Dream on!

Just like now, even if he could use the Transformation Spell, the others would not be able to use it.

This ability was very practical!

Haru was very satisfied and quickly closed it up.

It was good to use, but it cost too many energy points.

There was only one Law now.

If there were more, dozens or even hundreds of Law use it at the same time.

That scene would consume a lot of energy.

Tsk tsk!

“How far have you developed this divine art”

Kagami should not have asked too many questions about this secret.

However, he was too curious.

Secondly, he wanted to understand the potential of this thing.

If he could stop the transformation technique, it would be too weak.

Although Haru believed in Kagami, there were still some things that could not be told to him, so he vaguely said, “It is still developing.

There should be new divine arts appearing in the future.”

Kagami immediately stopped thinking about this topic and turned to look at the huge stone tablet.

“What is the use of this thing”

Haru was about to say this, so he immediately explained, “This is something that I materialized with divine arts.

In the future, I will issue some tasks through this stone tablet every day.

You will immediately send someone to protect this place and create an existence similar to the mission distribution point.

In the future, not only the tasks on the stone tablet, all the tasks will be issued and settled here.”

“Then it is best to organize a constitution and set the tasks shown on the stone tablet as the highest priority.

Let’s see if it is to increase the reward of the task or to mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm through some other method so that they can complete the tasks as quickly as possible.”

As Haru spoke, he controlled the stone tablet to show Regular Mission’s information.

Kagami’s attention was immediately drawn over.

He knew that this must be related to some secret.

However, Kagami’s personality was like this.

He would never ask about things that others were unwilling to say.

“I know.

If this thing is very important to you, I think there are some things that can be taken out in advance.”

When Haru heard this, he immediately felt relieved.

The existence of Kagami made him feel much more relaxed.


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