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Rain Country suddenly underwent an earth-shaking change.

First, Akatsuki became the only official violent organization in the Rain Country.

The original Amagakure Ninja was disbanded and re-integrated into Akatsuki’s furnace to rebuild.

The original Amegakure was also officially renamed as Akatsuki’s Village.

Then, Akatsuki also became more formal and rigorous, fine-tuning the division structure.

The highest level was naturally Haru, who was the leader of Akatsuki.

At present, only Kagami and Kakuzu were included as core members.

Even White Zetsu was not included by Haru.

After that, there were internal members.

Basically, those who had joined Akatsuki long ago and experienced so much but still remained unmoved.

The people who remained had all transformed into people of this level.

Finally, they were the peripheral members.

They were commonly known as cannon fodder.

Only by making enough contributions or reaching a certain degree of contribution points would they be able to advance to an internal member.

However, it was not easy for an internal member to become a core member.

Apart from having enough contribution points, they also need to have individual strengths.

Haru’s standards in his heart could not be worse than Kakuzu’s.

In addition, Haru also took out Akatsuki’s signature fiery cloud robe.

Of course, the tailor who did it must be Kakuzu.

(Kakuzu, who was sewing the clothes, suddenly threw the clothes on his hand to the ground: If you curse again, you curse again!)

The core members of Akatsuki each had one robe.

The internal members were wearing dark purple robes, which looked a bit like the dress of Akatsuki when Yahiko was in power in the original work.

The outer members were in Amagakure Ninja’s original outfit, but they were no longer wearing the mask.

It was not that Haru was lazy and did not want to waste more brain cells to change these people’s clothes, but it was out of two considerations.

First, it was to stimulate the outer members more so that they could recognize their current status and identity.

Amagakure Ninja’s era had already passed! Now, if they wanted to make a name for themselves, they had to follow Akatsuki’s rules.

Second, it was to send a signal to the outside world to show off Akatsuki’s arrogance.

The guy wearing this ninja suit was only the lowest level of outer members in our Akatsuki.

It could be imagined how many members and core members there were!

It showed that he was different from the others!

One had to know that the clothes of the five great Ninja Village were basically the same.

The only difference was that the colors and details were different.

The clothes of the other small Ninja Village were also changed according to the five great Ninja Village.

This way, they should understand the purpose of Haru choosing to do this.

As for Haru himself, he did not do anything special.

He just added a bit of gold on his Fire Cloud Robe and used this low-key and luxurious method to make a little difference.

Then there were some changes on the other side.

For example, with the huge stone monument that suddenly appeared, Kagami moved very quickly.

Now, it had been changed into a new stronghold for Akatsuki’s members to take on missions.

People came and went every day.

Many missions were issued here, and there were special missions that only appeared on the stone monument.

Everyone could accept it, but it had to be completed.

Whether a single person or a team, the form did not matter.

After it was completed, not only would there be generous rewards, but they would also be able to obtain the contribution points they dreamed of.

And the release of this contribution point was Kagami’s proposal.

Sometimes, money alone could not mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone, and it also needed something more valuable and honorable.

Thus, contribution points were successfully bred.

As long as you have enough contribution points, you can exchange all kinds of things in the organization, including Ninjutsu, secret arts, weapons, etc.

The most important thing is that you can also get a higher position!

Haru himself knew a lot of Fire Escape and Water Escape Ninjutsu, as well as physical skills and swordsmanship.

In addition, the original self-created Ninjutsu left by Amegakure should be enough to support the early transition period.

Of course, he would not teach everything.

He would only choose Ninjutsu which could be used as a reward.

After that, he would also find a way to get more ninjutsu and secret arts to enrich the stock of Akatsuki’s exchange.

Moreover, the ninjutsu exchanged from the organization was strictly forbidden to be spread outside.

For this reason, Haru used the tongue curse of Root as inspiration and used Uzumaki Clan’s seal as a way to release a curse seal.

—Anyone who wanted to leak out the ninjutsu learned from Akatsuki would be paralyzed and unable to move.

In this way, the existence of the ‘Ninjutsu second-hand dealer’ has been eradicated, and it has ensured the enthusiasm of the organization’s members.

If you want to use contribution points to exchange for ninjutsu and secret arts, you have to accept this curse seal.

Of course, no one would force you to.

If you don’t want it, you can also not exchange it.

As soon as this move was launched, it immediately became popular.

Because ninjutsu is something that most people cherish, no one will teach you if you have no blood-related reasons to do so.

—If it weren’t for this reason, Tobirama would not have founded the ninja school at the beginning and then come up with a graduation class system, with Chunin or Jonin as the leading teacher to teach those students who have completed the basic training.

Now that there was a chance, who wouldn’t be tempted at all

Moreover, the distribution of contribution points didn’t affect the reward of the original task.

It belonged to the ‘extra’ income.


Every day, all kinds of construction tasks and public security tasks were taken away.

It was really fast and slow.

Of course, if they didn’t finish, the punishment would be very strict, so everyone began to build their own task teams.

They had a tacit understanding and trust in each other.

Therefore, many villagers of Rain Country began to see a large number of Akatsuki members go to various places every day to help everyone rebuild their homes.

Those thieves and robbers were all in big trouble.

Adults are directly arrested and worked according to the seriousness of the crime, and those who stutter will not starve to death.

The minors will be centralized for ideological education and then set up a few orphanages to come out so as not to let them fall into the streets again.

If there were a family who wanted to adopt children, there would be an opportunity to choose.

Haru did not give up on those who were unwilling to be adopted.

Instead, he sent a few Akatsuki internal members in charge to teach them and see if they had the qualifications to become ninjas.

At least, there was no doubt about the loyalty of these children after they grew up.

Finally, at the border of the Land of Rain, a circle of boundary markers with a height of 1.7 meters and a width of 0.7 meters suddenly appeared at an unknown time.

It was marked on it:

Rain Country


It made everyone who saw it feel a sense of belonging!

At this point, although Sand Village and Konoha were still watching on the border, the Rain Country was thriving and full of hope and light.


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