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Haru couldn’t figure out what this guy was thinking, but he didn’t care.

He only imprinted Flying Thunder God’s tactic on the other party’s ‘Regeneration Ruby’.

With the QR code, no matter what the other party was planning, he could stop it in time.

Anyway, he only needed the other party’s technology in the mechanical field.

And Emperor Knight did not show anything that made people feel uneasy, and did not even mention the matter of revenge.

In this regard, Haru did not say anything, and directly used Flying Thunder God to bring him back to Amegakure.

He found Kagami and handed the money he earned back to him, and asked him to transfer it to Kakuzu on his behalf, so that he would not talk about money every time they met and hurt their feelings.

He then told Kagami that this was the new chief engineer of the engineering team, and that he could look for him if he had any problems in construction in the future.

No matter what, Emperor Knight was an elite puppet master, and he was a ruthless person who used himself as a puppet.

Zetsu knew much more about mechanisms and machinery than ordinary people, and this was the last reason why Haru brought him back.

“If there are any specific requirements, you can communicate with each other.”

Emperor Knight was not polite.

He directly said that he needed a large number of parts to repair his body.

If there were no ready-made parts, he could give him enough steel.

This request was reasonable.

Moreover, Amegakure had a few iron ores inside, so he was not short of these kinds of things.

It was just that he had never been valued by Hanzo in the past.

After all, there were only these things everywhere in the country of iron.

The ore production was so rich that it made people speechless, but it was useless.

Iron was not worth much, and only weapons could be sold at a high price.

What was really expensive were some special metals, such as the weapons and materials with good chakra conductivity.

But this time he met Haru, he had already started to prepare people to dig.

This time, he could be considered a man with a mine at home!

So he nodded to signal Kagami not to be polite.

Then, Kagami did not hesitate to ask a few professional questions first.

Then, he asked for some solutions.

Emperor Knight gave professional suggestions.

At least, as an amateur like Kagami, they should all be feasible methods.

Therefore, Kagami immediately left with Emperor Knight, who was covered in blood and tattered clothes.

He also found a dying puzzle that could be used first, which undoubtedly made Haru very happy.

Although building a country was not a matter of one day and one night, he could shorten this time through many ways.

It was quite a accomplishment in the whole process.

Especially when letting the people live a good life at the same time, it can also bring great benefits to themselves, this kind of satisfaction is very interesting.

Just like that, a few days later, the first month since the founding of the country finally passed.

Haru also received the first stroke of Tax as he wished.

The evaluation was that unsatisfied.

That’s right, the people were satisfied with a total of six levels – apart from rebellion, disappointment, dissatisfaction, satisfaction, happiness, eternal rest, and on the first month, the evaluation Haru received was that unsatisfied.

Even though he had done so many things, dissatisfaction was dissatisfaction.

Although it was not clear what Myriad Realms Monolith judged based on, there must be this reason.

Haru was not disappointed, but began to reflect.

He realized that this evaluation did not mean that all his efforts were in vain.

It was more like he had authenticated what he had done.

After all, everything could not be judged by the surface.

One had to know what kind of child he was when he took over Amegakure.

According to the current standard, it was at least a state where disappointment and was extremely close to the state of rebellion!

However, after Haru began to take over and manage the entire country, it only took a month for most of the people to regain hope.

From a state that was extremely close to rebellion, it quickly rose to a level, reaching a level that only unsatisfied.

Was this not worthy of being happy

Moreover, even if Haru went against his conscience, he had to admit that the current Amegakure was still so dilapidated.

He had not yet been able to rebuild himself from the flames of war.

There were even many people who had not had enough to eat.

Many people had nothing to do, and their business was close to collapse.

They simply could not find anything worthy of praise.

How could the people be satisfied with such a country

Haru estimated that from unsatisfied to satisfied with the great threshold of, it would be stuck for a long time.

After all, the basis of Myriad Realms Monolith’s judgment was not to give a person who could not eat a mouthful of rice to be satisfied.

That was not satisfaction.

It was only gratitude.

However, they were definitely still dissatisfied with the current state of the country.

Haru understood a little and could only smile bitterly.

However, the sudden increase of more than 160,000 energy points still shocked him!

At the same time, he could not help but think that unsatisfied evaluation – according to the normal situation, it should be deducted from the original foundation.

However, it was a little surprising that he could gain so much besides a part.

How much should it be to be satisfied

Where was happy

What about permanent residence

Haru found that he seemed to have found the right way to play this ‘game’.

Usually, doing tasks, ‘Donation Money’ was not a problem, and there were many points, so the goal was clear.

However, if he really wanted to become rich, he had to work hard to govern his country and rely on Tax to realize his dream.

Looking at his energy points of over 200,000, Haru was very satisfied, and his heart was like a cat scratching at it.

How about… smoking a few rounds to play

As soon as this thought appeared, it began to grow crazily and could not be suppressed.

Then, Haru gritted his teeth and opened up Roulette Lottery with the thought that he couldn’t bear to let the child get away with the wolf!

As usual, open the wallet, fill it half first, and open it!

Haru directly threw in 100,000 energy points, and without looking at it, he just smoked!

Ten whole times, five times, he didn’t even count, and then he trembled and became tasteless.

Then, Haru skipped the energy points and focused on the things that were obviously different, especially the ten consecutive security Law.

He didn’t believe that there were only a few awesome ones among the ten Law.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

What the hell is this There are laws that prohibits loud noises, laws that prohibits the size of the ground, and laws that prohibits running naked.

It is simply strange, there are all kinds of things!

When he saw these things, Haru really wanted to die.

He didn’t want to bully people like this.

Fortunately, the bastard didn’t push things too far and let him get something useful.

For example, there were 13 Law Slot Fragment, plus the one from before, a total of 14.

Once they gathered 10, they could open another law slot and add one more Law.

Then there are a few miscellaneous items that he had no idea what use they h, a piece of gum, a toy frisbee, and so on.

Of course, the most useful ones were the few special Law.


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