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Chiyo seemed to be very confident in Araya, so she directly gave him the authority.

Then, he saw Araya directly take out a scroll from his bosom and undo the seal.

“Go, my little babies!”

Ten strange looking birds immediately flew into the sky under the control of his Puppet Technique.

“Wooden Puppet Manipulation Technique!”

“Huh No one”

Araya seemed to have not expected this, but suddenly, he saw another guy who seemed to be forming a seal to attack them.

“Did I miss it just now”

Araya was not too sure, but his proud and arrogant personality made him stop thinking about this immediately.

He directly controlled the ten strange birds to dive down!

“I caught you, bastard!”

Haru was immersed in the pleasure of ‘I can hit you, but you can’t hit me’ when he suddenly raised his head and looked at the group of strange puppets diving down at him.


Haru muttered and completed the hand seal.

However, he changed his target.

“Fire Release – Dragon Fire Technique!”

In a split second, three gigantic fire dragons soared into the sky, instantly engulfing the ten strange birds that were diving down.

However, when he saw this scene, the corners of Araya’s mouth curled up slightly.


The instant the strange birds made contact with the flames, a huge explosion occurred.

Then, countless poisonous steel needles shot out in all directions!

Araya was sure that at this distance, it was impossible for Zetsu to dodge.

Even if he wanted to use ninjutsu to defend, he wouldn’t have enough time to make a seal.

This guy was dead for sure!

“Fire Release – Dragon Fire Flame Bullet!”

Just when Araya was extremely confident, four huge fire dragons directly plunged into the crowd from the sky.


The raging sea of fire spread out, and all kinds of miserable screams rang out.

Not to mention Araya, even Chiyo was facing this kind of situation for the first time.

Where was the enemy Who was the enemy How many enemies were there

None of them knew!

Then, at this moment, Akatsuki, who was a step slower, finally arrived.

In front of him was an external member who was originally wearing Amagakure Ninja’s vest, and behind him was an internal member wearing a dark purple ninja suit.

They had long heard the loud noise coming from this side and rushed over to take a look.

Sure enough, Yone-sama had already surrounded the enemy.

The only people who were extremely skilled in this kind of extremely powerful Water Release and Fire Release were only Yone-sama.

Just as they were deep in thought, a figure appeared in front of them.

It was really Haru who had weakened the enemy’s strength first.

“Leader!” Everyone shouted in admiration.

“En, I just went to exercise my muscles and bones to warm up.

I didn’t expect these guys to be so vulnerable.

I’ll leave the rest to you.

Can you do it”

Looking at these enemies who had lost at least half of their men and their morale dropping to a freezing point, they immediately became more confident and promised, “Fight to the death and not retreat!”

Haru nodded, “I will hold the line here.



Four hundred versus one hundred and fifty!

Although they already had the advantage in numbers, there was still a gap in individual strength.

Therefore, it was hard to say who would win in a real fight, especially the elite ninjas of the puppet army.

However, Haru did not seem to be worried at all.

“I want to kill them all!”

Araya grinned as he undid the bandages on his back, revealing the true face of the mountain.

It was a three-headed, six-armed Image result for sunagakure powerful puppet Master Puppet!

This puppet was Araya’s proudest work.

The number of hidden mechanisms and weapons was simply shocking.

It had once killed a 12-man team of Konoha alone, and there were even three Jonin among them.

It could be seen just how terrifying the power was!

He wanted to complete the achievement of a one-on-one hundred-man kill today!

The elites of the other puppet forces and Sunagakure Ninjas who were good at puppet techniques all took out all kinds of strange puppet works.

Although they were caught off guard and confused just now, this did not mean that they could not do anything to the enemies they could see.

Even Chiyo had a calm face and released the White Secret Technique – The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets!

Chiyo had once relied on this group of close to ten people to attack a city alone!

Ayara looked at the puppet released by Chiyo-sama with incomparable desire.

One day, he would surpass Chiyo-sama and complete an even stronger puppet!

“Kill them all!”

Chiyo gave the order to kill.

In an instant, a large group of black puppets flew out towards Akatsuki and the others.

It was as if the one who truly held the advantage was not Akatsuki, but Sunagakure!

Some people subconsciously slowed down their steps, some people revealed hesitant expressions, and some people turned pale.

It was obvious that not everyone could walk out of the shadow of being beaten by Sunagakure and Konoha.

But at this time, a voice came from behind them.

“Continue moving forward.

Don’t worry about those puppets.

I will be with you.”

Yone-sama is watching us!

A surge of courage arose!

Following that, Yone-sama’s incomparably majestic voice sounded out once more.

“God said that puppets are dead, but they can’t be moved!”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the chakra threads in the hands of the puppet masters broke, and the puppet army that rushed out instantly fell to the ground like puppets with broken strings.

“This is impossible”

“What exactly happened”

“Damn it, move, why can’t you move!”

“No, my transformer!”

The people on Sunagakure’s side instantly fell into a state of confusion and panic.

Including Chiyo and Araya, they broke out in cold sweat.

No matter how they tried, they were unable to use the chakra thread in their hands to connect with the puppet in front of them.

On the other hand, Akatsuki’s side seemed to have been injected with chicken blood, rushing over with a roar!

They all knew that Yone-sama must have used the ‘Divine Art’ just now!

Not only had he crippled the enemy’s puppet technique, but he had also completely destroyed the enemy’s morale.

If they still could not win, then they deserved to die.


“For Yone-sama!”

“Long live Yone-sama!”

The panicking Sunagakure and the others immediately fell into a huge predicament.

They were continuously defeated by Akatsuki’s people.

There were even some people who were still fighting against the puppets before their heads were chopped off.

They could not understand why the Puppet Technique that they had practiced for half their lives suddenly lost its function.

It was no longer useful.

And the initiator of all this finally revealed a smile.

He had just added one of the newly selected Law on the second Law Bar.

Forbidden from controlling the puppet!

Then, this part of the rules of Amegakure were changed, and then the scene that was like a ‘miracle’ just now appeared.

This Law was completely useless in normal times, but it was effective when dealing with Sunagakure Ninjas!

Especially Sunagakure’s Puppet Army, as long as they crippled their puppet techniques, they were not even comparable to a slightly stronger Genin.


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