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No one had expected that after Akatsuki had taken control of Amegakure, he would be able to turn the entire country upside down in such a short time.

Of course, for this reason, Haru also spent a lot of money.

Initially, the old base that Amegakure had left behind and the coffins that Kakuzu had voluntarily contributed were basically all used to exchange for supplies.

He had almost spent all of them.

This was the result of Haru occasionally going to get some ‘quick’ buck.

During the war, the commercial trade between each country was already in a basically stagnant state.

It was impossible for Amegakure to recover from the dilapidated state overnight.

But how could Haru find another way and directly use Flying Thunder God to run the business

With this natural advantage, as long as he had the QR code, he could sell the things in the north to the southernmost country in a second!

Therefore, Haru could find a way to get all the materials that Amegakure urgently needed at the fastest speed.

In addition, Akatsuki’s members were so enthusiastic that they did tasks day and night so that Amegakure, which had become extremely dilapidated, almost looked like a new country.

When the ninja devoted himself to the construction, the efficiency was more than ten times higher.

Just like the satisfaction and support of the people, Haru’s pitiful energy points were rising rapidly.

The mission of squandering ten million ryo a day was a must.

In addition, there were construction missions and security missions that could be refreshed every day.

These complicated missions would tire Haru to death every day, but fortunately, they could be handed over to others.

He could also earn several hundred energy points a day, which added up to about 1500 energy a day.

During this period, Sand Village Village couldn’t help but attack again and temporarily trigger a special security mission, driving the enemy away, rewarding one thousand energy points, destroying all enemies, and doubling the reward.

For this little bit of energy, Haru also became ruthless.

He applied pressure on World of Darkness and used Susanoo to attack Sand Village, which had invaded directly—making Sand Village dumbfounded.

The two sides were not on the same level.

Akatsuki had quietly cut off Sand Village’s escape route, surrounded them, and began attacking mercilessly.

No one was spared; more than two hundred Sand Village Ninjas were completely wiped out!

Thus, another two thousand energy points were added.

In more than twenty days, Haru had already accumulated 35160 energy points.

If he opened Basic Defense, he would probably be able to last for three and a half seconds.

If he opened only one Law, he should be able to last for more than nine hours, not even half a day.

On the other hand, he can playRoulette Lottery three times in a row/

Haru almost burst into tears.

It was really difficult.

Then Kakuzu, who was in charge of the money, came over and asked for money.

“How much money does the organization have How many days can it last” Haru was very troubled.

Kakuzu sneered, “With how things are going right now, we won’t be able to hold on for a day.

However, if we temporarily stop construction, we may be able to hold on for a few more days.”

The construction of Amegakure definitely could not be stopped.

The first month was about to pass, and he was still waiting to eat this wave of Tax to complete his salted fish transformation.

Therefore, he could only increase his investment at this time, and it was impossible to reduce it.

Wasn’t there a saying that went from frugal to extravagant and from extravagant to frugal

Although it was not at that level yet, once they slowed down, everyone would have a gap, and all sorts of wild thoughts would swarm out of their brains.

Haru did not want to take this risk.

And obviously, how could Myriad Realms Monolith’s importance be comparable to a bit of money

What he wanted the most now was not money.

It was energy points, and it was the damn useful energy points!

“I know.

I will deal with the money.”

“So when will my salary be paid When will you pay back the money you owe me How will the interest be calculated” Kakuzu pressed on.

What I am afraid of comes.

Haru shouted in his heart.

Then, he decisively left behind a single sentence before using Flying Thunder God to run away.

“Next time! I’ll be leaving first.”

Kakuzu’s face was dark as he opened his mouth.

Haru had left!

“I believe you!”

“If you don’t give me money, I will sell all the valuable things here sooner or later!”


After Haru slipped away, he was not in a hurry to earn extra money.

Instead, he first looked at Kushina and the others.

At this time, Kushina was training with Nagato and the other two, meticulously sprinkling her sweat.

These children had experienced unimaginable pain, so they cherished their current lives.

Lord Yone, who had taken them in and nurtured them, was even more grateful.

“Lord Yone! x3”

Only Kushina knew that Haru’s original name was not Yone, so she did not speak.

She just snorted.

Although they spent most of their time training, they were much better than the children who could only stay in the orphanage.

Moreover, Haru did not forbid them from going out for a walk as long as they didn’t run into dangerous places.

Therefore, they had heard a lot of things from the uncles in the organization.

Lord Yone killed Hanzo in one move and beat Sand Village in one glance.

Then, he slashed Konoha and fled.

Of course, there was also a huge change in Amegakure!

This was originally their lifelong wish.

Now, seeing that this country was really improving bit by bit, that kind of joy was truly indescribable.

And all of these changes were undoubtedly brought about by Lord Yone!

To say ‘worship’ was not too excessive!

Or rather, Haru had already begun to become a god that the entire people of Amegakure respected!

“How’s the progress”

Looking at the little guys, Haru’s mood, which was originally depressed because of Kakuzu, was relieved.

“Very good.

I think it won’t be long before we can become real ninjas!” Yahiko said with great confidence.

Haru smiled and said, “At best, that is just the real starting point.

You still have a long way to go.”

Seeing that the enthusiasm of the little guys was somewhat affected, Haru continued, “But I believe that you can all grow to a height that ordinary people can only look up to.

When I return next time, if all of you reach the standard I expected, I will officially accept you as my disciples.”

When these words came out, Konan and the others were so excited that their faces turned red.

At the same time, they all made up their minds to pass Lord Yone’s test and become Lord Yone’s true disciples!

A trace of envy flashed through Kushina’s eyes, and it just so happened that the meticulous and sensitive Nagato captured it.

It was from that time that Nagato learned of his identity as the Uzumaki Clan and also understood what happened to the Uzumaki Clan.

He also became closer to Kushina.

After all, it is very likely that the two of them are the only two Uzumaki clan people left in this world.

Therefore, Nagato hesitated for a moment and asked, “Then, can we let Sister Kushina come with us”

Konan and Yahiko were stunned at first, then they agreed with this proposal.


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