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“How could this be How could this be”

With two forks in hand, Araya stabbed another ‘Amagakure Ninja’ who thought he was a pushover, his face filled with madness and unwillingness.

Chiyo also felt that it was extremely difficult to deal with.

In the battle, she had taken out many puppets, but she was unable to control them.


“Puppet Performance – Skilful Achievement with a Human Body!”

Chiyo, who was forced into the danger zone, tried another way of thinking while using poison to kill.

If the puppet could not be controlled, could the person be controlled

With the thought of giving it a try, Chiyo directly connected the chakra line in her hand to the nearby Akatsuki members.

“What are you doing Ah!”

“The enemy is over there, why did you hit me”

“Araya, are you crazy”

“All of you, dodge! I can’t control myself!”

“My body is moving on its own.

Don’t kill me!”

“Help! I didn’t do it! I really didn’t do it!”

Chiyo’s guess had succeeded!

Under Chiyo’s exquisite control, anyone who was controlled would immediately become a nightmare for their own people!

If they were not careful, they might be killed by a sneak attack, and even if they reacted, they would fall into a dilemma.

Kill, this was his companion, but he was controlled by someone, and he could not control himself.

If he didn’t kill them, it would put a lot of pressure on him.

He could only watch helplessly as the other party slashed at him one by one.

He couldn’t even fight back.

It was truly a grievance.

Even if he fainted, it would be useless.

It wouldn’t have any effect either.

Even the corpses on the ground began to stand up one after another.

The scene suddenly became extremely terrifying.

Because they didn’t know if their people around would suddenly attack, the people on Akatsuki’s side also began to guard against each other.

In a war, if you don’t even have the most basic trust, then what are you going to fight for

Seeing this, Haru also praised the other party’s quick reaction.

Looking at it this way, the living and the corpses were indeed not within the range of the ‘puppets’.

There was still a certain difference between using them as puppets and controlling the puppets themselves.

This was just like how even the most rigorous law must have loopholes to exploit.

It was probably the same logic.

Haru thought for a moment.

This matter was also a reminder for him.

In the future, he could not rely too much on Law to fight.

Perhaps one day, someone would take advantage of the loophole.

Or, it could be said that he was not even one step closer to Amegakure.

However, he still had to deal with that old woman first.

“Haha, as expected of Chiyo-sama.

He actually came up with a way to crack the other party’s deathly technique! Let’s see how they die this time!”

Araya laughed wildly, cruelly controlling the two ‘toy’ to start killing each other.

If not for the fact that controlling people was much more difficult than controlling puppets, he would be able to toy with all these people to death.

However, Chiyo was uneasy in her heart.

After all, the strongest aspect of a puppet master was that each person had developed a puppet with their own unique style based on their understanding of puppets.

Without a puppet, only relying on the puppet technique to forcefully control the enemy to fight in their den was only a way to stall for time.

Otherwise, if this move was really so unsolvable, then why would there be a need to study puppets All of them would just control the enemy to commit suicide.

Furthermore, there was something else that she cared about.

What was that so-called Divine Art

He had actually only used one sentence to make all of them lose control over the puppets

It was simply unimaginable!

If she didn’t find a way to figure it out, she wouldn’t be at ease.

At this moment, the thing that Chiyo was most worried about happened.

The mysterious person who first ambushed them, then suppressed the rear, using the ‘Divine Art’ that she had never seen before to cripple their puppets, suddenly disappeared

Chiyo immediately became vigilant, guarding against the surroundings.

This kind of vigilance undoubtedly saved her life!

Flying Thunder God Slash!

A katana that flickered with a cold light slashed across Chiyo’s head without a sound,

At this critical moment, Chiyo suddenly squatted down to avoid this slash.

Immediately after, all kinds of poison needles erupted from the mechanism in Chiyo’s sleeve, but at this time, the missed attack of Haru had already disappeared again.

The position that Haru gave himself was that of an assassin and a mage!

Using Flying Thunder God’s high mobility, if he missed his attack, he would instantly flee thousands of miles away, forever controlling the initiative of the battle.

This should be the ability that every assassin dreamed of.

And when he needed to give up on sneak attacks, he could immediately change from an assassin to a mage.

Moreover, he was a water and fire mage, directly dealing explosive damage!

If the enemy was still alive, then he could only use his ultimate move.

Have you ever seen such a big Gundam

“Be careful,”

Chiyo, who was searching for the enemy, suddenly narrowed her eyes and shouted.

Araya instantly realized that Chiyo was reminding him.

He did not hesitate to roll forward, completely disregarding his image.

However, he only reacted when he heard Chiyo’s shout, so even though he reacted at the fastest speed, he was unable to completely avoid it.


A large wound immediately appeared behind Araya!

If not for Chiyo’s reminder, this slash would have split him in half.

Without caring about the pain on his back, Araya immediately wrapped himself up with his broken sand shield.

He knew that as long as he could save himself once more, Chiyo would definitely be able to arrive in time.

However, the sturdy sand shield was so fragile that it was beyond imagination.


It seemed to be an ordinary punch, and half of the spherical sand shield was broken.

Araya looked at the fist that was only five centimeters away from his head.

A few drops of cold sweat instantly fell, and then she shouted, “Go to hell, go to hell!”

The ten fingers of chakra immediately connected to each of Haru’s joints.

He was actually unprepared

Araya was startled at first, but then she was overjoyed, and a sinister smile appeared on her face.

“But why is Chiyo-sama still running this way with an anxious expression”


“What is Chiyo-sama shouting about Is he shouting at me”

“I have already controlled this guy.

I will kill him.”

“Behind What behind”

Araya turned his head in confusion.

Then, he saw a sharp sword cut through the intact sand shield behind him, instantly cutting the remaining half of the sand shield in half.

Araya opened his eyes wide, and all the sand scattered on the ground.


Just as he said this one word, a red line appeared on Araya’s neck, followed by a spray of blood.

Araya clutched his neck in disbelief as he fell to his knees.

He couldn’t believe he would actually die here, his six-armed puppet hadn’t finished the hundred-strong beheading, it had only just been made half a month ago…

However, it didn’t give him any chance to use it at all.

Simply put, he died too miserably.


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