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Haru, who had a strong desire to ridicule in his heart, had always been self-reasoned.

He was already so miserable.

Wouldn’t it be bad for us to laugh at this time

But it was really too melodramatic!

Moreover, this Kamen Rider and Machine God were completely different from what he had imagined before, alright!

After Haru heard this, he even felt that there was a strong sense of incongruity and familiarity somewhere, and then he carefully pondered over it.

Weren’t these puppet masters of Machine God studying the human puppets invented by Sasori in the original work

If the other human puppets were ‘dead objects’ and didn’t match Machine God’s concept of ‘flesh, blood, and machinery fused together’, then Sasori would make herself into a human puppet, and then use the method of ‘developing the nucleus’ to complete a certain meaning of ‘eternal life’.

Wouldn’t it be exactly the same as the highest profound meaning that Emperor Knight was pursuing

After so many years, the only successful ‘piece of work’ had replaced two-thirds of his flesh and blood, and Sasori seemed to have completely abandoned his physical body just by casually fiddling with it.

This was simply incomparable!

Moreover, looking at it like this, Sasori’s talent in puppets was simply unprecedented and unprecedented.

Of course, Haru did not completely believe what this fellow said.

He could even guess that this fellow was definitely hiding something.

However, this fellow still had some value.

Most of Amegakure’s buildings were mainly made of steel and were suitable to be promoted.

A person who understood this technology could save a lot of things.

After all, he had been on the run for so many years, so he couldn’t possibly have found someone else to take care of the maintenance and replacement of these parts.

If he couldn’t, he could even sell them to the black market.

In any case, it wouldn’t be a loss.

Sympathy was sympathy, business was business.

It was already not easy for him to be willing to give this guy another choice, like the previous few didn’t have such good treatment.

So he asked, “Can you repair machinery”

Seeing Emperor Knight nod his head slightly, he continued, “’20 years, I will give you a chance to take revenge on anyone.”

Emperor Knight was not moved at all.

“You have ten minutes to consider whether you want to come with me or let me send you to exchange for money.

I believe that you should know who offered you the reward.”

The look in Emperor Knight’s eyes began to change.

Ten minutes later.

“It seems that you have made a choice.” Haru did not care.

The previous proposal was originally on a whim.

If he did not agree, it would be the same if he exchanged it for money.

But at this moment, Emperor Knight suddenly said, “I want to bury them myself.”

Haru raised his eyebrows, “Up to you, but you are now.”

Emperor Knight did not speak, but his expression was solemn, and his face was pale.

He did not know what to do.

Then, Haru, who opened Sharingan, found that the chakra and blood in his body were gathering into the hole in his chest.

That should have been the place where the ‘ruby’ was stored, but at the last moment when it was about to explode, it was forcibly dug out by Haru, and then Flying Thunder God took Emperor Knight away.

Now, a large amount of blood and chakra gathered together, and slowly condensed into a ‘ruby’ that was many times smaller than before.

Then, half of Emperor Knight’s face was deathly pale, and he staggered up again.

Even though he still looked extremely terrifying, his aura was still stable.

This thing actually had many similarities with Sasori’s – Regeneration Core

Haru’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Regardless of whether this topic was sensitive or not, he directly asked, “What is this”

Emperor Knight was also very straightforward.

He directly explained, “Those people call this thing ‘Regeneration Ruby’.

It is used to control the operation of the mechanical part of the body.

If it is destroyed, the mechanical part of the body will immediately stop its function.

However, because there is still a third of my body that has not been modified, after the ‘Regeneration Ruby’ is destroyed, it can still survive for a period of time with the part of the ‘people’.


“After that, use a secret technique, and use enough blood and chakra to condense a ‘Regeneration Ruby’ again to recover.

However, it will take a very long time to completely recover.”

Haru was very satisfied with the bachelor’s attitude.

He found that although Machine God’s guys were not very good, they had indeed developed something after so long.

It was not completely without merit.

Not only did he have an extra life, he could also use it to self-destruct at a critical moment.

This time, he did not have to worry that this guy would die in a few days.

After watching Emperor Knight silently bury his wife and children, Haru was also a little infected and remembered the past.

But in the end, he still had to look forward.

When the situation in the country was completely stabilized, he could try to find a way to get his ‘bottom of the line’.

The second great battle of Ninja World had originally needed another two years to recover.

Now that he had this little butterfly, he didn’t know if it would end early or in a few more years.

He also had to prepare for the rain.

Fortunately, the golden finger had been successfully activated.

The longer it dragged on, the more beneficial it would be for him.

At that time, he really wouldn’t be afraid of anyone fighting!

If you don’t agree, just knock!

At this time, Emperor Knight, who had finished whispering to the grave, also walked back.

“Before I give you the answer, I want to confirm one thing first.

What do you need me to do”

Through the previous conversation, Haru also knew that this guy was actually a person with persistence.

Coincidentally, he was also a person with a bottom line, so he would not use the other party as a war machine.

Therefore, he directly said, “I have a country.

I want to completely build it into a steel capital.

If it is possible, it is best to install some mechanical weapons so that everyone can have some self-protection when the crisis comes.”

“Of course, the final step depends on your ability.”

“You don’t need me to go out and fight” Emperor Knight’s eyes slightly changed.

When Haru heard this, he smiled.

“Trust me.

Although your strength is not bad, it is not up to my standards.

So, it is enough for you to be a logistician.

Professional things like fighting will be handed over to those professionals.”

Emperor Knight was a little stunned.

One had to know that he had been modified with war machines as his philosophy in the beginning, but now he was reduced to logistics

This more or less made him a little unconvinced, but he was conflicted again.

After all, he had already had enough of the life of killing.

If not for the obsession in his heart, he might not have lived alone.

“If that’s the case, I think I should be honest with one thing.

I am not an experiment captured by others.

I am willing to accept the transformation.

Let me reintroduce myself.

I am the elite puppet master of the original puppet troop of Sunagakure.

At the same time, I am one of Machine God’s founders, Kamen Rider Emperor Knight.

Although Haru had long expected that this guy would not tell the truth or hide anything, he did not expect it to be like this.

Then what was the truth of the previous story

Why did this guy suddenly tell the truth

Emperor Knight’s unexpected action made him feel surprised and confused.


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